Rubber Stocks - Best Rubber Stocks in India

Rubber Stocks – Best Rubber Stocks in India

The table below shows the Best Rubber Stocks in India based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

NameMarket Cap ( Cr )Close Price
Apcotex Industries Ltd2680.90517.10
Pix Transmissions Ltd1893.701389.85
GRP Ltd646.944852.05
Rubfila International Ltd450.6483.04
Indag Rubber Ltd380.89145.10
Captain Pipes Ltd295.5620.01
Dolfin Rubbers Ltd118.80118.45
Somi Conveyor Beltings Ltd106.8490.70
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals Ltd102.42178.50
Pentagon Rubber Ltd95.14123.40

Rubber stocks refer to shares or equity investments in companies that produce, distribute, or process rubber-related products, including manufacturers of tires, footwear, and industrial rubber goods.


Rubber Stocks in India

The table below shows the Rubber Stocks in India based on 1 Year Return. 

NameClose Price1Y Return %
Apcotex Industries Ltd517.107.47
Pix Transmissions Ltd1389.8557.28
GRP Ltd4852.05144.31
Rubfila International Ltd83.043.58
Indag Rubber Ltd145.1083.79
Captain Pipes Ltd20.0193.06
Dolfin Rubbers Ltd118.456.40
Somi Conveyor Beltings Ltd90.70106.84
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals Ltd178.50341.29
Pentagon Rubber Ltd123.40-0.08

Best Rubber Stocks in India

The table below shows the Best Rubber Stocks in India based on 1 Month Return.

NameClose Price1M Return %
GRP Ltd4852.0527.27
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals Ltd178.5022.29
Eastern Treads Ltd41.0010.41
The Cochin Malabar Estates and Industries Ltd95.048.18
Rubfila International Ltd83.047.59
Pix Transmissions Ltd1389.857.47
Pentagon Rubber Ltd123.402.37
Tijaria Polypipes Ltd6.752.26
Dolfin Rubbers Ltd118.451.63
Apcotex Industries Ltd517.10-1.17

Top Rubber Stocks

The table below shows the Top Rubber Stocks based on the Highest Daily Volume.

NameClose PriceDaily Volume
Captain Pipes Ltd20.01717573.00
Rubfila International Ltd83.0468446.00
Apcotex Industries Ltd517.1045502.00
Tijaria Polypipes Ltd6.7542949.00
Pix Transmissions Ltd1389.8517227.00
Indag Rubber Ltd145.1013818.00
Pentagon Rubber Ltd123.4010000.00
Lead Reclaim & Rubber Products Ltd35.809000.00
Dolfin Rubbers Ltd118.458109.00
Somi Conveyor Beltings Ltd90.705834.00

Rubber Stocks in NSE

The table below shows Rubber Stocks in NSE based on the PE Ratio. 

NameClose PricePE Ratio
Indag Rubber Ltd145.1018.12
Rubfila International Ltd83.0421.94
Somi Conveyor Beltings Ltd90.7024.26
Pix Transmissions Ltd1389.8528.27
Dolfin Rubbers Ltd118.4533.86
Apcotex Industries Ltd517.1038.22
MM Rubber Company Ltd112.0046.92
GRP Ltd4852.0546.96
Vamshi Rubber Ltd27.7570.48

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Rubber Stocks- FAQs  

1. Which are the Best Rubber Stocks in India?

  • Best Rubber Stocks in India #1: Apcotex Industries Ltd
  • Best Rubber Stocks in India #2: Pix Transmissions Ltd
  • Best Rubber Stocks in India #3: GRP Ltd
  • Best Rubber Stocks in India #4: Rubfila International Ltd
  • Best Rubber Stocks in India #5: Indag Rubber Ltd

The stocks mentioned are ranked according to their one-year performance.

2. What are the Top Rubber Stocks?

Over the past month, the top-performing stocks are GRP Ltd, Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals Ltd, Eastern Treads Ltd, The Cochin Malabar Estates and Industries Ltd, and Rubfila International Ltd.

3. Is rubber a good investment?

The investment potential of rubber depends on factors like market demand, supply dynamics, and economic conditions. Conduct thorough research and consult experts before considering rubber as an investment.

Introduction to Rubber Stocks

Best Rubber Stocks in India – Highest Market Capitalization

Apcotex Industries Ltd

Apcotex Industries Limited, an Indian specialty chemical company, manufactures synthetic lattices (VP Latex, SBR, Acrylic Latex, Nitrile Latex) and synthetic rubber (high styrene rubber, nitrile butadiene rubber). Based on Styrene-Butadiene and Acryonitrile-Butadiene Chemistry, their products serve various industries such as paper coating, carpet backing, tire cord, construction, and more. They export to 45+ countries, including the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, offering products like Apcoflex N745, Apcoflex N746, Apcoflex N747, and others.

Pix Transmissions Ltd

PIX Transmissions Limited, based in India, manufactures belts and mechanical power transmission products. It operates manufacturing units, rubber mixing facilities, design centers, testing facilities, and modern production facilities in Nagpur, India. Additionally, it has overseas subsidiaries in Europe and the Middle East and a global network of 250+ channel partners across 100+ countries. The company’s product range encompasses V-belts, Ribbed/Poly-V Belts, Timing/Synchronous Belts, agriculture Belts, Lawn and garden Belts, and Powerware Products.

Indag Rubber Ltd

Indag Rubber Limited, an Indian tread manufacturer, specializes in producing and selling Precured Tread Rubber and related items for tire retreading. Their products cater to various tire types and applications, with manufacturing facilities in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, and Alwar, Rajasthan.

Rubber Stocks in India – 1-Year Return


GRP Limited, an Indian company, specializes in producing reclaimed rubber from used tires, upcycled polyamide from nylon waste, and engineered products from end-of-life tires. Their operations include windmill power generation, engineering plastics, custom die forms, and polymer composite products across five business verticals: Reclaim Rubber, Engineering Plastics, Repurposed Polyolefins, Polymer Composite, and Custom Die Forms. Engineered Plastics recovers polyamide waste from tires and other EOL materials to produce engineering plastic compounds for sale in domestic and international markets, primarily in automotive and electrical applications, with a notable 144.31% one-year return.

Somi Conveyor Beltings Ltd

Somi Conveyor Beltings Ltd. is an Indian conveyor belt company with a one-year return of 106.84%. Operating in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu, it boasts two fully automated manufacturing plants in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, producing a wide range of conveyor belts, including general-purpose, heat-resistant, fire-resistant, and oil-resistant variants.

Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals Ltd

Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals Ltd, an Indian company, specializes in manufacturing and trading rubber profiles, aluminum rubber profiles, and more. With a 341.29% one-year return, it serves various industries and brands like Goyal Rubbers, Elements India, and itself.

Best Rubber Stocks in India – 1 Month Return

Eastern Treads Ltd

Eastern Treads Limited specializes in manufacturing and distributing tread rubber, rubber adhesives, tire retreading accessories, and services. Their product range includes Precured Tread Rubber, Hot Rubber Slab, Camel Back Treads, Bonding Gum, Radial Patches, and Black Vulcanizing Cement. They cater to various vehicle types and sizes. The company is having a last one month return of 10.41%.

The Cochin Malabar Estates and Industries Ltd

Cochin Malabar Estates and Industries Ltd. is an Indian plantation firm in rubber and tea cultivation in Kerala and Karnataka. It yields high-quality latex for condom production and rubber products and operates various diversified ventures, including a rubber wood processing factory, aquaculture farm, and fire engineering division. They have a substantial 8.18% one-month return rate.

Rubfila International Ltd

Rubfila International Limited, based in India, specializes in manufacturing heat-resistant latex rubber threads with a 7.59% one-month return. It serves domestic and international markets, offering various products, including talc-coated and silicone-coated rubber threads in various colors and applications.

Top Rubber Stocks – Highest Day Volume.

Captain Pipes Ltd

Captain Pipes Limited, an Indian company, specializes in manufacturing and selling UPVC pipes and fittings, including various types and grades like column pipes, pressure pipes, plumbing fittings, and more. Based in Shapar, Gujarat, they serve agriculture, plumbing, and drainage needs.

Tijaria Polypipes Ltd

Tijaria Polypipes Limited, an Indian company, specializes in plastic and related materials, with two segments: Plastic (HDPE, PVC pipes, irrigation systems) and Textile (mink blankets). The Plastic division offers various products, while the Textile division focuses on mink blankets and masks. The Plastic division operates under the Tijaria and Vikas brands, with its plant in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Pentagon Rubber Ltd

Pentagon Rubber Limited, an Indian company, specializes in manufacturing rubber conveyor belts, transmission belts, rubber sheets, and elevator belts. Their diverse product range serves industries including fertilizer, power, coal, construction, mining, and stone quarrying. The company’s factory is situated in Dera Bassi, Punjab, approximately 25 kilometers from Chandigarh, offering expertise and products to B2B partners.

Rubber Stocks in NSE – PE Ratio.

Dolfin Rubbers Ltd

Dolfin Rubbers Limited, an Indian company with a PE ratio of 33.86, specializes in producing various sizes of butyl rubber tubes for vehicles, from motorcycles to heavy commercial vehicles. Their heat-resistant compound offers excellent air retention for high-speed and heavy-loaded vehicles. Their products are distributed in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The company’s manufacturing facility is located in Gaunspur, Punjab, India.

MM Rubber Company Ltd

M M Rubber Company Ltd, based in India, specializes in foam and related products with a PE ratio of 46.92. They manufacture latex foam rubber mattresses, including Arise, Orthobond, Pincore, Dual Harmony, Eco Rest, and various pillows and accessories.

Vamshi Rubber Ltd

Vamshi Rubber Limited, a non-government company established on November 24, 1993, in Hyderabad, with an authorized capital of Rs. 45,000,000 and a paid-up capital of Rs. 42,068,000, manufactures rubber products. The company has a PE ratio of 70.48, and its last AGM and balance sheet filing date were unavailable per MCA records as of March 31, 2021.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory

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