February 8, 2024

Most Undervalued Stocks – Undervalued Stocks NSE

The table below shows the Most Undervalued Stocks – Undervalued Stocks NSE based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

StockMarket Cap (Cr)Close Price
O N G C257958.63205.05
Coal India231718.59376.0
Adani Power202547.15525.15
General Insurance54044.29308.05
Oil India40356.14372.15
Petronet LNG33397.5222.65
GE Shipping Co13945.5976.8
G R Infraproject11063.161144.2
C P C L10364.23696.0

Undervalued stocks are stocks believed to be trading at a price lower than their intrinsic or true value. In other words, the market price of these stocks is considered to be lower than what their fundamental financial metrics, earnings potential, or other factors suggest they should be worth. Choose stocks that satisfy the following conditions: Market Capitalization above 200 Cr, Return on Invested Capital greater than 15, Price Earnings ratio below 10, and a Debt-equity ratio less than 1.

Undervalued Stocks NSE

The table below shows the Undervalued Stocks NSE based on 1 Year Return.

StockClose Price1Y Return %
Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd336.5362.43
C P C L696.0228.69
Swadeshi Polytex Ltd91.95193.3
SKM Egg Prod386.0186.56
Cons Finvest327.8131.82
Adani Power525.1576.14
Dhunseri Invest1183.9573.94
Oil India372.1573.25
Naga Dhunseri2379.972.51
Albert David975.3569.88

Top 10 Undervalued Stocks In India

The table below shows the Top 10 Undervalued Stocks In India based on 1 Month Return.

StockClose Price1M Return %
Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd336.574.76
Cons Finvest327.831.51
Oil India372.1520.57
Adani Power525.1520.01
Satia Industries139.1517.77
Imagica Enter59.3517.06
HindOil Explor182.1512.51
N R Agarwal Inds398.211.96

Most Undervalued Stocks In India

The table below shows the Most Undervalued Stocks In India based on the highest day Volume.

StockClose PriceDaily Volume (Shares)
O N G C205.0512171663.0
Brightcom Group19.3510619953.0
Coal India376.08859317.0
Imagica Enter59.355809599.0
Oil India372.154486432.0
Petronet LNG222.653941535.0
S P I C77.251518022.0
HindOil Explor182.151389169.0
Adani Power525.151270593.0
JK Paper406.8907905.0

Best Undervalued Stocks

The table below shows the Best Undervalued Stocks based on the PE Ratio.

StockClose PricePE Ratio
Baroda Rayon Corporation Ltd196.61.61
Jindal Poly Inve614.61.9
Brightcom Group19.352.76
Cons Finvest327.83.17
C P C L696.03.59
Andhra Paper609.854.47
Oil India372.155.78
Cochin Minerals and Rutile Ltd275.56.12
Banswara Syntex145.26.67
TGV SRAAC Ltd105.57.17

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Most Undervalued Stocks – FAQs

Which is the most undervalued stock?

  • Most Undervalued Stock #1: Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd
  • Most Undervalued Stock #2: C P C L
  • Most Undervalued Stock #3: Swadeshi Polytex Ltd
  • Most Undervalued Stock #4: SKM Egg Prod
  • Most Undervalued Stock #5: Cons Finvest

The stocks mentioned are ranked according to their one-year performance.

What is undervalued stock in India?

An undervalued stock in India trades at a price lower than its intrinsic value, presenting an opportunity for potential growth or favorable returns for investors.

Is it good to buy undervalued stocks in India?

Buying undervalued stocks in India can be profitable if done wisely. Conduct thorough research and consider the company’s fundamentals, financial health, and industry prospects before investing. 

Is Tata Steel undervalued?

Tata Steel may not be significantly undervalued based on metrics such as Price to Earnings and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC).

Introduction to Most Undervalued Stocks

Most Undervalued Stocks – Highest Market Capitalization.


Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is an Indian company primarily engaged in the exploration, production, refining, marketing, and diverse energy-related businesses. ONGC operates in India and internationally, with subsidiaries like Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, ONGC Videsh Limited, Petronet MHB Limited, and HPCL Biofuels Limited.

Coal India

Coal India Ltd. is an Indian coal mining firm with 322 mines, including 138 underground mines, 171 opencast mines, and 13 mixed mines. It also oversees workshops, hospitals, and 21 training institutes, including the Indian Institute of Coal Management (IICM). Additionally, it has 11 wholly owned subsidiary companies, such as Eastern Coalfields Limited, Bharat Coking Coal Limited, and Coal India Africana Limitada, operating across 83 mining areas in eight Indian states.

General Insurance

General Insurance Corporation of India is a global reinsurance provider based in India. It assumes risk from existing insurance policies written by other carriers, offering reinsurance for various business classes in domestic and international markets. This includes health, motor, aviation, marine, and more, and it supports Indian life insurance companies through treaties and facultative reinsurance.

Undervalued Stocks NSE – 1 Year Return

Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd

Hazoor Multi Projects Limited, an Indian firm, specializes in infrastructure and real estate. It is currently involved in projects like Samruddhi Mahamarg and the Rehabilitation and Upgradation of Wakan-Pali-Khopoli, experiencing a remarkable 362.43% profit growth in the past year.


Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, an Indian refining company, processes crude oil into refined petroleum products. It operates two refineries with a total capacity of 11.5 MMTPA. In a recent year, the company achieved a remarkable 228.69% profit increase. The Manali Refinery, with a capacity of 10.5 MMTPA, produces fuel, lube, wax, and petrochemical feedstocks. Additionally, there’s a second refinery in the Cauvery Basin, Nagapattinam, with a capacity of 1.0 MMTPA. 

Swadeshi Polytex Ltd

Swadeshi Polytex Limited, an Indian real estate company, engages in various real estate transactions, including ownership, buying, selling, leasing, and developing land, buildings, factories, and more. The company has achieved a remarkable 193.3% profit increase in the past year.

Top 10 Undervalued Stocks In India – 1 Month Return

Cons Finvest

Consolidated Finvest & Holdings Ltd, an Indian NBFC, primarily focuses on lending and investing in group entities. Its core activities involve investing in shares, stocks, bonds, debentures, mutual funds, inter-corporate deposits, and loans, with a record of a 31.51% monthly profit.

Oil India

Oil India Limited, an Indian integrated exploration and production company in the upstream sector, focuses on crude oil and natural gas provision. Its diverse operations encompass seismic work, data acquisition, drilling, LPG production, and a 1,157-kilometer crude oil pipeline from Naharkatia to Barauni, spanning various states in India and offshore regions, with a record 20.57% monthly profit.

Adani Power

Adani Power Limited, a holding company, is a prominent thermal power producer in India, boasting a total generation capacity of around 12,450 MW. This includes 12,410 MW from thermal power plants and 40 MW from a solar power project. The company’s core focus is on power generation and coal trading. It operates over 9,240 MW of thermal power through its subsidiaries, including major plants in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. Furthermore, Adani Power Limited owns three thermal power plants in Karnataka and Chhattisgarh with a combined capacity of approximately 3,170 MW. Notably, the company achieved a remarkable 20.01% profit growth last month.

Most Undervalued Stocks In India – Highest Day Volume.

Brightcom Group

Brightcom Group Limited, an India-based company, provides global digital marketing solutions to businesses, agencies, and online publishers. Operating in two segments, Digital Marketing and Software Development, it connects advertisers with their target audience via digital media. Their esteemed clients encompass notable brands like Airtel, British Airways, Coca-Cola, Hyundai Motors, ICICI Bank, ITC, ING, Lenovo, LIC, Maruti Suzuki, MTV, P&G, Qatar Airways, Samsung, Viacom, Sony, Star India, Vodafone, Titan, and Unilever.  

Imagica Enter

Imagicaaworld Entertainment Limited specializes in developing and operating theme-based entertainment destinations in India, encompassing theme parks, water parks, and associated services like retail merchandising and dining. The company’s segments cover Tickets, Food and Beverage, Merchandise, Rooms, and Other Operations. The Tickets segment encompasses theme park, water park, and snow park admissions. The Food and Beverage segment includes restaurant services within the park and hotel. 

Petronet LNG

Petronet LNG Limited (PLL) specializes in the sale of re-gasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG) and primarily operates in LNG import and processing. Its Natural Gas division mainly comprises methane, ethane, propane, and butane. PLL operates terminals like Dahej LNG, Kochi LNG, and a Solid Cargo Port Terminal for bulk product imports/exports. Subsidiaries include Petronet LNG Foundation, Petronet Energy Limited, and Petronet LNG Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Best Undervalued Stocks – PE Ratio.

Baroda Rayon Corporation Ltd

Baroda Rayon Corporation Limited, an India-based company, operates in the manufacturing and sale of viscose filament yarn and nylon yarn. It also produces by-products at its Udhna, Surat facility in Gujarat. The company offers various products, including viscose filament yarn, carbon disulfide (CS2) plant, sulfuric acid, polyester yarn, and nylon tire cord, with a price-to-earnings (PE) ratio of 1.61.

Jindal Poly Inve

Jindal Poly Investment and Finance Company Limited, with a PE ratio of 1.90, is an Indian holding firm that primarily invests in the power sector. It holds investments mainly in its subsidiary companies, such as Jindal India Thermal Power Ltd., Xeta Properties Private Limited, Jindal India RE Ltd, Jindal India Renewables Energy Ltd., Jindal Operation & Maintenance Ltd., and Mandakini Exploration and Mining Ltd.

Andhra Paper

Andhra Paper Limited, an Indian paper and packaging company, manufactures and sells pulp, paper, and paperboard through brands like Primavera, Truprint Ivory, and more. With a total production capacity of around 240,000 TPA, it targets various markets with a P/E ratio of 2.76.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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