Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs English

Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs

The table below shows the Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

NameMarket Cap (Cr)Close Price
eMudhra Ltd4992.3616.75
Orchid Pharma Ltd4991.271013.6
Jai Corp Ltd4979.63285.2
Choice International Ltd4965.53249.9
Kesoram Industries Ltd4959.75161.1
Jamna Auto Industries Ltd4958.84124.2
VRL Logistics Ltd4918.79563.5
Dodla Dairy Ltd4906.66804.85
Rallis India Ltd4887.0253.5
Wonderla Holidays Ltd4862.76884.0

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Best Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs

The table below shows the Best Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs based on 1 Year Return. 

NameClose Price1Y Return %
Associated Ceramics Ltd910.16641.48
Justride Enterprises Ltd350.053411.03
Ceenik Exports (India) Ltd337.63190.45
Aaswa Trading and Exports Ltd444.42639.83
Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Ltd303.952555.74
Prime Industries Ltd240.02531.58
Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd482.351970.17
Integrated Industries Ltd634.01392.47
Laxmi Goldorna House Ltd340.61185.28
Panyam Cements And Mineral Industries Ltd149.951162.21
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Small Cap Stocks Under 500

The table below shows Small Cap Stocks Under 500 based on 1 Month Return.

NameClose Price1M Return %
Manorama Industries Ltd326.45306.09
Logica Infoway Ltd173.5277.49
Forbes & Company Ltd463.45189.2
MAS Financial Services Ltd288.6155.95
Laxmi Goldorna House Ltd340.680.41
Fiem Industries Ltd1013.762.38
Anlon Technology Solutions Ltd406.7555.6
Saumya Consultants Ltd208.453.4
ATMASTCO Ltd137.653.19
Wonder Electricals Ltd540.9552.97

Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs NSE

The table below shows Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs NSE based on the highest day Volume.

NameClose PriceDaily Volume (Shares)
Jamna Auto Industries Ltd124.217497957.0
Rico Auto Industries Ltd135.111160962.0
GPT Healthcare Ltd175.253849745.0
Shriram Properties Ltd101.953724397.0
Time Technoplast Ltd207.13630504.0
Nippon India ETF Nifty 50 BeES241.583185502.0
Nippon India ETF Nifty 1D Rate Liquid BeES999.992928289.0
Tourism Finance Corporation of India Ltd175.452816778.0
Exicom Tele-Systems Ltd229.152460207.0
BLS E-Services Ltd313.452166925.0

Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs in India

The table below shows small-cap stocks Under 500 Rs in India based on the PE Ratio. 

NameClose PricePE Ratio
Bombay Dyeing and Mfg Co Ltd149.71.21
Zuari Industries Ltd310.851.47
Kamat Hotels (India) Ltd256.11.96
Consolidated Finvest & Holdings Ltd235.32.16
Ramky Infrastructure Ltd455.62.31
Jindal Poly Investment and Finance Company Ltd643.052.78
Shreyans Industries Ltd221.253.04
Muthoot Capital Services Ltd281.753.25
VLS Finance Ltd234.13.54
West Coast Paper Mills Ltd592.53.97

Introduction to Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs

Best Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs – 1 Year Return

Associated Ceramics Ltd

The Market Cap of Associated Ceramics Limited, an independent company known for manufacturing and supplying refractories to the heat containment industry, stands at ₹195.87 Cr. The stock has experienced a monthly return of -26.80% and an unprecedented annual return of 6641.48%. Currently, it is 54.72% below its 52-week high. 

Engaged primarily in producing and selling refractory items, Associated Ceramics operates across two segments: Refractory Items and Solar Energy. Its product range encompasses fireclay refractories, special purpose refractories, high alumina refractories, insulation refractories, basic refractories, and mortar materials & monolithic refractories. 

Catering to a diverse range of industries such as aluminum, cement, coke oven, glass, graphite electrode, and iron and steel, the company boasts a clientele that includes manufacturers from the glass, steel, cement, aluminum, and graphite electrode sectors.

Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Ltd

The Market Cap of Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Ltd stands at ₹1265.94 Cr. Over the past month, the stock has seen a return of 18.80%; astonishingly, over the past year, it has surged by 2555.74%. Currently, the stock is 15.08% below its 52-week high.

Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Limited, headquartered in India, specializes in providing underwater services to the country’s oil and gas sector. The company boasts a varied portfolio capable of handling turnkey projects, including sub-sea and marine services, and operates as an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contractor. 

Its wide range of services encompasses diving and underwater operations, fabrication/installation, comprehensive turnkey EPC projects, and rig and ship repairs, alongside design engineering. 

Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd

The Market Cap of Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd is ₹125.05 Cr. This company has observed a monthly return of 48.28% and an extraordinary annual return of 1970.17%. Currently, the stock is exactly 0% below its 52-week high, indicating it is at its peak value for the year.

Diamond Power Infrastructure Limited, headquartered in India, specializes in producing power transmission equipment. This company manufactures and sells conductors, cables, and transmission towers, positioning itself within the Power Transmission and Distribution (T&D) sector. 

It designs and produces a comprehensive range of power transmission equipment, including conductors, high-voltage (HV), low-voltage (LV), and ultra-high-voltage (UHV) power cables, and transmission towers. Diamond Power Infrastructure’s extensive product lineup features power and control cables, medium-voltage (MV), and extra-high-voltage (EHV) cables, conductors, and transmission towers. 

Small Cap Stocks Under 500 – 1 Month Return

Manorama Industries Ltd

The Market Cap of Manorama Industries Limited, an India-based enterprise specializing in producing specialty fats and butter derived from tree-borne and plant-based seeds and nuts, is ₹1929.82 Cr. The company has experienced an unprecedented monthly return of 306.09% and an annual return of 61.95%. Currently, the stock is 46.11% below its 52-week high. 

Manorama Industries is a key supplier of specialty fats and butter made from exotic seeds and nuts, including mango kernels, sal seeds, and shea nuts, catering primarily to the food, chocolate, confectionery, and cosmetic industries. 

The company enjoys a global presence, exporting its products to various countries and sourcing its raw materials from West African nations. Its food-related applications span bakery products, plant-based foods, chocolates, confectioneries, technical products, culinary and savory items, and animal nutrition. In personal care, Manorama offers organic and conventional cosmetic butters, organic cosmetic oils, and organic glycerin alongside customized solutions to meet specific client needs.

Logica Infoway Ltd

The Market Cap of Eastern Logica Infoway Limited, an India-based entity engaged in the multi-brand retail and retail selling of branded smartphones, information technology (IT) hardware, software, and allied accessories and services, stands at ₹286.06 Cr. This company has seen an astonishing monthly return of 277.49% and an annual return of 362.77%. Currently, the stock is 80.98% below its 52-week high. 

Operating in approximately 11 cities across India, Eastern Logica Infoway has established retail stores and distribution centers, ventured into e-commerce, and set up virtual offices to enhance its market presence. 

With around 11 retail stores and two distribution centers in the country, the company offers a diverse range of products, including smartphones, laptops, monitors, desktop all-in-ones (AIO), printers, and various accessories, in addition to providing networking and security solutions to its customers.

Forbes & Company Ltd

The Market Cap of Forbes & Company Ltd, which operates as a holding company, is ₹569.34 Cr. Over the past month, the stock has experienced a dramatic increase of 189.20%; over the past year, it has gained 79.12%. Currently, the stock is 24.51% away from its 52-week high. 

Forbes & Company Limited manufactures and trades engineering products, as well as develops and leases premises. The company specializes in precision engineering tools suitable for various industrial applications, including printing, embossing (both conventional and automated) marking machines, and real estate development. 

Its operations are divided into several segments: engineering, health, hygiene, safety products and services, real estate, information technology (IT) enabled services and products, and shipping and logistics services. Forbes & Company is known for its brands such as Totem, Aquasure Packaged Drinking Water (PDW), Eurovigil security systems, and Aeroguard, catering to a wide range of industry applications, including steel fabrication, building and construction, automobile, mining, oil fields, railways, shipbuilding, bridges, and workshops.

Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs – Highest Market Capitalization

eMudhra Ltd

The Market Cap of eMudhra Limited, a leading digital identity and trust service provider based in India, is ₹4992.30 Cr. The company has recorded a monthly return of 11.33% and a remarkable annual return of 179.14%. Currently, the stock is only 1.34% below its 52-week high. 

eMudhra delivers various solutions and services, including digital signatures, authentication solutions, paperless office solutions, and other public key infrastructure (PKI) technology-based solutions. 

It operates through two main segments: Trust Services and Enterprise Solutions. Its digital trust services portfolio encompasses private trust service products, SSL/TLS certificates, code signing certificates, email encryption certificates, document signing certificates, Internet of Things (IoT) certificates, and emSign-managed PKI. For enterprise solutions, eMudhra offers the emSigner enterprise signing suite, eSign, digital stamp, and eBG.

Orchid Pharma Ltd

The Market Cap of Orchid Pharma Limited, a prominent pharmaceutical company based in India, is ₹4991.27 Cr. The stock has seen a monthly return of -9.80% and an impressive yearly return of 158.31%. Currently, it is 34.17% below its 52-week high. 

Orchid Pharma produces integrated active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and specializes in the pharmaceutical sector. The company boasts a diverse therapeutic portfolio, including anti-infectives, anti-inflammatory, central nervous system (CNS), cardiovascular (CVS), nutraceuticals, and a range of oral and sterile products. Its offerings encompass active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage forms. 

Its products include APIs such as Cephalosporins-Orals, Cephalosporins-Injectables, Veterinary Products, and Non-Antibiotics. In the realm of formulations, it provides Cefixime Capsules, Acarbose Tablets, Clozapine Tablets, Clopidogrel Tablets, Desloratadine Tablets, and Cefoperazone and Sulbactam for Injection, among others. Orchid Pharma operates through several subsidiaries, including Orchid Europe Limited, Orchid Pharmaceuticals Inc., Bexel Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Diakron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Jai Corp Ltd

The Market Cap of Jai Corp Limited, a diversified manufacturing firm based in India with interests in steel, plastic processing, and spinning yarn, stands at ₹4979.63 Cr. The company has experienced a monthly return of -16.15% and an impressive annual return of 126.17%. Currently, the stock is 48.67% below its 52-week high. 

Jai Corp Limited’s operations span various manufacturing domains, including the production of woven sacks/fabric, jumbo bags, polypropylene (PP) staple fiber, geotextiles, and spun yarn, as well as the processing and trading of cold rolled (CR) coils/sheets, galvanized/plain (GP/GC) coils/sheets, and hot rolled (HR) coils/plates. 

Its business segments are categorized into Steel, Plastic Processing, Spinning, Asset Management Activity, Real Estate, and Others. The Steel segment focuses on the production, processing, and trading of galvanized steel products. The Plastic Processing segment is dedicated to the manufacture of woven sacks/fabric, jumbo bags, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) twine, PP staple fiber, and geotextiles. 

Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs NSE – Highest Day Volume

Jamna Auto Industries Ltd

The Market Cap of Jamna Auto Industries Limited, positioned as a leading entity in India’s automotive sector, is pegged at ₹4958.84 Cr. This company, renowned for its manufacture of a wide array of parts and accessories for motor vehicles, has reported a monthly return of 7.20% and an annual return of 25.96%. Presently, the stock is 12.48% shy of its 52-week high. 

Specializing in automotive suspension systems, Jamna Auto Industries produces products such as parabolic and tapered leaf springs, lift axles, air suspensions, stabilizer bars, and bushes across its manufacturing units located in Malanpur, Chennai, Yamuna Nagar, Jamshedpur, Hosur, Pillaipakkam, and Pune. 

The company’s comprehensive product lineup encompasses Conventional Leaf Springs, Parabolic Leaf Springs, Z-spring, Stabilizer Bar, Bus Air Suspension, Trailer Air Suspension, Lift Axle, and various types of Trailer Suspension systems.

Rico Auto Industries Ltd

The Market Cap of Rico Auto Industries Limited, an India-based engineering firm specializing in the supply of high-precision machined aluminum and ferrous components and assemblies, is ₹1768.17 Cr. In the last month, the stock has surged by 37.58%, and over the past year, it has recorded a substantial gain of 102.55%. Currently, the stock is just 8.22% below its 52-week high. 

Rico Auto Industries is dedicated to manufacturing and selling auto components for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. It offers integrated services encompassing design, development, tooling, casting, machining, assembly, and research and development for aluminum and ferrous products. 

The company’s extensive product lineup includes Oil Pump Assembly, Lube Oil Filters Heads, Exhaust Manifolds, Turbine Housings, Center Housings, Back Plates, Oil Pan, Intake Manifold Covers, and many other critical components for the automotive industry.

GPT Healthcare Ltd

The Market Cap of GPT Healthcare Ltd is ₹1376.06 Cr. Over the last month, the stock has experienced a decrease of -22.25%; over the past year, it has seen a decline of -12.68%. Currently, the stock is positioned 25.48% below its 52-week high.

GPT Healthcare Limited, the healthcare division of the GPT Group, manages and operates multi-specialty tertiary care hospitals in Eastern India, branded as ILS Hospitals. Presently, it runs four hospitals with more than 560 beds throughout Eastern India and aims to expand its capacity to over 1000 beds within the next three years.

Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs in India – PE Ratio

Bombay Dyeing and Mfg Co Ltd

The Market Cap of Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Company Limited, a prominent India-based firm engaged in real estate development, polyester staple fiber production, and retail, is ₹3093.89 Cr. Over the past month, the stock has seen a decline of -13.93%, but over the past year, it has achieved a significant return of 144.01%. Currently, the stock is 29.93% below its 52-week high. 

The company operates through several segments, including Real Estate, Polyester, and Retail/Textile. It specializes in producing 100% virgin polyester staple fiber (PSF) and textile-grade polyethylene terephthalate (PET) chips. Furthermore, Bombay Dyeing is actively involved in real estate construction activities. 

Its operations are divided into three main divisions: Retail Division, which distributes products through a network; PSF Division, catering to both domestic and overseas business-to-business (B2B) markets with PSF used in the spinning and non-woven industry; and Bombay Realty (BR) Division, focusing on high net-worth retail customers with projects such as Springs, AXIS Bank HQ, and ICC.

Zuari Industries Ltd

The Market Cap of Zuari Industries Ltd, a holding company based in India, stands at ₹901.33 Cr. The stock has experienced a return of 10.17% over the past month and an impressive one-year return of 182.33%. Currently, it is 14.11% below its 52-week high. 

Zuari Industries Ltd operates across various segments, including engineering, furniture, real estate, sugar, power, investment, ethanol plants, and management services. The Engineering segment offers a comprehensive range of services such as technology, basic and detailed engineering, project management, procurement, and construction services in the engineering and contracting sector. 

The company’s Furniture segment manufactures, sells, and trades furniture products. The Real Estate segment develops real estate properties. The Sugar segment extracts sugar from sugarcane, while the Power segment generates co-power using bagasse, a by-product of the sugar division. The Investment Services segment provides capital market-related services. 

Kamat Hotels (India) Ltd

The Market Cap of Kamat Hotels (India) Ltd, an India-based company focused on the hospitality industry, is ₹698.31 Cr. Over the last month, the stock has seen a return of -12.22%, whereas its one-year return stands impressively at 101.34%. Currently, the stock is positioned 45.26% below its 52-week high. 

Kamat Hotels engages in various hospitality activities, including operating hotels and restaurants and offering timeshare, clubs, resorts, and heritage hotel services. Additionally, it extends consultancy, setup services, and other related activities within the hotel industry. The company boasts a diverse portfolio of properties located across Maharashtra (Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Murud), Goa (Benaulim), and Orissa (Puri, Konark). 

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Among its notable establishments is the Orchid Hotel, recognized as an ecotel hotel that provides guests with complimentary airport transfers. The heritage collection of Kamat Hotels features prominent locations such as Fort Jadhavgadh and Mahodadhi Palace. Its leisure hotels portfolio includes the Lotus Eco Beach Resort Konark, Lotus Eco Beach Resort Murud-Harnai, and Lotus Eco Beach Resort Goa. 

Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs – FAQ

Which are the Best Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs?

The top Best Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs based on the highest market cap.

  • eMudhra Ltd
  • Orchid Pharma Ltd
  • Jai Corp Ltd
  • Choice International Ltd
  • Kesoram Industries Ltd

Is it good to invest in Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs?

Investing in small-cap stocks under 500 Rs can offer high growth potential but comes with increased volatility and risk. Thorough research and a clear understanding of the company’s fundamentals and market conditions are essential before making such investments.

How To Invest In Small Cap Stocks Under 500 Rs?

To invest in stocks, open a brokerage account, research to identify potential investments, decide on your investment strategy, purchase shares through your account, and monitor your investments regularly.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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