List Of Mid Cap Stocks Nse

List Of Mid Cap Stocks In NSE

The table below shows the List Of Mid Cap Stocks In NSE based on the highest market capitalization.

NameMarket CapClose Price
Global Health Ltd19875.57739.95
IDFC Ltd19847.81123.70
ICICI Securities Ltd19745.29619.70
Godrej Industries Ltd19635.68601.05
KIOCL Ltd19596.93323.70
Nexus Select Trust19470.78128.36
Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd19361.57299.85
Vinati Organics Ltd19205.341861.10
Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd18972.5797.60
Navin Fluorine International Ltd18961.903695.60

Mid-cap stocks in NSE represent companies with market capitalizations between Rs 5,000 crore and Rs 20,000 crore, offering a balance of growth opportunities and increased market volatility.


Midcap Stocks Nse 

The table below shows the Midcap Stocks NSE based on 1 Year return.

NameClose Price1Y Return
Jai Balaji Industries Ltd483.101066.91
Titagarh Rail Systems Ltd780.45400.61
Jupiter Wagons Ltd313.40334.07
Jindal SAW Ltd352.60328.17
Jammu and Kashmir Bank Ltd107.40278.17
Zen Technologies Ltd739.15277.21
Ircon International Ltd142.00250.18
Ge T&D India Ltd412.80222.00
Force Motors Ltd4016.70220.45
JBM Auto Ltd1296.20215.07

Mid Cap Stocks List NSE 

The below table shows Mid Cap Stocks List NSE  based on 1 month Return.

NameClose Price1 month return
Senco Gold Ltd638.0063.59
Jai Balaji Industries Ltd483.1054.39
ITI Ltd194.0053.24
HMT Ltd53.6052.49
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd3384.2537.57
Responsive Industries Ltd346.8536.42
Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd73.9032.08
AGI Greenpac Ltd928.7028.30
Anand Rathi Wealth Ltd1775.0527.34
Kaynes Technology India Ltd2491.5027.06

List Of Mid Cap Stocks In Nse

The table below shows the List Of Mid Cap Stocks In Nse based on the highest day Volume.

NameClose PriceDaily Volume
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd9.80141762097.00
Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd73.9069442555.00
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Ltd59.5569218167.00
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd56.9050012019.00
Reliance Power Ltd18.9043782204.00
South Indian Bank Ltd26.4541239637.00
IFCI Ltd23.2537988747.00
Easy Trip Planners Ltd41.7029886170.00
Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd90.2521866886.00
shipping corporation of India Ltd150.1519625347.00

Nifty Midcap Stocks List

The table below shows Nifty Midcap Stocks List based on the PE Ratio. 

NameClose PricePE Ratio
Triveni Engineering and Industries Ltd379.154.27
Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd498.954.34
Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd826.604.82
GHCL Ltd614.854.96
Karnataka Bank Ltd245.505.32
Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd172.356.55
MMTC Ltd58.457.08
JK Paper Ltd387.507.18
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd612.609.78
IDFC Ltd123.7010.00

List Of Mid Cap Stocks In Nse – FAQs  

Which are the best midcap stocks in NSE?

Best Large Cap Stocks in NSE based on Highest Market Cap.

  • The best midcap stocks #1: Global Health Ltd
  • The best midcap stocks #2: IDFC Ltd
  • The best midcap stocks #3: ICICI Securities Ltd
  • The best midcap stocks #4: Godrej Industries Ltd
  • The best midcap stocks #5: KIOCL Ltd

What is a mid-cap in NSE?

In the NSE, mid-cap refers to companies with moderate market capitalization, falling between large-cap and small-cap categories. These companies often offer a balance of growth potential and risk. Market capitalisation in between Rs. 5,000 – 20,000 Crore.

How many mid-cap stocks are there in NSE?

Have around 350+ companies based on the  Market capitalisation in between Rs. 5,000 – 20,000 Crore.

Where can I find mid-cap stocks?

You can find mid-cap stocks on stock market websites like NSE India, financial news platforms, stock market apps, brokerage platforms, and ETF listings. Use stock screeners for tailored searches.

How do you find mid-cap stocks?

To find mid-cap stocks, use stock market websites, financial news platforms, stock market apps, or brokerage platforms. Utilize stock screeners and filters to specifically search for stocks in the mid-cap category.

What size is a mid-cap stock?

Mid-cap companies typically have market capitalizations between Rs 5,000 crore and Rs 20,000 crore in the context of the Indian stock market. Investing in them can indeed be riskier due to their higher volatility compared to large-cap companies. Their potential for growth is often higher, but it comes with increased market fluctuations and risk.

Introduction to List Of Mid Cap Stocks In NSE

List Of Mid Cap Stocks In Nse – highest market capitalization.

Global Health Ltd

Global Health Limited, known as Medanta, is a prominent multi-specialty healthcare provider in North and East India. Operating in several cities, it offers comprehensive medical services including cardiac surgery, nephrology, and dermatology, along with homecare and telemedicine services. Specialties range from oncology to neurology and radiology.


IDFC FIRST Bank Limited is an Indian banking company with segments in Treasury, Corporate/Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, and Other Banking Business. It offers diverse services, including investment, corporate loans, retail lending, and third-party product distribution through its extensive branch and ATM network.

ICICI Securities Ltd

ICICI Securities Limited is a technology-driven securities firm offering retail and institutional broking, financial product distribution, private wealth management, and issuer and advisory services. It operates in segments like Treasury, Broking & Distribution, and Issuer Services & Advisory, providing a wide array of services including equity-debt issue management, merger and acquisition advice, and more. Subsidiaries include ICICI Securities, Inc. and ICICI Securities Holdings, Inc.

Midcap Stocks Nse – 1 Year return

Jai Balaji Industries Ltd

Jai Balaji Industries Limited is a key player in the iron and steel industry, manufacturing various products such as sponge iron, pig iron, ductile iron pipes, and ferro chrome. With eight integrated steel manufacturing units across India, it produces a wide range of value-added items like TMT bars, wire rods, and heavy rounds, with an annual capacity exceeding 27,40,000 tons. The 1-year return on investment is 1066.91%, indicating a significant growth or profit over the past year.

Titagarh Rail Systems Ltd

Titagarh Rail Systems Limited, formerly Titagarh Wagons Limited, specializes in supplying passenger rolling stock, including metro coaches, and electric propulsion equipment such as traction motors. The company also designs and manufactures various types of wagons. Its business is divided into divisions focusing on railway freight, transit, engineering, and shipbuilding. The 1-year return on investment is 400.61%.

Jupiter Wagons Ltd

Jupiter Wagons Limited is a leading railway engineering company in India, manufacturing a range of products for Indian Railways. Their offerings include freight wagons, wagon components, castings, and metal fabrication. They produce various wagon types, accessories, passenger coaches, and complete track solutions.  The 1-year return on investment is 334.07%.

Mid Cap Stocks List NSE – 1 month Return

Senco Gold Ltd

Senco Gold Limited is a prominent Indian jewelry retailer specializing in gold, diamond, silver, platinum, and precious stone jewelry. They offer a wide range of designs, including handcrafted pieces, sold through 70 company-operated showrooms and 57 franchisee outlets. The recent 1-month return on investment is 63.59%.


ITI Limited is an Indian company involved in manufacturing, trading, and servicing telecommunication equipment and related services. Their products range from telecom equipment to digital mobile radio systems, smart energy meters, and 3D printing technology. With six manufacturing facilities across India, the company has shown a 1-month return of 53.24%.


HMT Limited, based in India, specializes in manufacturing food processing machinery, machine tools, and undertaking projects. Their focus includes dairy and food processing equipment, turnkey projects, and machine tool products. With divisions in Aurangabad and Bengaluru, the company has demonstrated a 1-month return of 52.49%.

List Of Mid Cap Stocks In Nse  – Highest Day Volume

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited is involved in thermal and hydro power generation, cement grinding, and captive coal mining. They operate several power plants, including Jaypee Vishnuprayag Hydro Electric Plant, Jaypee Nigrie Super Thermal Power Plant, and Jaypee Bina Thermal Power Plant. Additionally, they run a Cement Grinding Unit. The company serves markets in states like Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh and has subsidiaries such as Jaypee Powergrid Limited and Jaypee Meghalaya Power Limited.

Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd

Edelweiss Financial Services Limited is a diverse financial services company in India, catering to corporations, institutions, and individuals. Their services span advisory, lending, investment, insurance, asset reconstruction, and treasury activities. They offer mutual funds and alternative asset advisory services, providing a variety of investment products like equity funds, debt funds, balanced funds, and liquid funds to investors.

Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Ltd

Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Limited operates as a small finance bank in India, offering banking and financial services. It provides asset products, primarily to unbanked and underbanked areas, and liability products in the form of deposits sourced from customers. The bank serves corporate, wholesale, and retail customers through various banking segments, including lending, deposits, and other banking services.

Nifty Midcap Stocks List – PE Ratio

Triveni Engineering and Industries Ltd

Triveni Engineering and Industries Limited, based in India, operates in sugar manufacturing, power transmission, and water solutions. With a P/E ratio of 4.27, it might be considered undervalued in the market.

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, an Indian refining company, processes crude oil into various petroleum products. It operates two refineries with a combined capacity of 11.5 MMTPA. The Manali Refinery produces fuel, lube, wax, and petrochemical feedstocks, while the Nagapattinam Refinery focuses on a variety of products including LPG, motor spirit, aviation fuel, diesel, naphtha, and petrochemical feedstocks. Having P/E ratio of 4.34

Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd

The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited is a prominent private sector shipping company based in India. Specializing in transporting crude oil, petroleum products, gas, and dry bulk commodities, it serves a diverse clientele including oil companies, refineries, manufacturers, miners, and producers. Having P/E ratio of 4.82.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the company’s data mentioned in the article may change over time.

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