Best Cement Stocks India

November 17, 2023

Best Cement Stocks India 2023

Cement StocksMarket CapClose Price
UltraTech Cement Ltd2,52,862.778,775.05
Grasim Industries Ltd1,27,466.671,942.60
Shree Cement Ltd94,439.1926,174.40
Ambuja Cements Ltd83,377.24419.9
Dalmia Bharat Ltd40,530.802,161.10
ACC Ltd34,643.931,844.85
J K Cement Ltd26,896.693,480.95
Ramco Cements Ltd23,703.671,003.15
RHI Magnesita India Ltd14,155.67685.5
Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Ltd12,609.40353.05

The table above represents the best cement stocks India 2022, based on market cap. Read the complete blog to find out the best cement stocks in India analyzed fundamentally on various parameters.


Best Cement Stocks in India

The below table shows the Best Cement Stocks in India based on the 1Y Return.

Cement StocksMarket CapClose Price1 Year Return
Andhra Cements Ltd900.9897.751,257.64
Barak Valley Cements Ltd107.5948.5598.16
Burnpur Cement Ltd72.348.475
Sanghi Industries Ltd2,946.21114.0571.37
Orient Cement Ltd4,476.38218.569.18
Star Cement Ltd6,794.27168.164.64
Ramco Cements Ltd23,703.671,003.1552.73
Birla Corporation Ltd9,820.111,275.2536.46
Saurashtra Cement Ltd890.0380.3535.38
Shree Digvijay Cement Co Ltd1,301.1288.6531.72

Top 10 Cement Stocks in India

The below table shows the Top 10 Cement Stocks in India based on the 1M Return.

Cement StocksMarket CapClose Price1 Month Return
Panyam Cements And Mineral Industrties Ltd37.0346.17163.68
Burnpur Cement Ltd72.348.468
Barak Valley Cements Ltd107.5948.5522.14
JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd9,386.54797.718.25
Prism Johnson Ltd7,839.78155.7516.84
Anjani Portland Cement Ltd637.87217.1515.81
Orient Cement Ltd4,476.38218.515.64
Mangalam Cement Ltd1,141.28415.0511.5
Binani Industries Ltd51.616.59.63
J K Cement Ltd26,896.693,480.957.9

Cement Stocks India

The below table shows the Cement Stocks India based on the PE Ratio.

Cement StocksMarket CapClose PricePE Ratio
Andhra Cements Ltd900.9897.753.02
Grasim Industries Ltd1,27,466.671,942.6011.28
Barak Valley Cements Ltd107.5948.5512.84
Sahyadri Industries Ltd415.03364.313.1
Ncl Industries Ltd969.11214.2513.13
HIL Ltd1,946.982,581.9015.06
Deccan Cements Ltd683.85488.216.84
Ramco Industries Ltd1,755.71202.2521.27
Shree Digvijay Cement Co Ltd1,301.1288.6522.08
Star Cement Ltd6,794.27168.124.95
JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd9,386.54797.725.83

Top 10 Cement Stocks in India

The below table shows the Top 10 Cement Stocks in India based on the Highest Volume.

Cement StocksMarket CapClose PriceDaily Volume
India Cements Ltd6,803.79219.5542,07,582.00
Burnpur Cement Ltd72.348.433,30,853.00
Ambuja Cements Ltd83,377.24419.9017,24,084.00
Grasim Industries Ltd1,27,466.671,942.609,50,733.00
Orient Cement Ltd4,476.38218.59,15,422.00
Udaipur Cement Works Ltd1,779.7133.946,97,139.00
Star Cement Ltd6,794.27168.16,96,684.00
Prism Johnson Ltd7,839.78155.755,68,917.00
KCP Ltd1,848.73143.405,10,231.00
Ramco Cements Ltd23,703.671,003.153,98,368.00
Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Ltd12,609.40353.053,51,439.00

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Introduction to Best Cement Stocks in India 2023

Best Cement Stocks in India – 1 Year Return

Andhra Cements Ltd

Andhra Cements Ltd is an Indian company engaged in the manufacturing and sale of cement and cement-related products. The company operates a cement plant in Andhra Pradesh, producing different types of cement for various construction applications.

Barak Valley Cements Ltd

Barak Valley Cements Ltd is a company engaged in the cement industry. They contribute to the construction and infrastructure sector by producing cement for various applications.

ute to the construction and infrastructure industry by producing cement products.

Burnpur Cement Ltd

Burnpur Cement Limited, an Indian company, produces cement through its Asansol and Patratu Plants in West Bengal and Jharkhand, respectively. With diverse offerings like PSC, OPC, PPC, and slag cement, its products serve multiple sectors including residential, commercial, infrastructure, and concrete construction.

Top Cement Stocks in India – 1 Month Return

Panyam Cements And Mineral Industrties Ltd

Panyam Cements And Mineral Industries Limited, an Indian cement manufacturer, solely operates in the production and sale of cement. Focused on a single segment of cement products, the company’s business activities and geographical reach revolve around this core industry.

JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd

JK Lakshmi Cement Limited, an Indian firm, specializes in cement manufacturing and supply, offering various cementitious products like RMC and AAC Blocks. With diverse cement types including OPC, PPC, PSC, and composite cement, it extends additional services like construction solutions and value-added products.

Prism Johnson Ltd

Prism Johnson Limited, an Indian building materials company, operates through Cement, Tile and Bath (HRJ), and Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) segments. It produces PPC and OPC in Cement, offers tiles, sanitaryware, construction chemicals in HRJ, and runs numerous RMC plants across 44 cities.

Cement Stocks India – Highest Volume

India Cements Ltd

The India Cements Limited, an Indian company, primarily manufactures and markets cement and related products. Their brands include Sankar Super Power, Coromandel King, and Raasi Gold. Specialty cements like Coromandel SRPC are also offered. Subsidiaries cover a range of sectors, including sugar, power, financial services, and more.

Ambuja Cements Limited

Ambuja Cements Limited, an Indian cement manufacturer, specializes in producing and selling various cement products like Ambuja Cement, Kawach, Plus, Cool Walls, and more. With its subsidiary ACC Ltd., it operates numerous cement plants and grinding units nationwide, totaling a capacity of 67.5 million tons.

Grasim Industries Ltd

Grasim Industries Limited, an Indian company, is a global producer of viscose, diversified chemicals, linen yarn, and fabrics. They operate in various segments including Viscose, Chemicals, Cement, Financial Services, and more. Their subsidiaries, like UltraTech Cement Limited and Aditya Birla Capital Limited, are involved in cement production and diversified financial services.

Top 10 Cement Stocks in India – PE Ratio

Sahyadri Industries Ltd

Sahyadri Industries Limited manufactures cement sheets, roofing solutions, and steel doors for interior and exterior building needs. It generates electricity through wind power and operates five manufacturing units across Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat.

Ncl Industries Ltd

NCL Industries Limited specializes in manufacturing and distributing cement, RMC, CBPB, and doors. Their product range encompasses various cement grades including special types for Indian Railways, along with a diverse line of boards and door series. The company also operates two small hydro power projects.


HIL Limited offers comprehensive solutions across Roofing, Building, Polymer, Flooring, and Other segments. Its diverse product line includes fiber cement sheets, walling solutions, UPVC/CPVC pipes, and a variety of flooring options under trusted brand names like Charminar, Birla Aerocon, and Parador.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time.

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