Media Stocks in India

Media Stocks – Best Media Stocks in India

Media StocksMarket Cap (Cr)Closing Price (₹)
Sun Tv Network Ltd23,258.87590.20
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd13,610.56141.70
Network18 Media & Investments Ltd9,302.1488.85
TV18 Broadcast Ltd8,383.2248.90
Saregama India Ltd6,772.11352.15
Tips Industries Ltd5,780.48450.10
DB Corp Ltd4,439.84249.30
Hathway Cable and Datacom Ltd3,602.1620.35
Dish TV India Ltd3,249.8217.65
Navneet Education Ltd3,191.87141.10

The table above represents the Best Media Stocks in India based on market cap. Read the complete blog to find out the Top Media Stocks In India analyzed fundamentally on various parameters.


Media Stocks India

The below table shows the Media Stocks India based on the 1Y Return.

Media StocksMarket Cap (Cr)Closing Price (₹)1 Year Return (%)
Panorama Studios International Ltd1,155.06928.00788.04
Madhuveer Com 18 Network Ltd67.0570.72589.28
Vantage Knowledge Academy Ltd201.42194.00536.27
Shakti Press Ltd13.8039.20229.97
Tips Industries Ltd5,780.48450.10199.95
DB Corp Ltd4,439.84249.30155.69
Sea TV Network Ltd10.198.48150.89
Jupiter Infomedia Ltd38.7838.70139.04
Alan Scott Enterprises Ltd29.5474.77108.98
Vision Corporation Ltd7.153.58108.14

Best Media Stocks In India

The below table shows the Best Media Stocks In India based on the 1M Return.

Media StocksMarket Cap (Cr)Closing Price (₹)1 Month Return (%)
Panorama Studios International Ltd1,155.06928.0038.69
Shakti Press Ltd13.8039.2033.79
Madhuveer Com 18 Network Ltd67.0570.7221.71
Infomedia Press Ltd34.136.8016.52
City Online Services Ltd2.544.9215.20
Vantage Knowledge Academy Ltd201.42194.0010.51
Purple Entertainment Ltd4.885.657.49
Tips Industries Ltd5,780.48450.105.87
Radaan Media Works India Ltd11.922.204.76
Sambhaav Media Ltd97.475.103.00

Top Media Stocks In India

The below table shows the Top Media Stocks In India based on the PE Ratio.

Media StocksMarket Cap (Cr)Closing Price (₹)PE Ratio
Shakti Press Ltd13.8039.208.92
Mediaone Global Entertainment Ltd51.6435.0810.1
Jagran Prakashan Ltd2,114.5197.1512.21
Sun Tv Network Ltd23,258.87590.2012.44
DB Corp Ltd4,439.84249.3013.41
Purple Entertainment Ltd4.885.6515.61
Navneet Education Ltd3,191.87141.1018.29
MPS Ltd2,553.601,505.6026.13
Saregama India Ltd6,772.11352.1538.22
Tips Industries Ltd5,780.48450.1051.24

Best Media Stocks

The below table shows the Best Media Stocks based on the Highest Daily Volume.

Media StocksMarket Cap (Cr)Closing Price (₹)Highest Volume
Hathway Cable and Datacom Ltd3,602.1620.3510,001,330.00
TV18 Broadcast Ltd8,383.2248.906,186,499.00
DEN Networks Ltd2,419.5950.752,225,610.00
Sun Tv Network Ltd23,258.87590.20524,707.00
Jagran Prakashan Ltd2,114.5197.15486,320.00
Saregama India Ltd6,772.11352.15377,357.00
New Delhi Television Ltd1,412.24219.05286,484.00
Tips Industries Ltd5,780.48450.10170,529.00
Navneet Education Ltd3,191.87141.10139,084.00
TV Today Network Limited1,288.84216.00138,935.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Best Media Stocks in India?

These are some of the Best Media Stocks in India with Highest 1 Year returns. They are as follows:

Best media stock #1: Panorama Studios International Ltd
Best media stock #2: Madhuveer Com 18 Network Ltd
Best media stock #3: Vantage Knowledge Academy Ltd
Best media stock #4: Shakti Press Ltd
Best media stock #5: Tips Industries Ltd
Best media stock #6: DB Corp Ltd
Best media stock #7: Sea TV Network Ltd
Best media stock #8: Jupiter Infomedia Ltd
Best media stock #9: Alan Scott Enterprises Ltd
Best media stock #10: Vision Corporation Ltd

2. What are Media Stocks?

Media stocks are stocks of companies that operate in the media industry. These companies are involved in the production and distribution of various forms of media, including television, film, music, newspapers, magazines, and digital media. 

3. Is it good to investment in Media Stocks?

The media industry constantly evolves and expands, driven by technological advances and changing consumer behaviour. This presents opportunities for media companies to grow their revenues and profits over time, potentially leading to capital appreciation for investors.

4. What are Nifty Media Stocks?

Some companies included in the Nifty Media Index are Zee Entertainment Enterprises, Sun TV Network, Network18 Media & Investments, Dish TV India, and TV Today Network. Investors and analysts closely watch the performance of the Nifty Media Index as it provides insights into the overall health and trends of the media industry in India. 

Introduction to Media Stocks

Media Stocks India – 1 Year Return

Panorama Studios International Ltd

Panorama Studios International Limited, an India-based company, specializes in Bollywood film production and distribution. Their diverse subsidiaries, including Panorama Studios Private Limited, engage in various aspects of the entertainment, media, and film distribution business.

Madhuveer Com 18 Network Ltd

Madhuveer Com 18 Network Limited, based in India, primarily operates in event management. It engages in various aspects of the film industry, including film production, distribution, and exhibition. The company also has a subsidiary named Sakshi Barter Private Limited.

Vantage Knowledge Academy Ltd

Vantage Knowledge Academy is a top-tier institute in India providing high-quality international standard education in Finance and Banking. They offer professional courses like CWM, CGMA, DBF, CMT, ACCA, and certificate programs in Financial Literacy, Global Accountancy, and Technical Analysis.

Best Media Stocks In India – 1 Month Return

Shakti Press Ltd

Shakti Press Limited (SPL) has advanced printing equipment including Heidelberg Speed Master CD-102-6 LYLX Machine and automatic folding and pasting machines for manufacturing duplex cartons and corrugated boxes. With a focus on quality control, their mission is to uphold business ethics and excel in the printing and packaging industry.

Infomedia Press Ltd

Infomedia Press Limited, an India-based company, currently has no business operations. It is exploring different options, including the possibility of initiating a new line of business.

City Online Services Ltd

Established in 1999, City Online Services Limited operates as a ‘B’ Class ISP, providing internet services and solutions in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Headquartered in Hyderabad, the company has expanded to multiple locations, offering data, voice, and video services, as well as data center solutions to various sectors.

Top Media Stocks In India – PE Ratio

Mediaone Global Entertainment Ltd

Mediaone Global Entertainment Limited, an India-based media and entertainment company, offers a comprehensive platform encompassing film, television, and web series production, along with distribution services. With offices in London and India, it provides end-to-end production solutions, including equipment, logistics, talent sourcing, and location permits for projects worldwide.

Jagran Prakashan Ltd

Jagran Prakashan Limited, an India-based company, specializes in newspaper and magazine printing and publication, alongside outdoor advertising, event management, and digital ventures. Its segments include printing, publishing, digital, FM radio, and others, with operations spanning radio broadcasting under Radio City, event management, and outdoor activities across India.

Sun Tv Network Ltd

Sun TV Network Limited, an India-based television broadcaster, operates satellite TV channels in six languages across India, Sri Lanka, and globally. Its flagship channel is Sun TV, with others including Surya TV, Gemini TV, and Udaya TV. Additionally, it runs FM radio stations and an OTT platform called SUNNXT, producing and acquiring content.

Media Stocks To Buy – Highest Volume

Hathway Cable and Datacom Ltd

Hathway Cable and Datacom Limited specializes in internet distribution and allied services, operating in broadband and cable TV segments. Offering high-speed broadband across major cities, it provides diverse programming and services encompassing home and business broadband, including fiber internet and Internet Leased Line services.

TV18 Broadcast Ltd

TV18 Broadcast Limited, an India-based media company, focuses on broadcasting general and business news TV channels alongside digital content. Its portfolio encompasses news, entertainment, distribution, motion pictures, digital, and publishing. With channels like CNBC-TV18, CNN-News18, and Colors, it caters to a wide audience across various genres and regions.

DEN Networks Ltd

DEN Networks Limited, an India-based mass media and entertainment company, distributes television channels via digital cable networks. It serves visual entertainment through cable TV, OTT, and broadband services to over 13 million households across 13 states and 433 cities. Operating through Cable and Broadband segments, it covers approximately 500 cities/towns in India.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time.

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