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Hinduja Stocks – List of Hinduja Stocks

The below table shows the Hinduja Stocks – List of Hinduja Stocks based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

NameMarket Cap (Cr)Close Price
IndusInd Bank Ltd121079.341555.65
Ashok Leyland Ltd52369.4178.35
Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd5221.21061.9
Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd4033.31867.0
GOCL Corporation Ltd2248.11453.5
NDL Ventures Ltd330.6698.2


Hinduja Group Stocks

The table below shows the Hinduja Group Stocks based on 1 Year Return. 

NameClose Price1Y Return %
Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd1061.9157.74
GOCL Corporation Ltd453.548.18
IndusInd Bank Ltd1555.6544.75
Ashok Leyland Ltd178.3529.71
NDL Ventures Ltd98.2-15.24
Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd867.0-18.99
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List Of Hinduja Group Stocks

The below table shows a List Of Hinduja Group Stocks based on 1-month Return.

NameClose Price1M Return %
Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd1061.912.6
GOCL Corporation Ltd453.510.79
Ashok Leyland Ltd178.354.91
Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd867.02.15
IndusInd Bank Ltd1555.650.78
NDL Ventures Ltd98.2-8.85

Hinduja Group Penny Stocks

The table below shows Hinduja Group Penny Stocks based on the highest day Volume.

NameClose PriceDaily Volume (Shares)
Ashok Leyland Ltd178.3516842899.0
IndusInd Bank Ltd1555.651749128.0
Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd1061.9138292.0
GOCL Corporation Ltd453.554285.0
Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd867.019980.0
NDL Ventures Ltd98.25529.0

Features of Hinduja Stocks

  • Diversification: The group operates across various industries, providing investors exposure to different sectors of the economy.
  • Global Presence: Hinduja Group has a global footprint with operations in over 100 countries, offering opportunities in both domestic and international markets.
  • Strong Legacy: With a history spanning over a century, the group has established itself as a reputable and reliable player in the business world.
  • Innovation: Hinduja Group companies are known for their innovative products and services, adapting to changing market dynamics.
  • Financial Stability: Many companies within the group have demonstrated financial stability and strong fundamentals over the years. 

How To Invest In Hinduja Group Stocks?

To invest in Hinduja Group Stocks, open a brokerage account with a trusted firm, research individual Hinduja Group companies, and analyze their financial performance, growth prospects, and industry trends. Then, make informed investment decisions based on your risk tolerance and investment objectives, considering diversification for risk mitigation.

Introduction to Hinduja Group Shares List

IndusInd Bank Ltd

The Market Cap of Indusind Bank Ltd is Rs 121,079.34 crore. The monthly return is 0.78%, and the one-year return is 44.75%. The stock is 8.93% away from its 52-week high.

IndusInd Bank Limited provides various financial services to individuals and businesses. The bank offers a wide range of financial products, including microfinance, personal loans, vehicle loans, credit cards, and loans for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). The bank operates through different segments: Treasury, Corporate/Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, and Other Banking Operations. 

The Treasury segment encompasses investment portfolios, foreign exchange transactions, equities, derivatives, and money market operations. The Corporate/Wholesale Banking segment deals with lending and deposits for corporate clients and tracks the segment’s earnings and expenses. The Retail Banking segment focuses on lending and deposits for retail customers and includes earnings and expenses tracking. Furthermore, the Retail Banking segment is divided into Digital and Other Retail Banking.

Ashok Leyland Ltd

The Market Cap of Ashok Leyland Ltd is Rs. 52,369.40 crore. The stock has a monthly return of 4.91%. Its one-year return is 29.71%. The stock is 7.37% away from its 52-week high.

Ashok Leyland Limited is an Indian company involved in automobile manufacturing. The company’s core operations include manufacturing and selling various commercial vehicles, providing vehicle and housing finance, offering IT services, producing engines for industrial and marine purposes, and forging and castings. The company is divided into segments such as Commercial Vehicles and Financial Services. Its truck lineup comprises haulage, ICV, tippers, and tractors, while its bus range includes city, intercity, school, college, staff, stage carrier, and tourist buses. 

Additionally, the company offers light commercial vehicles, small commercial vehicles, goods carriers, and passenger vehicles. Ashok Leyland also provides power solutions like agricultural engines, diesel generators, industrial engines, marine engines, and gas gensets. Their defense products encompass armored, high mobility, light tactical, logistics, simulator, and tracked vehicles.

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd

The Market Cap of Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd is Rs 5,221.20 crore. The stock has had a monthly return of 12.60% and a yearly return of 157.74%. It is currently 5.47% away from its 52-week high.

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Limited (Gulf Oil) is an Indian company that specializes in manufacturing, marketing, and trading automotive and non-automotive lubricants and synergy products. The company primarily operates within the lubricants segment and offers a diverse product portfolio for various applications, including automotive, industrial, battery, and marine sectors. Gulf Oil has developed a comprehensive range of engine oils, gear oils, greases, and specialty products for motorcycles, scooters, cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, and tractors. 

In addition, the company offers a variety of industrial lubricants such as hydraulic oils, circulating oils, gear oils, metalworking fluids, turbine oils, compressor oils, and more, which cater to industries like construction, manufacturing, textiles, power generation, mining, food processing, engineering, marine operations, and metalworking.

GOCL Corporation Ltd

The Market Cap of GOCL Corporation Ltd is Rs 2248.11 crore. The monthly return is 10.79%. The one-year return is 48.18%. The stock is 41.31% away from its 52-week high.

GOCL Corporation Limited is an India-based company with multiple divisions and locations. It operates in various sectors, including commercial explosives, energetics, mining chemicals, and real estate. Its operating segments include energetics, explosives, and real estate/property development. The Energetics Division manufactures accessories for mining and infrastructure projects. 

A subsidiary of the company, DL Explosives Limited, produces and markets bulk and cartridge explosives for mining and infrastructure projects. The Property Development Division is involved in developing properties in Bangalore and Hyderabad as special economic zones (SEZ), industrial parks, and commercial complexes. GOCL Corporation Limited provides a range of products and services including energetic accessories for mining, defense, and space, explosives for mining, real estate, and electronic printed circuit board assemblies.

NDL Ventures Ltd

The Market Cap of NDL Ventures Ltd is Rs 330.66 crore. The monthly return is -8.85%. The annual return is -15.24%. The stock is 67.01% away from its 52-week high.

NDL Ventures Limited, previously known as NXTDIGITAL Limited, is an Indian company in the real estate industry. The company focuses on property development and conducts its operations within the Real Estate segment.

Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd

The Market Cap of Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd is Rs 4033.31 crore. The stock has a 1-month return of 2.15% and a 1-year return of -18.99%. It is currently 35.41% away from its 52-week high.

Hinduja Global Solutions Limited, an India-based company, specializes in business process management. It offers a range of voice and non-voice services, including contact center solutions and back-office transaction processing, in regions such as America, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 

The company is a leading provider of digital consumer experience (CX), business process management (BPM), and digital media services. Operating primarily through its BPM segment, the company leverages automation, analytics, artificial intelligence, and extensive domain knowledge to enhance digital customer experiences, back-office operations, contact centers, and HRO solutions. In addition, its digital media business, known as NXTDIGITAL, is a comprehensive digital delivery platform company that provides services via satellite, digital cable, and broadband. The company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, HGS International based in Mauritius, focuses mainly on investment activities.

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List of Hinduja Stocks – FAQ

Which Are The Top Hinduja Group Stocks?

Top Kalyani Group Stocks #1: IndusInd Bank Ltd

Top Kalyani Group Stocks #2: Ashok Leyland Ltd

Top Kalyani Group Stocks #3: Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd

The Top Kalyani Group Stocks are based on market capitalization.

How Many Companies Of Hinduja Are Listed?

The Hinduja Group comprises various companies, including IndusInd Bank Ltd, Ashok Leyland Ltd, Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd, Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd, and GOCL Corporation Ltd.

Is it good to invest in Hinduja Group Stocks?

Investing in Hinduja Group Stocks can offer opportunities for growth and diversification. With a strong presence in diverse sectors like automotive, engineering, and defense, the group’s stocks may provide the potential for long-term returns, subject to thorough research and market analysis.

How To Invest In Hinduja Group Stocks?

To invest in Hinduja Group Stocks, you can open a brokerage account with a stock trading platform, research the group’s companies, choose the stocks that align with your investment goals, and place buy orders through your brokerage account.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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