Logistics Stocks India

Logistics Stocks India – Best Logistics Stocks in India

Logistics StocksMarket CapClose Price
Allcargo Logistics Ltd7,130.0872.55
TVS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd7,087.23161.00
Transport Corporation of India Ltd6,325.28813.60
Gateway Distriparks Ltd5,141.34102.90
VRL Logistics Ltd4,988.77570.35
TCI Express Ltd3,893.491,015.45
Mahindra Logistics Ltd2,933.31407.20
Dreamfolks Services Ltd2,537.02478.45
Navkar Corporation Ltd1,464.5597.30
Allcargo Terminals Ltd1,416.4357.65

The table above represents the logistics stocks based on market cap. Read the complete blog to find out the best logistic stocks in India analyzed fundamentally on various parameters.


Best Logistic Stocks in India

The below table shows the Best Logistic Stocks in India based on the 1Y Return.

Logistics StocksMarket CapClose Price1 Year Return
Snowman Logistics Ltd1,140.3868.25111.63
Destiny Logistics & Infra Ltd46.7830.40104.03
Navkar Corporation Ltd1,464.5597.30102.92
Rajasthan Petro Synthetics Ltd11.013.24100.00
Balurghat Technologies Ltd42.2123.1999.06
Oricon Enterprises Ltd555.9535.4098.88
Sical Logistics Ltd1,314.44201.4597.79
shipping corporation of India Ltd9,173.91196.9583.50
Shree Vasu Logistics Ltd263.72230.0078.43
Chartered Logistics Ltd69.446.9976.07

Logistic Shares List

The below table shows the Logistic Shares List based on the 1M Return.

Logistics StocksMarket CapClose Price1 Month Return
Mahindra Logistics Ltd2,933.31407.204.26
AVG Logistics Ltd738.21554.103.04
VRL Logistics Ltd4,988.77570.35-2.25
Delhivery Ltd34,227.36464.55-2.84
Shreyas Shipping and Logistics Ltd571.12260.10-3.38
Dreamfolks Services Ltd2,537.02478.45-3.49
Chowgule Steamships Ltd69.2019.06-3.57
Sanco Trans Ltd123.30685.00-4.06
Shree Vasu Logistics Ltd263.72230.00-5.61
Amiable Logistics (India) Ltd13.1175.00-6.25

Top 10 Logistics Stocks In India

The below table shows Top 10 Logistics Stocks In India based on the PE Ratio.

Logistics StocksMarket CapClose PricePE Ratio
Essar Shipping Ltd429.4820.751.31
Tiger Logistics (India) Ltd507.4848.002.84
Shreeji Translogistics Ltd201.3328.818.65
Transindia Real Estate Ltd1,186.7148.3012.62
Gateway Distriparks Ltd5,141.34102.9019.09
Patel Integrated Logistics Ltd134.3420.8025.63
Oricon Enterprises Ltd555.9535.4029.09
Dreamfolks Services Ltd2,537.02478.4533.4
North Eastern Carrying Corporation Ltd230.1124.1536.6
Container Corporation of India Ltd52,892.84868.1043.9

Logistics Stock India

The below table shows the Logistics Stocks In India based on the Highest Volume.

Logistics StocksMarket CapClose PriceDaily Volume
Snowman Logistics Ltd1,140.3868.251,263,059.00
TVS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd7,087.23161.001,046,705.00
Container Corporation of India Ltd52,892.84868.10999,736.00
Patel Integrated Logistics Ltd134.3420.80849,121.00
Allcargo Gati Ltd1,320.76101.40674,157.00
Navkar Corporation Ltd1,464.5597.30582,301.00
Essar Shipping Ltd429.4820.75567,952.00
Transindia Real Estate Ltd1,186.7148.30543,227.00
Tiger Logistics (India) Ltd507.4848.00521,152.00
Delhivery Ltd34,227.36464.55432,603.00

Logistic Penny Stocks

The below table shows the Logistic Penny Stocks based on the Close Price.

Logistics StocksMarket CapClose Price
TCI Express Ltd3,893.491,015.45
Transport Corporation of India Ltd6,325.28813.60
VRL Logistics Ltd4,988.77570.35
Dreamfolks Services Ltd2,537.02478.45
Mahindra Logistics Ltd2,933.31407.20
Sical Logistics Ltd1,314.44201.45
TVS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd7,087.23161.00
Gateway Distriparks Ltd5,141.34102.90
Allcargo Gati Ltd1,320.76101.40
Navkar Corporation Ltd1,464.5597.30

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Introduction to Best Logistics Companies In India

Best Logistic Stocks In India – 1 Year Return

Snowman Logistics Ltd

Snowman Logistics Limited, based in India, offers integrated temperature-controlled logistics services, including warehousing, distribution, and value-added services. Specializing in cold chain solutions, it operates temperature-controlled warehousing facilities in Mumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru, serving customers nationwide across various segments.

Destiny Logistics & Infra Ltd

Destiny Logistics & Infra Limited, an Indian company, specializes in logistic management services, offering end-to-end supply chain management and corporate people movement services. Operating through Transport and Construction segments, it provides infrastructure, logistics, and manpower solutions, including skilled and unskilled personnel, along with a fleet of vehicles for transportation services.

Navkar Corporation Ltd

Navkar Corporation Limited, an Indian company, specializes in container freight station (CFS) and inland container depot (ICD) operations in western India. It offers various services including handling hazardous cargo, project cargoes, customs facilities, rail terminals, warehousing, and additional services like palletizing, fumigation, and empty container storage.

Logistic Shares List – 1 Month Return

Mahindra Logistics Ltd

Mahindra Logistics Limited, based in India, operates as a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, offering integrated logistics and mobility solutions. Its Supply Chain Management segment provides end-to-end logistics services, including transportation, warehousing, and value-added services. The Enterprise Mobility Services segment offers technology-enabled transportation solutions to various industries, including IT, ITeS, and manufacturing.

AVG Logistics Ltd

AVG Logistics Limited, an Indian logistics firm, offers comprehensive transportation, warehousing, and trading services. They specialize in road, rail, coastal, and cold storage logistics, providing solutions like truckload, express delivery, container services, cold storage, warehouse space, multimodal solutions, and value-added services.

Karnimata Cold Storage Ltd

Karnimata Cold Storage Limited, based in India, operates in the cold storage business, providing rental cold storage facilities and loans to traders and farmers. Their facility, located in Medinipur district, West Bengal, has a capacity of around 25,500 metric tons for potato preservation.

Transport Stocks India – Highest Volume

TVS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd

TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited provides supply chain logistics solutions through its Integrated Supply Chain Solutions (ISCS) and Network Solutions (NS) segments. ISCS offers services like sourcing, transportation, logistics centers, and consulting, while NS manages freight forwarding, warehousing, final mile solutions, and value-added services for various industries globally.

Container Corporation of India Ltd

Container Corporation of India Limited (CONCOR) is a logistics and transportation holding company, with operations in EXIM and Domestic segments. It provides handling, transportation, and warehousing services, specializing in rail and road container transportation, along with logistics facilities. CONCOR serves both international and domestic markets with its comprehensive service offerings.

Patel Integrated Logistics Ltd

Patel Integrated Logistics Limited, based in India, specializes in co-loading airfreight and logistics services. It offers transportation, air cargo consolidation, and warehousing solutions for domestic and international cargo. The company provides a range of logistics products, including surface transport, warehousing, and air cargo services, with a focus on high-density cargo and specialized services.

Logistics Stock India – PE Ratio

Essar Shipping Ltd

Essar Shipping Limited, based in India, offers integrated logistics services, including sea transportation and oilfield services. Its segments encompass fleet operations and chartering, operating international and coastal voyages. With investments in various business verticals, it provides services globally and owns subsidiaries such as OGD Services Holdings Limited and Essar Shipping DMCC.

Tiger Logistics (India) Ltd

Tiger Logistics (India) Limited, based in India, offers comprehensive logistics solutions covering international freight forwarding, supply chain management, and project logistics, among others. With a focus on various industries like automobiles, textiles, and pharmaceuticals, it provides tailored shipping solutions including air and ocean freight services to and from India.

Shreeji Translogistics Ltd

Shreeji Translogistics Limited, an Indian company, offers integrated logistical solutions including freight management, warehousing, and value-added services. Operating in segments like transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding, and value-added services, it caters to diverse logistical needs, from import-export container movements to bonded trucking services, utilizing various types of trucks for transportation purposes.

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