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Nifty IT –  Nifty IT Stocks List

The table below shows the IT Nifty By highest market cap from highest to lowest.

NameMarket Cap ( Cr )Close Price
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd1392782.793816.8
Infosys Ltd606591.741527.15
HCL Technologies Ltd364278.881440.85
Wipro Ltd242123.46490.4
LTIMindtree Ltd143335.665111.2
Tech Mahindra Ltd129125.111401.7
Persistent Systems Ltd54155.813968.1
L&T Technology Services Ltd48539.584824.3
Mphasis Ltd45187.462394.2
Coforge Ltd31562.395351.65

Nifty IT Weightage

The table below shows the Nifty IT Stocks’s Weightage From highest to lowest.

Infosys Ltd27.07
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd24.87
HCL Technologies Ltd9.71
Tech Mahindra Ltd9.65
Wipro Ltd8.82
LTIMindtree Ltd6
Persistent Systems Ltd5.39
Coforge Ltd4.37
MphasiS Ltd2.48
L&T Technology Services Ltd1.64

How To Invest In Nifty IT?

To invest in Nifty IT, individuals can purchase exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or index funds that track the performance of the Nifty IT Index. Alternatively, investors can directly buy shares of companies listed in the index through a brokerage account. Open a Demat account now.

Nifty IT Stocks List

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

The Market Cap of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd is Rs. 13,92,782.79 crores. The stock’s monthly return is -1.43%. Its one-year return is 19.66%. The stock is 11.47% away from its 52-week high. The PE ratio stands at 33.33.

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS), headquartered in India, specializes in providing various IT services, consulting, and business solutions across various industries, including banking, capital markets, healthcare, retail, and more. 

Their product lineup features TCS ADD, TCS BaNCS, and TCS CHROMA, while their service offerings encompass cloud computing, cybersecurity, consulting, and digital engineering.

Infosys Ltd

The Market Cap of Infosys Ltd is Rs. 6,06,591.74 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 4.49%. Its one-year return is 20.65%. The stock is 13.48% away from its 52-week high. The PE ratio is 25.11.

An Indian firm offers consulting, technology, outsourcing, and digital services across various sectors like Financial Services, Retail, Communication, Energy, Utilities, Resources, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, and Life Sciences. Additional segments encompass businesses in India, Japan, China, Infosys Public Services, and other public enterprises. 

Core services range from application management to infrastructure management, alongside products like Finacle and platforms, including Panaya and Infosys Equinox. Additionally, Infosys owns Danske Bank’s IT center in India.

HCL Technologies Ltd

The Market Cap of HCL Technologies Ltd is Rs. 3,64,278.88 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 6.96%. Its one-year return is 24.01%. The stock is 17.80% away from its 52-week high. The PE ratio stands at 35.32.

HCL Technologies Limited, an Indian technology firm, operates through three main segments: IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), and software. ITBS delivers a range of IT and business services, including digital transformation aided by digital and analytics solutions, IoTWoRKs, cloud-native, and cybersecurity products. 

ERS offers engineering services spanning software, embedded systems, mechanical, VLSI, and platform engineering for various industries, supporting product lifecycles. HCLSoftware delivers updated software products tailored to global clients’ technology and industry needs.

Wipro Ltd

The Market Cap of Wipro Ltd is Rs. 2,42,123.46 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 5.26%. Its one-year return is 28.75%. The stock is 11.32% away from its 52-week high. The PE ratio stands at 30.66.

Wipro Limited, a technology services and consulting firm, operates in two segments: IT Services and IT Products. The IT Services segment offers a variety of digital, consulting, and integration services, while the IT Products segment provides third-party IT products for system integration. Services encompass AI, cloud, consulting, and sustainability solutions.

LTIMindtree Ltd

The Market Cap of LTIMindtree Ltd is Rs. 1,43,335.67 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 5.90%. Its one-year return is 2.36%. The stock is 26.04% away from its 52-week high. The PE ratio stands at 35.77.

Headquartered in India, is a leading global technology consulting and digital solutions provider. It specializes in analyzing, designing, maintaining, and programming software, along with offering IT-enabled services. The company operates across five key sectors: Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance; High-Tech, Media & Entertainment; Manufacturing & Resources; Retail, CPG & Travel, Transport & Hospitality; and Health & Public Services. 

Its comprehensive services encompass cloud and infrastructure training, consulting, customer success, cybersecurity, data analytics, digital engineering, software-as-a-service (D-SaaS), platform operations, automation solutions, and quality engineering. Mindtree’s innovative platforms include LTI Infinity, Fosfor, LTI Canvas, Mindtree NxT, Unitrax, REDaxis, and Advanced Smart City Operating Platform.

Tech Mahindra Ltd

The Market Cap of Tech Mahindra Ltd is Rs. 1,29,125.11 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 4.96%. Its one-year return is 26.06%. The stock is 2.75% away from its 52-week high. The PE ratio stands at 67.05.

An Indian firm, specializes in digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering services. It operates in two segments: Information Technology (IT) Services and Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO), with a global presence spanning the Americas, Europe, India, and other regions.

Its offerings encompass telecom services, consulting, application and infrastructure outsourcing, engineering services, business solutions, and mobile value-added services, catering to diverse sectors such as communications, manufacturing, technology, media, banking, insurance, retail, and logistics. Subsidiaries include Tech Mahindra Luxembourg S.a r.l., Yabx India Private Limited, Tech Mahindra Credit Solutions Inc, Tech Mahindra Technology Services LLC, and Zen3 Infosolutions (America) Inc.

Persistent Systems Ltd

​​The Market Cap of Persistent Systems Ltd is Rs. 54,155.81 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 10.64%. Its one-year return is 61.76%. The stock is 12.14% away from its 52-week high. The PE ratio stands at 37.31.

An Indian holding company, specializes in delivering software products and technology services across diverse sectors. Its segments encompass banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI), healthcare & life sciences, technology companies, and emerging verticals. 

The company offers various services, including digital strategy, software engineering, client experience transformation, cloud solutions, intelligent automation, IT security, enterprise integration, application management, and data analytics. 

L&T Technology Services Ltd

The Market Cap of L&T Technology Services Ltd is Rs. 48,539.59 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 5.90%. Its one-year return is 26.54%. The stock is 21.75% away from its 52-week high. The PE ratio stands at 43.05.

An Indian ER&D services provider, offers consultancy, design, development, and testing services across product and process life cycles. 

Its offerings encompass software, digital engineering, embedded systems, engineering analytics, and plant engineering, serving 69 companies. Specializing in disruptive technologies like 5G, AI, and autonomous transport, it collaborates globally to drive innovation in product development and remote asset management.

Mphasis Ltd

The Market Cap of Mphasis Ltd is Rs. 45,187.46 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 1.12%. Its one-year return is 31.98%. The stock is 18.52% away from its 52-week high. The PE ratio stands at 34.35.

An Indian IT solutions provider specializes in cloud and cognitive services to transform businesses globally. 

Its segments encompass Banking, Financial Services, Logistics, Transportation, Technology, Media, Telecom, Insurance, and more. Utilizing its Front2Back transformation method, it delivers personalized digital experiences through application services, blockchain platforms, cybersecurity, and others, serving diverse industries.

Coforge Ltd

The Market Cap of Coforge Ltd is Rs. 31,562.40 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 5.24%. Its one-year return is 16.17%. The stock is 27.95% away from its 52-week high. The PE ratio stands at 39.42.

An India-based IT solutions firm, specializes in application development, maintenance, managed services, cloud computing, and outsourcing. 

It operates across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and India. Offering a range of technologies such as product engineering, Salesforce, digital integration, AI, cybersecurity, and cloud management, among others.

Nifty IT Stocks List – FAQ

What are the IT stocks listed in NSE?

IT stocks listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) include prominent companies such as Infosys, TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), HCL Technologies, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, and others, forming the constituents of the Nifty IT index.

Are there NIFTY IT options?

Yes, there are Nifty IT options available for trading. NSE offers options contracts on various indices, including Nifty IT, providing investors with opportunities to hedge or speculate on the performance of the IT sector.

Which companies are listed in NIFTY IT?

Some of the prominent companies that have been constituents of the Nifty IT index include:

  1. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
  2. Infosys Ltd
  3. HCL Technologies Ltd
  4. Wipro Ltd
  5. LTIMindtree Ltd
  6. Tech Mahindra Ltd
  7. Persistent Systems Ltd
  8. L&T Technology Services Ltd
  9. Mphasis Ltd
  10. Coforge Ltd

Can I invest in NIFTY IT?

Yes, you can invest indirectly in the Nifty IT index by investing in mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track the performance of the index. These funds replicate the composition and weightage of the Nifty IT index, allowing investors to gain exposure to the IT sector’s performance without directly purchasing individual stocks. 

How many stocks are in the Nifty IT index?

The Nifty IT index reflects the performance of Indian IT firms. It includes 10 companies listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) within its composition.

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