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Coffee Stocks India

Coffee Stocks India – Top Coffee Stocks

Coffee StocksMarket CapClose Price
Tata Consumer Products Ltd1,08,203.921,135.60
Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd11,996.231,719.35
CCL Products India Ltd8,743.26657.25
Rossell India Ltd1,661.85440.85
Goodricke Group Ltd398.2184.35
Jay Shree Tea and Industries Ltd339.74117.65
McLeod Russel India Ltd290.3927.8
Dhunseri Tea & Industries Ltd231.01219.85
Aspinwall & Co Ltd216.06276.35
United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Ltd170.23340.7

The table above displays the top Coffee stocks by market capitalization, providing a comprehensive analysis of their fundamental metrics. Investing in Coffee stocks can offer several benefits, including diversification, long-term growth potential, and potential profitability due to the increasing demand for coffee globally.

You can use this comprehensive analysis to identify the top-performing stocks in the industry, which are ranked based on market capitalization. By analyzing the fundamental metrics of the companies, investors can make informed decisions and capitalize on the potential growth opportunities in the Coffee industry.

Best Coffee Stocks 

The below table shows the Best Coffee Stocks based on the 1Y Return.

Coffee StocksMarket CapClose Price1 Year Return
Rossell India Ltd1,661.85440.8593.36
Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd11,996.231,719.3589.26
Tata Consumer Products Ltd1,08,203.921,135.6057.5
Peria Karamalai Tea and Produce Company Ltd110.8335853.35
McLeod Russel India Ltd290.3927.849.46
Terai Tea Co Ltd60.7488.2934.49
Aspinwall & Co Ltd216.06276.3533.99
Jay Shree Tea and Industries Ltd339.74117.6531.45
CCL Products India Ltd8,743.26657.2523.02
United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Ltd170.23340.722.91

Top Coffee Stocks 

The below table shows the Top Coffee Stocks based on the 1M Return.

Coffee StocksMarket CapClose Price1 Month Return
Beeyu Overseas Ltd4.673.312.37
Peria Karamalai Tea and Produce Company Ltd110.8335811.66
Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd11,996.231,719.357.39
Longview Tea Co Ltd10.4534.886.67
CCL Products India Ltd8,743.26657.25-1.98
McLeod Russel India Ltd290.3927.8-2.3
Terai Tea Co Ltd60.7488.29-3.68
Tata Consumer Products Ltd1,08,203.921,135.60-4.39
Grob Tea Co Ltd108.19930.8-4.5
United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Ltd170.23340.7-4.76

Top Coffee Stocks In India

The below table shows the Top Coffee Stocks In India based on the PE Ratio.

Coffee StocksMarket CapClose PricePE Ratio
United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Ltd170.23340.710.96
Terai Tea Co Ltd60.7488.2927.76
Aspinwall & Co Ltd216.06276.3531.08
CCL Products India Ltd8,743.26657.2531.26
Tata Consumer Products Ltd1,08,203.921,135.6078.63

The below table shows the Coffee Related Stocks In India based on the Highest Volume.

Coffee StocksMarket CapClose PriceHighest Volume
Tata Consumer Products Ltd1,08,203.921,135.6012,06,706.00
McLeod Russel India Ltd290.3927.88,87,926.00
Jay Shree Tea and Industries Ltd339.74117.651,89,955.00
Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd11,996.231,719.351,62,877.00
CCL Products India Ltd8,743.26657.2583,194.00
Rossell India Ltd1,661.85440.8558,623.00
Diana Tea Co Ltd45.2330.1738,055.00
Terai Tea Co Ltd60.7488.2927,417.00
Aspinwall & Co Ltd216.06276.3513,250.00
Dhunseri Tea & Industries Ltd231.01219.8510,931.00

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Frequently Asked Questions – Best Coffee Stocks

1. What Are The Best Coffee Stocks India?

There are companies involved in coffee production and trading that are publicly traded. Here are some of the best coffee stocks in India:

Best Coffee Stock in India #1: Tata Consumer Products Ltd

Best Coffee Stock in India #2: Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd

Best Coffee Stock in India #3: CCL Products India Ltd

Best Coffee Stock in India #4: Tata Coffee Ltd

2. Is it good to invest in coffee stocks India?

The demand for coffee is increasing globally, and India is one of the fastest-growing coffee markets. As more people consume coffee, the demand for coffee stocks is likely to increase.Coffee stocks have the potential for high returns, especially for companies that have a strong presence in the global market. 

3. How can I invest in coffee stocks India?

Coffee companies in India are publicly traded on stock exchanges such as the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). Investors can buy and sell stocks of these companies through a stockbroker.

Another way is through Alice Blue, an online trading platforms in India that allow investors to buy and sell stocks of coffee companies. Alice Blue offers an easy and convenient way to invest in the stock market.

Introduction to Coffee Stocks India

Best Coffee Stocks – 1 Year Return

Rossell India Ltd

Rossell India Limited, an Indian holding company, manages aerospace and airline-related businesses, serving other companies in these industries. Its divisions include Rossell Tea, operating tea estates in Assam, and Rossell Techsys, providing engineering and manufacturing services to aerospace and defense clients, including Indian defense forces and foreign OEMs.

Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd

The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited is a diversified Indian company with segments including Tea and Coffee plantations, Auto Electrical Components, Investments, Healthcare, Horticulture, Food (Bakery & Dairy), and others focusing on manufacturing and trading various products ranging from dental items to decorative plants and property development.

Tata Consumer Products Ltd

Tata Consumer Products Limited, based in India, trades, produces, and distributes consumer goods. Its segments include Branded and Non-Branded, with the former divided into India and International Businesses. It sells branded tea, coffee, water, and food products globally, with subsidiaries like Tata Consumer Products UK Group Ltd.

Top Coffee Stocks – 1 Month Return

Beeyu Overseas Ltd

Beeyu Overseas Ltd., established in 1993, initially operated tea plantations in Ooty, Tamil Nadu. After ceasing its tea business in 2008-09, it sought new business avenues. The current management is actively exploring opportunities and anticipates venturing into a new line of business soon.

Peria Karamalai Tea and Produce Company Ltd

The Peria Karamalai Tea and Produce Company Limited, based in India, primarily produces and distributes tea, generates power, and invests in financial instruments. Its segments include Tea, Investment, and Power. Products include tea, coffee, black pepper, spices, and fruits, cultivated on various estates like Akkamalai and Nadumalai.

Longview Tea Co Ltd

Longview Tea Co Ltd, established on January 16, 1879, initially managed by James, Warren & Company Ltd, later taken over by Daga & Co. Ltd in 1950. Started with Longview Tea Estate in Darjeeling, now operates six estates producing over 30 lakh kgs of tea annually.

Top Coffee Stocks In India – PE Ratio

United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Ltd

The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Limited specializes in growing and producing a diverse range of teas, from orthodox and organic variants to herbal infusions. Offering bulk and packet teas, it caters to both domestic and global markets with a wide assortment of tea selections.

Terai Tea Co Ltd

Terai Tea Company Ltd. is an Indian tea manufacturer with units like Bagdogra Tea Estate and CTC Tea Factories. They produce and trade tea and agricultural goods. Bagdogra Tea Estate, located in North Bengal’s Terai Region, spans 614.86 acres and produces 300,000 kg of tea yearly. 

Aspinwall & Co Ltd

Aspinwall and Company Limited operates across logistics, coffee processing, rubber plantations, and natural fiber products. Its global presence spans the Americas, Europe, and India, with divisions in logistics, coffee, plantations, and natural fiber offering a wide array of specialized services and products.

Coffee-Related Stocks In India – Highest Volume

Tata Consumer Products Ltd

Tata Consumer Products Limited, an Indian company, operates in the consumer products sector with branded and non-branded segments. It sells tea, coffee, water, and food products in various forms, both in India and internationally. Additionally, it engages in plantation and extraction activities for tea, coffee, and other produce across several countries.

McLeod Russel India Ltd

McLeod Russel India Limited is an Indian tea cultivation and manufacturing company with plantations in Assam and West Bengal. They operate globally, including in India, Vietnam, Uganda, Rwanda, and the UK. With 33 tea estates, they produce both Orthodox and CTC tea, selling domestically and internationally.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time.

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