February 18, 2024

Fertilizer Stocks in India

Fertilizer Stocks in India – 2024

The table below shows fertilizer stocks in India 2024 based on the highest market capitalization.

Fertilizer StocksMarket Cap (Cr)Closing Price (₹)
UPL Ltd42,101.58558.15
Coromandel International Ltd35,340.141,170.60
Bayer Cropscience Ltd25,227.575,837.50
Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd15,751.39379.35
Krishana Phoschem Ltd15,463.08246.15
Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd10,912.31291.3
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd10,889.04764.3
Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd9,053.20168.25
Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corp Ltd8,457.93656.9
Paradeep Phosphates Ltd6,269.4278.4

India is an agricultural country, and the demand for fertilizers is high due to the large-scale cultivation of crops. Fertilizer companies in India significantly boost the agriculture sector by providing essential nutrients to the soil. The Indian fertilizer industry is dominated by three types of fertilizers: urea, DAP, and complex fertilizers. 

The fertilizer industry has significantly transformed with the government’s support, and many private players have entered the market. The Indian fertilizer market is expected to increase, driven by population growth, changing food habits, and increased agricultural productivity. Some of the significant fertilizer companies in India include Tata Chemicals, Coromandel International, National Fertilizers Limited, and Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals.

Find out the top fertilizer stocks in India listed based on top fundamental analysis factors in this article and come to a decision yourself. 


Top Fertilizer Companies in India

Below, you can see a table of the top fertilizer companies in India based on 1 Year return. 

Fertilizer StocksMarket Cap (Cr)Closing Price (₹)1 Year Return (%)
Phosphate Company Ltd66.07187120
Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd10,912.31291.3101.59
Titan Biotech Ltd356.04501.7565.9
Dhanuka Agritech Ltd5,401.491,185.7563.62
India Pesticides Ltd4,394.6437956.84
Madras Fertilizers Ltd1,760.03110.5555.92
Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilisers Ltd1,476.11123.643.47
Dharmaj Crop Guard Ltd888.53264.8542.74
National Fertilizers Ltd4,815.03101.3537.61
Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd825.3313.8533.82

Fertilizer Stocks in India

The table below shows the fertilizer stocks in India, based on 1 Month return.

Fertilizer StocksMarket Cap (Cr)Closing Price (₹)1 Month Return (%)
Sikko Industries Ltd154.0689.340.86
Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd825.3313.8534.63
Shiva Global Agro Industries Ltd69.6371.4826.08
National Fertilizers Ltd4,815.03101.3525.35
MPAgro Industries Ltd5.539.522.68
Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd10,912.31291.322.34
Dhanuka Agritech Ltd5,401.491,185.7522.05
Phosphate Company Ltd66.0718716.66
Heranba Industries Ltd1,648.15404.8515.6
Agro Phos India Ltd93.2647.4512.75

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Fertilizer Stocks

The following table shows the fertilizer stocks based on the highest Volume.

Fertilizer StocksMarket Cap (Cr)Closing Price (₹)Highest Volume (Cr)
Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd10,912.31291.32,40,34,459.00
National Fertilizers Ltd4,815.03101.351,07,42,708.00
Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd9,053.20168.2578,44,519.00
Paradeep Phosphates Ltd6,269.4278.468,73,491.00
Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd15,751.39379.3536,31,169.00
UPL Ltd42,101.58558.1535,90,645.00
Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd1,643.3882.9534,99,232.00
Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd825.3313.8524,77,361.00
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd10,889.04764.317,33,471.00
Madras Fertilizers Ltd1,760.03110.5516,60,711.00

Fertilizer Stocks with PE Ratio

These stocks mentioned below offer the fertilizer stocks industry based on the PE Ratio.

Stock NameMarket Cap (Cr)Closing Price (₹)PE Ratio
Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilisers Ltd1,476.11123.65.61
Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd1,643.3882.958.45
Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd10,912.31291.311.18
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd10,889.04764.311.82
Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corp Ltd8,457.93656.912.32
Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd9,053.20168.2516.95
UPL Ltd42,101.58558.1517.87
Sharda Cropchem Ltd3,953.46439.0520.69
Madras Fertilizers Ltd1,760.03110.5526.14
Rama Phosphates Ltd421.1232.533.2

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Short Introduction to Top 3 Companies from each Table Above

Top Fertilizer Companies In India With 1 Year Return

Phosphate Company Ltd

The Phosphate Company Limited, an Eastern India-based manufacturer, specializes in fertilizer production and trade, offering farm inputs like fertilizers, crop protection, specialty nutrients, acids, and organic compost. Operating from Rishra, West Bengal, it markets fertilizers under the Lakshmi Brand.

Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd

Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited, an Indian company, specializes in fertilizer and chemical production. Its segments cover diverse products including urea, ammonium sulphate, industrial chemicals like caprolactam, nylon, melamine, and agro services like training programs, soil testing, and crop demonstrations.

Titan Biotech Ltd

Titan Biotech Limited, an India-based firm, specializes in biological products catering to pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food, cosmetics, agriculture, and more. Their range includes peptones, extracts, culture media, and chemicals, offering diverse products like food ingredients, collagen, pharmaceuticals, animal nutrition, and agriculture supplies.

Stocks In India – 1 Month Return

Sikko Industries Ltd

Sikko Industries Limited, an Indian agrochemical company, manufactures, trades, and exports a wide range of bio-agrochemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, machinery, and FMCG products. Its offerings span fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, and agricultural exports encompassing organic and chemical fertilizers, seeds, grains, and equipment.

Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd

Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited, an Indian firm, specializes in manufacturing and marketing plant nutrients, fertilizers, micro irrigation equipment, and Agri informatic services. Its business units offer various nutrition solutions, farm management, and micro irrigation solutions, including products like Urea, DAP, MOP, and Chelated Zinc.

Shiva Global Agro Industries Ltd

Shiva Global Agro Industries Ltd., an Indian company, focuses on manufacturing fertilizers, soil health products, oils, and de-oiled cakes. Through subsidiaries like Ghatprabha Fertilizers (NPK Mix and REAL soil conditioner), Shiva-Parvati Poultry Feed (oils, poultry feed), and Shrinivasa Agro Foods (oils, poultry feed), it operates solvent extraction plants in Maharashtra.

Fertilizer Stocks With Largest Volume

National Fertilizers Ltd

National Fertilizers Limited (NFL) specializes in producing and marketing neem-coated urea, bio-fertilizers, and industrial products like ammonia and nitric acid. Its segments cover own fertilizers, trading, and various agro products including bio-fertilizers, seeds, agro-chemicals, and compost.

Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd

Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited, an Indian company, manufactures a diverse range of products including urea, complex fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, industrial chemicals, and water-soluble fertilizers. Its operations span fertilizers for agriculture, industrial chemicals, and trading activities for agricultural and industrial use.

Paradeep Phosphates Ltd

Paradeep Phosphates Ltd., an Indian manufacturer, specializes in phosphatic fertilizers like DAP, NPK, Zypmite, and by-products like Phospho-gypsum. They distribute MOP, Ammonia, City compost, and market fertilizers under the brands Jai Kisaan Navratna and Navratna, operating primarily from their plant in Goa.

Fertilizer Stocks With PE Ratio

Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilisers Ltd

Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilisers Limited, an Indian company, specializes in manufacturing and selling nitrogenous and phosphatic fertilizers. Their diverse product range includes various fertilizers like Urea, DAP, MOP, SSP, alongside plant nutrition products, organic items, micronutrients, and industrial chemicals. Their facility in Panambur, near Mangalore City, is well-connected by rail and road.

Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd

Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Limited, an Indian fertilizer manufacturer, focuses on producing and selling urea alongside a wide array of fertilizers like micronutrients, water-soluble variants, organic products, and industrial items from its Tuticorin facility. They also provide farmer-centric services and operate a soil testing laboratory advising on soil health improvement.

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited, an Indian company, manufactures and sells fertilizers (urea, ammonium nitro phosphate under brand Bharat), diverse industrial chemicals, and provides IT services. Their IT division offers a range of value-added services spanning system integration, smart city implementation, e-governance, and CCTV surveillance.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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