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Reliance Stocks in India

The below table shows the Reliance Stocks in India based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

NameClose PriceMarket Cap(Cr)
Reliance Industries Ltd2931.51983361
Network 18 Media & Investments Ltd85.98993.29
Just Dial Ltd891.17577.72
Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd21.153743.77
Den Networks Ltd50.32398.13
Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd1255.71896.11

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What are Reliance Stocks?

Reliance stocks refer to the publicly traded shares of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and its group companies. RIL, a conglomerate with ventures in petrochemicals, refining, oil, telecommunications, and retail, is one of India’s largest publicly traded companies, widely held by institutional and retail investors alike.

RIL’s performance significantly influences the Indian stock market due to its large market capitalization. Its growth is often seen as a reflection of India’s economic trends. The company’s ability to innovate and enter new markets makes its stock attractive for investors looking for diversified exposure.

Moreover, the stocks of subsidiary and associate companies under the Reliance umbrella, such as Reliance Retail, Jio, and others, contribute to the diversity of the Reliance stock portfolio. Investing in Reliance stocks can mean participating in a broad spectrum of industries, from energy to digital services.

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Reliance Stocks List

The table below shows the Reliance Stocks based on 1 Year Return.

NameClose Price1Y Return(%)
Den Networks Ltd50.369.65
Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd21.1559.62
Network 18 Media & Investments Ltd85.949.78
Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd1255.746.57
Just Dial Ltd891.137.17
Reliance Industries Ltd2931.536.39

Reliance Stocks List NSE

The below table shows the Reliance Stocks List based on a 1-Month Return.

NameClose Price1M Return(%)
Just Dial Ltd891.113.15
Reliance Industries Ltd2931.53.06
Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd1255.72.36
Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd21.152.22
Den Networks Ltd50.3-1.59
Network 18 Media & Investments Ltd85.9-4.34

Reliance Penny Stock List

The table below shows the Reliance Stocks List NSE based on the highest day Volume.

NameClose PriceDaily Volume (Shares)
Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd21.158128550
Reliance Industries Ltd2931.54683092
Den Networks Ltd50.31620398
Network 18 Media & Investments Ltd85.9618123
Just Dial Ltd891.1194419
Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd1255.7148638

Features of Reliance Stocks

The main features of Reliance stocks include a robust market capitalization that makes it one of India’s largest companies, diversified holdings across industries like telecommunications, energy, and retail, and significant growth potential due to innovative ventures and strategic partnerships globally.

  • Market Giant: Reliance Industries ranks as one of India’s most prominent companies in market capitalization. This prominence reflects its substantial influence on the Indian economy and the stock market, attracting significant investor attention and confidence.
  • Diverse Portfolio: Operating across sectors such as telecom, energy, and retail, Reliance’s diversified business model reduces risk. Not relying on a single industry safeguards against sector-specific downturns, providing a stable investment.
  • Innovation Leader: Reliance is at the forefront of innovation, especially in digital services and green energy. These forward-thinking initiatives position the company to capitalize on future technology and energy trends, potentially driving up stock value as these markets grow.
  • Strategic Partnerships: The company consistently forms strategic alliances with global entities, enhancing its business capabilities and market reach. These partnerships help leverage technological advances and international market exposure, further strengthening its business foundation and appealing to global investors.

How To Invest In Reliance Stocks?

To invest in Reliance stocks, open a Demat and trading account through a reputable broker in India. Once set up, research Reliance Industries’ current market performance, financial health, and growth potential to inform your investment decisions and strategy.

Next, monitor Reliance’s stock price and market trends using financial news, stock market apps, or consulting with financial advisors. Decide on your investment amount based on your financial capability and risk tolerance. Use limit orders to control your purchase price, optimizing your entry point.

Finally, consider the long-term horizon for holding your investments in Reliance, as it has historically shown substantial growth over extended periods. Diversify your portfolio to include Reliance stocks among other investments to reduce risk and increase potential returns, keeping an eye on periodic reviews and rebalancing.

Introduction to Reliance Stocks in India

Reliance Industries Ltd

The Market Cap of Reliance Industries Ltd is Rs. 19,83,361.06 crores. The stock has generated a return of 36.39% over the past month and 3.06% over the past year. Currently, it is 3.19% below its 52-week high.

Reliance Industries Limited, based in India, operates in diverse sectors such as hydrocarbon exploration and production, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals, renewables, retail, and digital services. 

Its business is spread across several segments: Oil to Chemicals (O2C), which encompasses refining and petrochemical operations along with fuel retailing; the Oil and Gas segment, focusing on the extraction and production of crude oil and natural gas; Retail, covering consumer retail operations and associated services; and the Digital Services segment, offering a wide array of digital offerings. The O2C segment’s assets include sophisticated facilities for aromatics, gasification, and cracking processes, and a comprehensive logistics and supply chain infrastructure.

Network 18 Media & Investments Ltd

The Market Cap of Network 18 Media & Investments Ltd is Rs. 8,993.29 crores. Over the last month, the stock has experienced a return of 49.78%, while its one-year return stands at -4.34%. Currently, the stock’s price is 57.97% below its 52-week high.

Network18 Media & Investments Limited, based in India, is active in the media and entertainment industry, offering television broadcasting, digital content, filmmaking, e-commerce, and publishing. It operates multiple segments, from news and entertainment channels to film production and distribution.

Additionally, Network18 engages in merchandising and brand promotions, event organization, and digital content distribution via OTT platforms. Its portfolio boasts leading news channels such as CNBC-TV18, and News18 India, and entertainment platforms, alongside prominent online properties including Moneycontrol and Firstpost, delivering a spectrum of news to lifestyle content.

Just Dial Ltd

The Market Cap of Just Dial Ltd is Rs. 7,577.72 crores. The stock has delivered a monthly return of 37.17% and a one-year return of 13.15%. It is currently 7.84% below its 52-week high.

Just Dial Limited serves as a local search engine in India, providing a wide array of information services through the Internet, mobile applications, voice, and text. The company offers innovative solutions including JD Mart, JD Omni, and JD Pay, catering to businesses and consumers alike.

JD Mart is a B2B marketplace connecting vendors such as manufacturers to potential buyers for online sales, while JD Omni helps micro, small, and medium businesses establish an online presence with cloud-based services. JD Pay, on the other hand, facilitates seamless digital payments, supporting various modes like net banking, wallets, and cards. Just Dial ensures a comprehensive user experience with features like ratings, a payment gateway, and support services on its platforms, particularly accessible via

Den Networks Ltd

The Market Cap of Den Networks Ltd stands at Rs. 2,398.13 crores. The stock has returned 69.65% in the last month, while the one-year return is slightly negative at -1.59%. Currently, it is trading 37.97% below its 52-week high.

DEN Networks Limited, an Indian-based media and entertainment company, specializes in distributing television channels through digital cable. The company reaches over 13 million homes across 13 key states and 433 cities, offering cable TV, OTT platforms, and broadband services.

DEN Networks’ operations are split into two main segments: cable and Broadband. The company distributes channels and provides promotional services and also delivers internet services to about 500 cities and towns in states like Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. Its service lineup includes DEN Cable, DEN Broadband, and the OTT service DEN TV+.

Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd

The Market Cap of Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd stands at Rs. 3,743.77 crores. The stock has seen a one-month return of 59.62% and a one-year return of 2.22%. Currently, it is trading at 32.15% below its 52-week high.

DEN Networks Limited operates in India’s media and entertainment sector, distributing TV channels through its digital cable network. Catering to more than 13 million households across 13 states and 433 cities, it offers entertainment via cable TV, OTT platforms, and broadband services.

The company divides its operations into Cable and Broadband segments, servicing approximately 500 cities, including regions like Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. DEN Networks’ offerings encompass DEN Cable, Broadband, and DEN TV+, integrating channel distribution, promotional services, and internet solutions.

Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd

The Market Cap of Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd is Rs. 1,896.11 crores. The stock has returned 46.57% over the past month and has seen a 1-year return of 2.36%. It is currently 27.82% below its 52-week high.

Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited excels in creating and managing essential industrial infrastructures within India. It facilitates the transportation of petroleum products and water, provides construction machinery on lease, and offers diverse support services, chiefly serving the Indian market with a focus on infrastructural solutions.

Operating predominantly in the regions of Mumbai, Rasayani, Surat, and Jamnagar, the company’s services span the logistics of product transportation to hiring out heavy construction machinery. They also venture into IT support, contributing to their comprehensive suite of infrastructural services, and are involved in computer software leasing and data processing.

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Reliance Stocks List – FAQ

Which Stocks Are Top Reliance Group Stocks?

Top Reliance Group Stocks #1: Reliance Industries Ltd

Top Reliance Group Stocks #2: Network 18 Media & Investments Ltd

Top Reliance Group Stocks #3: Just Dial Ltd

Top Reliance Group Stocks #4: Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd

Top Reliance Group Stocks #5: Den Networks Ltd

The top Reliance Group stocks are ranked based on market capitalization.

Which Stocks Are Reliance Group Stocks?

Reliance Group stocks include prominent names such as Reliance Industries Ltd, leading in sectors like oil, telecom, and retail. Network 18 Media & Investments Ltd, a media conglomerate; Just Dial Ltd, a local search service; Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd and Den Networks Ltd, both in cable and broadband; and Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd, providing infrastructure services.

Is it good to invest in Reliance Group Stocks?

Investing in Reliance Group stocks could be beneficial due to their diversified portfolio and strong market presence. However, as with any investment, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, consider market conditions, and evaluate individual financial goals and risk appetite before investing in these or any other stocks.

How To Invest In Reliance Stocks?

To invest in Reliance stocks, open a Demat and trading account through a registered broker, research Reliance Industries’ performance and financials, decide on your investment budget, and purchase shares through the stock exchange. It’s advisable to monitor market trends and review your investment periodically for optimal returns.

Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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