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Bajaj Group Stocks

The table below shows the Bajaj Group Stocks based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

NameMarket Cap (Cr)Close Price
Bajaj Finance Ltd447273.387229.55
Bajaj Finserv Ltd270441.721698.65
Bajaj Auto Ltd253072.269064.85
Bajaj Holdings and Investment Ltd90988.578175.55
Bajaj Electricals Ltd11098.57963.45
Maharashtra Scooters Ltd8674.287590.0
Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd4152.0132.55
Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd3262.84228.5
Mukand Ltd2475.21171.3
Hercules Hoists Ltd1664.8520.25


List of Bajaj Stocks

The table below shows the List of Bajaj Stocks based on 1 Year’s Return. 

NameClose Price1Y Return %
Hercules Hoists Ltd520.25160.32
Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd32.55131.67
Bajaj Auto Ltd9064.85111.5
Maharashtra Scooters Ltd7590.069.52
Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd228.547.85
Bajaj Holdings and Investment Ltd8175.5535.37
Bajaj Finserv Ltd1698.6528.53
Mukand Ltd171.326.98
Bajaj Finance Ltd7229.5523.44
Bajaj Electricals Ltd963.454.13
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Bajaj Company Stocks List In India NSE

The table below shows the Bajaj Company Stocks List In India NSE based on 1 Month Return.

NameClose Price1M Return %
Hercules Hoists Ltd520.2515.52
Bajaj Finance Ltd7229.5512.73
Mukand Ltd171.39.73
Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd32.557.21
Bajaj Finserv Ltd1698.656.9
Bajaj Auto Ltd9064.854.1
Maharashtra Scooters Ltd7590.02.64
Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd228.52.35
Bajaj Electricals Ltd963.451.63
Bajaj Holdings and Investment Ltd8175.55-5.71

Features of Bajaj Group Stocks

  • Diverse Portfolio: Bajaj Group stocks encompass various sectors like automobiles, finance, and electrical appliances.
  • Strong Brand Presence: Companies like Bajaj Auto and Bajaj Finance have established themselves as leading brands in their respective industries.
  • Consistent Performance: Historically, Bajaj Group stocks have shown stability and growth, offering potential for long-term investors.
  • Innovation: The group emphasizes innovation, introducing new products and services to stay competitive.
  • Market Leadership: Many companies within the group hold significant market share in their sectors, indicating strong industry positioning.

How To Invest In Bajaj Group Stocks?

To invest in Bajaj Group Stocks, open a brokerage account with a trusted firm, research individual Bajaj Group companies, and analyze their financial performance, growth prospects, and industry trends. Then, make informed investment decisions based on your risk tolerance and investment objectives, considering diversification for risk mitigation.

Introduction to Top Bajaj Group Stocks

Bajaj Finance Ltd

The Market Cap of Bajaj Finance Ltd is Rs 447273.38 crore. The stock has had a monthly return of 12.73% and a 1-year return of 23.44%. It is currently 13.31% away from its 52-week high.

Bajaj Finance Ltd., an NBFC based in India, is involved in lending and deposit-taking activities. The company has a varied lending portfolio catering to retail, SMEs, and commercial customers in urban and rural areas of India. Its product range includes consumer finance, personal loans, deposits, rural lending, loans against securities, SME lending, commercial lending, and partnerships and services. 

Consumer finance options include durable finance, lifestyle finance, EMI cards, two- and three-wheeler finance, personal loans, and more. Additionally, the company provides commercial lending products for established businesses and rural lending products such as gold loans and vehicle-backed loans.

Bajaj Finserv Ltd

The Market Cap of Bajaj Finserv Ltd is Rs 270441.72 crore. The monthly return is 6.90%. The annual return is 28.53%. The stock is 2.49% away from its 52-week high.

Bajaj Finserv Limited is a holding company for various financial services, including finance, insurance, broking, investments, and more. The company’s investments in subsidiaries and joint ventures promote these financial services using digital platforms. Additionally, Bajaj Finserv generates power from wind turbines, a renewable energy source. 

Its business segments encompass life insurance, general insurance, wind power generation, retail financing, and investments. The company’s focus areas include urban lending, two and three-wheeler lending, small and medium enterprise lending, rural lending, mortgages, loans against securities, and commercial lending. By offering financial products and services to customers through its subsidiaries, Bajaj Finserv assists in asset acquisition asset protection through insurance, life and health insurance coverage, and retirement and savings solutions.

Bajaj Auto Ltd

The Market Cap of Bajaj Auto Ltd is Rs. 253,072.26 crore. The stock has a monthly return of 4.10%. Its one-year return is 111.50%. The stock is currently 3.23% away from its 52-week high.

Bajaj Auto Limited, an India-based company, specializes in the manufacturing of two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and quadricycles. The company develops, produces, and distributes various automobiles, including motorcycles, commercial vehicles, electric two-wheelers, and components. It operates in segments such as automotive, investment, and others. 

The motorcycle lineup comprises Boxer, CT, Platina, Discover, Pulsar, Avenger, KTM, Dominar, Husqvarna, and Chetak models. The commercial vehicle range includes Passenger Carriers, Good Carriers, and Quadricycles. Geographically, the company operates in India and other regions worldwide. Its manufacturing plants are located at Waluj, Chakan, and Pantnagar. Bajaj Auto Limited has five international subsidiaries and two Indian subsidiaries that cater to different markets and functions.

Hercules Hoists Ltd

The Market Cap for Hercules Hoists Ltd is Rs. 1664.80 crore. The stock has a monthly return of 15.52% and a one-year return of 160.32%. It is currently 12.25% away from its 52-week high.

Hercules Hoists Limited, headquartered in India, specializes in providing material handling solutions. The company primarily focuses on Material Handling Equipment. It offers various products and services, including mechanical, electric chain, wire rope hoists, stackers, storage and retrieval solutions, overhead cranes, manipulators, and material handling automation solutions. 

These solutions cater to automotive, energy, infrastructure, engineering, steel, chemicals, logistics, textile, and food processing. Hercules Hoists Limited manufactures its products at two production facilities in Khalapur, Raigad, Maharashtra, and Chakan, Pune, Maharashtra. Some of its main products are the C block and Gantry Crane.

Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd

The Market Cap of Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd is Rs. 4152.01 crore. The stock has a monthly return of 7.21%. The stock also shows a one-year return of 131.67%. Additionally, it is currently 24.42% away from its 52-week high.

Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Limited is an Indian sugar and ethanol manufacturing company. The company’s operations are divided into segments: Sugar, Distillery, Power, and Others. It produces sugar, industrial alcohol, and electricity generated from bagasse. 

The company offers sugar products in various sizes and grades, such as large, medium, and trim. Molasses, bagasse, fly ash, and press mud are byproducts of sugar manufacturing. They also produce bio-compost/bio-manure products, including Bajaj Bhu Mahashakti and Bhu Mahashakti (bio-compost). Bajaj Bhu Mahashakti is made by composting press mud from cane juice filtration and spent washing from distilleries. 

Maharashtra Scooters Ltd

The Market Cap of Maharashtra Scooters Ltd is Rs 8674.28 crores. The monthly return is 2.64%. The one-year return is 69.52%. The stock is 13.42% away from its 52-week high.

Maharashtra Scooters Limited is an investment company headquartered in India. The company has two main segments: manufacturing and Investments. It specializes in producing pressure die casting dies, jigs, and fixtures for the two—and three-wheeler industry. One of its subsidiaries is Bajaj Holdings and Investment Ltd.

Mukand Ltd

The Market Cap of Mukand Ltd is Rs 2475.21 crore. The stock has a monthly return of 9.73% and a one-year return of 26.98%. It is currently 24.23% away from its 52-week high.

Mukand Limited, an India-based company, specializes in the manufacturing of special alloy steel and stainless steel products such as billets, bars, rods, and wire rods. They also provide EOT cranes, material handling equipment, and other industrial machinery, offering comprehensive engineering services and construction/erection capabilities. The company is divided into three main segments: specialty steel, industrial machinery, engineering contracts, etc. 

The Specialty Steel segment focuses on products like billets, rounds, bars, and wires made from special alloy steel and stainless steel. The Industrial Machinery and Engineering Contracts segment includes products like EOT cranes, steel structures, and material handling equipment. The Others segment encompasses road construction, property development, and non-banking financial operations. The company’s crane products range from EOT cranes to girder and shipyard cranes.

Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd

The Market Cap of Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd is Rs. 3262.84 crore. The stock’s monthly return is 2.35%. Its one-year return is 47.85%. The stock is 14.84% away from its 52-week high.

Bajaj Consumer Care Limited is an India-based company specializing in fast-moving consumer goods. It manufactures and markets cosmetics, toiletries, and other personal care products. The company operates in domestic and international markets and offers various personal care items, such as hair and skin care products. 

Its product line includes popular items like Bajaj Almond Drops, 100% Pure Coconut Oil, and Bajaj Coco Onion Non-Sticky Hair Oil. Additionally, the company distributes Natyv Soul products such as Natyv Soul Pure Argan Oil from Morocco. Bajaj Consumer Care Limited reaches customers through two main distribution channels: general trade, consisting of retail stores and local shops, and organized trade, which includes large retailers and online platforms.

Bajaj Electricals Ltd

The Market Cap of Bajaj Electricals Ltd is ‚Rs 11,098.57 crore. The monthly return is 1.63%. The one-year return is 4.13%. The stock is 22.20% away from its 52-week high.

Bajaj Electricals Limited markets a variety of consumer household and industrial goods through two main segments: Consumer Products and Lighting Solutions. The Consumer Products segment focuses on manufacturing and trading consumer durables such as fans, domestic appliances, kitchen appliances, and non-electrical kitchen aids. 

On the other hand, the Lighting Solutions segment manufactures and trades lighting products including LED products like lamps, bulbs, battens, and ceiling lights for consumer and professional lighting needs. The company also offers various types of fans and is involved in the engineering, procuring, and commissioning of power transmission and distribution infrastructure. Bajaj Electricals Limited operates around 200,000 retail outlets.

Bajaj Holdings and Investment Ltd

The Market Cap of Bajaj Holdings and Investment Ltd is Rs. 90,988.57 crore. The stock’s monthly return is -5.71%. The 1-year return is 35.37%. The stock is 14.35% away from its 52-week high.

Bajaj Holdings & Investment Limited, a company based in India, is a primary investment firm pursuing new business opportunities. The company’s core strategy revolves around generating income from dividends, interest earnings, and capital gains from its investment holdings. Its diverse equity portfolio encompasses investments in both listed and unlisted entities, typically holding onto equities for around five years or longer to capitalize on growth potential in both public and private markets. 

The company’s equity investments span various sectors such as Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Financials, Industrials, Communication Services, Real Estate, and Materials/Energy. The company’s equity holdings range from strategic/group investments to listed and unlisted equities/AIFs. In addition, its fixed-income portfolio comprises investments in Certificate of Deposits, Mutual Funds, Government Securities, and Corporate Bonds.

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Bajaj Company Stocks List In India – FAQ

Which Are The Top Bajaj Group Stocks?

Top Bajaj Group Stocks #1: Bajaj Finance Ltd
Top Bajaj Group Stocks #2: Bajaj Finserv Ltd
Top Bajaj Group Stocks #3: Bajaj Holdings and Investment Ltd
Top Bajaj Group Stocks #4: Bajaj Electricals Ltd
Top Bajaj Group Stocks #5: Reliance Home Finance Ltd
The Top Bajaj Group Stocks are based on market capitalization.

How Many Companies Of Bajaj Are Listed?

Several companies of the Bajaj Group are listed on stock exchanges. Some prominent ones include Bajaj Auto Limited, Bajaj Finance Limited, Bajaj Finserv Limited, and Bajaj Holdings & Investment Limited. These companies operate in various sectors, such as automotive, financial services, and investments.

Is it good to invest in Bajaj Group Stocks?

Investing in Bajaj Group stocks can be advantageous due to their diversified portfolio, strong brand presence, consistent performance, emphasis on innovation, and market leadership. However, investors should conduct thorough research and consider their investment goals and risk tolerance before investing.

How To Invest In Bajaj Group Stocks?

To invest in Bajaj Group Group stocks, you can open a brokerage account with a stock trading platform, research the group’s companies, choose the stocks that align with your investment goals, and place buy orders through your brokerage account.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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