Housing Stocks - Best Housing Stock In India

Housing Stocks – Best Housing Stock In India

The table below shows the Best Housing Stock In India based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

NameMarket Cap ( Cr )Close Price (₹)
LIC Housing Finance Ltd29354.11533.65
PNB Housing Finance Ltd20363.27784.30
Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd16377.18328.25
Aavas Financiers Ltd12281.971552.00
Can Fin Homes Ltd10532.49791.00
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd10250.54213.40
Home First Finance Company India Ltd8908.981008.35
Repco Home Finance Ltd2472.43395.20
GIC Housing Finance Ltd1225.92227.65
Star Housing Finance Ltd628.4379.83

Housing finance stocks refer to shares or equities of companies in the housing finance sector. These companies primarily provide loans and financial services for housing-related purposes, such as home loans, mortgage loans, and property financing. Investors may buy these stocks to participate in the real estate and housing market, seeking potential returns through capital appreciation and dividends.


Housing Finance Stocks In India

The table below shows the Housing Finance Stocks In India based on 1 Year Return. 

NameClose Price (₹)1Y Return %
PNB Housing Finance Ltd784.3096.85
Repco Home Finance Ltd395.2062.43
Star Housing Finance Ltd79.8356.88
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd213.4047.32
Can Fin Homes Ltd791.0044.69
Home First Finance Company India Ltd1008.3534.50
Manraj Housing Finance Ltd37.8728.37
LIC Housing Finance Ltd533.6528.00
SRG Housing Finance Ltd270.8023.65
GIC Housing Finance Ltd227.6521.25

Best Housing Stock In India

The table below shows the Best Housing Stock In India based on 1 monthly return.

NameClose Price (₹)1M Return %
Reliance Home Finance Ltd2.8035.00
India Home Loan Ltd32.6923.89
Parshwanath Corp Ltd36.0421.90
Manraj Housing Finance Ltd37.8719.87
GIC Housing Finance Ltd227.6518.97
LIC Housing Finance Ltd533.6516.98
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd213.4015.38
Mehta Housing Finance Ltd96.6014.90
Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd328.2510.44
Ind Bank Housing Ltd36.536.53

Top 10 housing stocks

The table below shows the Top 10 housing stocks based on the highest day Volume.

NameClose Price (₹)Daily Volume (Cr)
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd213.4024788603.00
Reliance Home Finance Ltd2.808476504.00
LIC Housing Finance Ltd533.652262862.00
GIC Housing Finance Ltd227.651189725.00
Can Fin Homes Ltd791.00802841.00
Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd328.25451130.00
Star Housing Finance Ltd79.83345757.00
PNB Housing Finance Ltd784.30199098.00
Home First Finance Company India Ltd1008.35189143.00
Repco Home Finance Ltd395.20138795.00

Housing Stocks

The table below shows Housing Stocks based on the PE Ratio. 

NameClose Price (₹)PE Ratio
Reliance Home Finance Ltd2.800.03
GIC Housing Finance Ltd227.656.66
LIC Housing Finance Ltd533.657.00
Repco Home Finance Ltd395.207.14
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd213.409.75
Can Fin Homes Ltd791.0015.83
PNB Housing Finance Ltd784.3016.40
Sahara Housingfina Corporation Ltd42.9825.04
Aavas Financiers Ltd1552.0026.00
Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd328.2529.87
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Housing Stocks – FAQs  

1. What are the Best Housing Stocks?

  • The Best Housing Stocks #1: PNB Housing Finance Ltd
  • The Best Housing Stocks #2: Repco Home Finance Ltd
  • The Best Housing Stocks #3: Star Housing Finance Ltd
  • The Best Housing Stocks #4: Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd
  • The Best Housing Stocks #5: Can Fin Homes Ltd

The stocks mentioned are ranked according to their one-year performance.

2. Which is India’s largest housing finance company?

LIC Housing Finance Ltd holds the title of the largest housing finance company, as determined by its highest market capitalization.

3. What are the Top Housing Stocks in India?

Over the past month, the top-performing stocks are Reliance Home Finance Ltd, India Home Loan Ltd, Parshwanath Corp Ltd, Manraj Housing Finance Ltd, GIC Housing Finance Ltd.

4. What is the future of housing finance companies in India?

The future of housing finance companies in India appears promising due to the country’s growing urbanization and increasing demand for affordable housing. However, they may face challenges related to regulatory changes and economic fluctuations.

5. Is it good to invest in Housing Stocks?

Investing in housing stocks can offer potential returns, but it depends on the market conditions, economic factors, and individual preferences. Conduct thorough research and consider diversifying your portfolio for a balanced investment strategy.

Introduction to Housing Stocks

Best Housing Stock In India – Highest Market Capitalization

LIC Housing Finance Ltd

LIC Housing Finance Ltd is an Indian company specializing in housing finance. They provide long-term financing for residential property purchases and renovations and also offer loans for professionals, clinics, and offices. Their loan portfolio includes home loans, plot loans, and more. They also offer loans against property and rental securitization.

PNB Housing Finance Ltd

PBN Housing Finance Ltd is an Indian housing finance firm offering loans for homes, commercial spaces, property, and more. Their product range includes retail loans like individual housing loans, loans against property, and corporate loans. They also offer non-home loans and various fixed deposit options.

Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd

Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd, an Indian home loan firm, primarily focuses on housing finance. They also offer non-housing loans, such as Loan Against Properties (LAP) and insurance services. Their core product caters to long-term housing finance needs, including LAP construction and LAP purchase. Additionally, they provide credit shield insurance, ensuring full loan repayment in the event of a customer’s demise. Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd’s subsidiary, Aptus Finance India Pvt Ltd, is a non-banking finance company.

Housing Finance Stocks In India – 1-Year Return

Repco Home Finance Ltd

Repco Home Finance Ltd., an Indian NBFC-HFC, specializes in financing residential property purchases and construction. They offer a range of home loan products, including individual home loans and loans against property, serving diverse needs. In the last year, their returns reached an impressive 62.43%.

Star Housing Finance Ltd

Star Housing Finance Ltd, an Indian housing finance firm, specializes in offering loans for residential property purchase, construction, and renovation. It serves individuals, corporations, and developers with products, including regular and rural housing loans, all while achieving a remarkable 56.88% one-year return.

Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd

Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited, an Indian housing finance company, offers various financial products such as home loans, MSME loans, LAP, and more. It aims to provide financing for multiple purposes, including property development, with a strong track record of a 47.32% one-year return.

Best Housing Stock In India – 1 Month Return

Reliance Home Finance Ltd

Reliance Home Finance Limited, an Indian company, specializes in housing finance services, including affordable housing, home loans, LAP, and construction finance. It also assists customers in property solutions and boasts a 35.00% one-month return rate. Subsidiaries encompass Reliance Capital Pension Fund, Reliance General Insurance, Reliance Nippon Life Insurance, Reliance Health Insurance, Reliance Commercial Finance, Reliance Securities, Reliance Commodities, and more.

India Home Loan Ltd

India Home Loan Limited, an Indian NBFC, specializes in affordable housing finance, offering property loans, mortgage loans, and more. With a 23.89% one-month return, it serves professionals, self-employed individuals, and developers across Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra.

Parshwanath Corp Ltd

Over the past 43 years, Parswanath Construction has transformed countless dreams into reality by providing homes that bring peace of mind, with a 21.90% one-month return. Starting humbly, they’ve achieved numerous milestones, leaving behind a legacy of 123 remarkable projects, 21,000 units, 1,41,78,000 sq. ft. of built-up spaces, and 2,92,78,000 sq. ft. of land development. With their pioneering spirit, they’ve contributed to residential developments and made a mark in commercial construction in Ahmedabad, introducing innovative initiatives like mass housing with flexible repayment plans.  

Top 10 housing stocks – Highest Day Volume

GIC Housing Finance Ltd

GIC Housing Finance Limited, an India-based firm, primarily provides housing loans to individuals and entities involved in residential construction. It’s promoted by General Insurance Corporation of India and its former subsidiaries, offering various loan products. GICHFL Financial Services Private Limited is its wholly-owned subsidiary.

Can Fin Homes Ltd

Can Fin Homes Limited, an Indian housing finance company, engages in corporate insurance agency activities. They provide a range of housing loans, including individual, affordable, composite, and top-up loans, non-housing loans, and various deposit options, serving both salaried and self-employed borrowers.

Home First Finance Company India Ltd

Home First Finance Company India Limited is an Indian housing finance firm specializing in housing, commercial property, property-backed loans, and construction. Their products cater to diverse needs, including home loans, property loans, and retail property purchases. They offer a user-friendly mobile app, the Home First Customer Portal, allowing customers to access statements, prepay loans, and request services. With a focus on first-time formal buyers in low and middle-income segments, the company boasts over 100 branches across India.

Housing Stocks – PE Ratio.

Sahara Housingfina Corporation Ltd

Sahara Housingfina Corporation Limited is a housing finance firm in India that caters to individuals and families seeking residential and commercial property financing. With a P/E ratio of 25.04, it offers a diverse range of loan products and serves multiple regions through 11 branches.

Aavas Financiers Ltd

Aavas Financiers Limited, an Indian housing finance company, specializes in providing home loans to low- and middle-income individuals in semi-urban and rural areas. With a P/E ratio of 26.00, it offers various loan products, including home loans for property purchase, construction, renovation, loan against property, and MSME loans. Serving multiple states in India.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory

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