Mid Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs English

Mid-Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs

The table below shows the mid-cap stocks Under 50 Rs based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

NameMarket Cap (Cr)Close Price
Trident Ltd18492.736.35
Alok Industries Ltd13480.6326.6
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd10348.7214.95
Infibeam Avenues Ltd10040.8135.9
IFCI Ltd9360.9537.8
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd8902.5843.65
Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd8801.3140.5
Reliance Power Ltd8689.523.9
TV18 Broadcast Ltd8426.0847.65
Easy Trip Planners Ltd7681.844.75


Mid-Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs

The table below shows the Mid Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs based on 1 Year Return. 

NameClose Price1Y Return %
IFCI Ltd37.8278.0
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd14.95155.56
Infibeam Avenues Ltd35.9145.89
Lloyds Engineering Works Ltd44.05138.51
Reliance Power Ltd23.9132.04
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd31.25124.5
Alok Industries Ltd26.6114.52
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd43.6589.37
HMT Ltd42.879.45
South Indian Bank Ltd27.7573.12
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Mid-Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs For Long Term

The below table shows Mid Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs For Long Term based on 1 Month Return.

NameClose Price1M Return %
Infibeam Avenues Ltd35.91.82
South Indian Bank Ltd27.75-0.27
Alok Industries Ltd26.6-8.12
Easy Trip Planners Ltd44.75-12.6
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Ltd47.75-12.89
Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd40.5-13.85
Reliance Power Ltd23.9-15.56
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd43.65-17.74
Trident Ltd36.35-18.15
Lloyds Engineering Works Ltd44.05-19.47

Mid-Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs In India

The table below shows Mid-Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs In India based on the highest day Volume.

NameClose PriceDaily Volume (Shares)
Infibeam Avenues Ltd35.939548240.0
Easy Trip Planners Ltd44.7534232938.0
South Indian Bank Ltd27.7524110207.0
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd14.9518522272.0
Reliance Power Ltd23.917497705.0
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd43.6515058432.0
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd31.2510740243.0
Trident Ltd36.358142105.0
IFCI Ltd37.87545286.0
Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd40.55975050.0

Mid Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs NSE

The table below shows Mid Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs NSE based on the PE Ratio.

NameClose PricePE Ratio
South Indian Bank Ltd27.756.65
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd43.657.09
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd31.2511.67
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd14.9526.68
Trident Ltd36.3545.2
Easy Trip Planners Ltd44.7552.18
Infibeam Avenues Ltd35.965.24
Lloyds Engineering Works Ltd44.0582.23

Introduction to Mid Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs

Mid-Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs – 1 Year Return


The Market Cap of IFCI Ltd is ₹9,360.95 Cr. It experienced a monthly return of -28.65% and an annual return of 278.00%. The stock is 89.95% below its 52-week high. 

IFCI Limited operates as a non-banking financial company focused on providing financial support for a wide range of industries. The company is involved in offering credit-granting services and specializes in loan products. 

IFCI’s financial offerings include loan products tailored for project finance, corporate finance, syndication, and advisory services, as well as structured products. Its project finance services span various sectors such as power, including renewable energy, telecommunications, roads, oil and gas, ports, airports, basic metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, textiles, real estate, smart cities, and urban infrastructure.

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd

The Market Cap of Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd is ₹10,348.72 Cr. It has experienced a monthly return of -28.44% and an annual return of 155.56%. The stock is 60.54% below its 52-week high. 

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited specializes in generating thermal and hydropower, in addition to cement grinding and captive coal mining operations. The company’s portfolio includes the operation of the 400 megawatt (MW) Jaypee Vishnuprayag Hydro Electric Plant located in District Chamoli, Uttarakhand, the 1320 MW Jaypee Nigrie Super Thermal Power Plant in Nigrie, Distt. Singrauli, M.P., and the 500 MW Jaypee Bina Thermal Power Plant in Village Sirchopi, Distt. Sagar, M.P. Furthermore, the company operates a Cement Grinding Unit with a capacity of 2 MTPA at Nigrie, Distt. Singrauli (M.P.). 

Jaiprakash Power Ventures serves a variety of markets across different states and units, including Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Its subsidiaries comprise Jaypee Powergrid Limited, Jaypee Arunachal Power Limited, Sangam Power Generation Company Limited, Jaypee Meghalaya Power Limited, and Bina Power Supply Limited.

Infibeam Avenues Ltd

The Market Cap of Infibeam Avenues Ltd is ₹10,040.81 Cr. It has seen a monthly return of 1.82% and a one-year return of 145.89%. The stock is 18.38% below its 52-week high. 

Infibeam Avenues Limited, based in India, operates as a financial technology (Fintech) firm. The company specializes in providing digital payment solutions and enterprise software platforms across various industry verticals.

It delivers digital payment solutions under the brand CCAvenue and enterprise software solutions through BuildaBazaar. Infibeam Avenues enables merchants to accept payments via websites and mobile devices in more than 27 international currencies, incorporating features like catalog management, real-time price comparison, and demand aggregation. 

Mid Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs For Long Term – 1 Month Return

South Indian Bank Ltd

The Market Cap of South Indian Bank Ltd is ₹7,363.83 Cr. It experienced a monthly return of -0.27% and a one-year return of 73.12%. The stock is 32.91% below its 52-week high. 

The South Indian Bank Limited is a banking entity that offers a comprehensive suite of banking and financial services, including retail banking, corporate banking, and treasury operations. 

The bank categorizes its operations into four segments: Treasury, Corporate/Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, and Other Banking Operations. The Treasury segment covers the interest earnings from the bank’s investment portfolio, outcomes of investment operations, and earnings derived from foreign exchange activities. Corporate/Wholesale Banking is focused on providing loan facilities to the corporate sector. Retail Banking serves non-corporate customers with loan products.

Alok Industries Ltd

The Market Cap of Alok Industries Ltd is ₹13,480.63 Cr. It has witnessed a monthly return of -8.12% and an annual return of 114.52%. The stock is 46.80% below its 52-week high. 

Alok Industries Limited, operating from India, is an integrated textile company extensively involved in textile manufacturing, encompassing weaving, knitting, processing, home textiles, garments, and apparel. The company’s operations span across two primary verticals: cotton and polyester. 

Alok Industries organizes its business activities into four key divisions: spinning, polyester, home textiles, and apparel and fabric. It caters to a diverse clientele worldwide, including leading global retail brands, importers, private labels, domestic retailers, and garment and textile manufacturers and traders. 

Easy Trip Planners Ltd

The Market Cap of Easy Trip Planners Ltd is ₹7,681.80 Cr. It has experienced a monthly return of -12.60% and an annual return of 1.24%. The stock is 20.67% below its 52-week high. 

Easy Trip Planners Limited is an online travel agency based in India. The company offers reservation and booking services for travel and tourism through its online portal, the EaseMyTrip app, and an in-house call center. 

Its business operations are segmented into Air Passage, Hotel Packages, and Other services. The Air Passage segment features an Internet and mobile-based platform alongside call centers, facilitating the booking and servicing of international and domestic air tickets for consumers via business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) channels. The Hotel Packages segment delivers holiday packages and hotel reservations through call centers and branch offices.

Mid-Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs – Highest Market Capitalization.

Trident Ltd

The Market Cap of Trident Ltd is ₹18,492.70 Cr. It has seen a monthly return of -18.15% and an annual return of 29.59%. The stock is 45.53% below its 52-week high. 

Trident Limited, based in India, is involved in the manufacturing, trading, and selling of Textiles (including Yarn, Terry Towels, and Bedsheets) and Paper & Chemicals. 

The company is divided into two main segments: Textiles and Paper and Chemical. The textile segment comprises the production of yarn, towels, bedsheets, and dyed yarn manufacturing, along with utility services. The Paper and Chemical segment produces paper and sulfuric acid, including utility services. Trident has manufacturing facilities in Barnala, Punjab, and Budni, Madhya Pradesh. 

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd

The Market Cap of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd is ₹8,902.58 Cr. It experienced a monthly return of -17.74% and an annual return of 89.37%. The stock is 44.33% below its 52-week high. 

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited, situated in India, operates as a small finance bank. The bank’s operations are structured into three segments: Treasury, Retail Banking, and Corporate/Wholesale Banking. 

The Treasury segment includes net interest earnings from the bank’s investment portfolio, money market activities, investment operation gains or losses, and income from the sale of priority sector lending certificates (PSLC). The Retail Banking segment caters to individual customers through its branch network and other delivery mechanisms, encompassing both lending to and accepting deposits from these customers. 

Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd

The Market Cap of Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd is ₹8,801.31 Cr. It has experienced a monthly return of -13.85% and a one-year return of -7.64%. The stock is 41.36% below its 52-week high. 

Shree Renuka Sugars Limited is an Indian agribusiness and bioenergy corporation that produces and sells sugar, ethyl alcohol, ethanol, and power. 

Its operations are diversified into various segments: sugar milling, Sugar refinery, Distillery, Co-generation, Trading, Engineering, and Others. The product lineup includes sugar, ethanol, power, and organic manure. The company produces white sugar alongside by-products like molasses and bagasse in the sugar segment. The Trading segment deals in white and raw sugar, coal, molasses, and MG alcohol.

Mid-Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs In India – Highest Day Volume

Reliance Power Ltd

The Market Cap of Reliance Power Ltd is ₹8,689.50 Cr. It has observed a monthly return of -15.56% and an annual return of 132.04%. The stock is 38.70% away from its 52-week high. 

Reliance Power Limited is engaged in developing, constructing, and operating power projects in India and internationally. The company, along with its subsidiaries, boasts a diverse power generation portfolio that includes operational and under-development capacities. It focuses on various energy projects, including those based on coal, gas, hydro, wind, and solar energy. 

Additionally, the portfolio encompasses ultra-mega power Projects, highlighting the company’s ambition in the power generation sector. Reliance Power has operational power generation assets amounting to over 6,000 megawatts (MW).

Hindustan Construction Company Ltd

The Market Cap of Hindustan Construction Company Ltd is ₹5,425.41 Cr. It has seen a monthly return of -20.16% and a one-year return of 124.50%. The stock is 47.14% below its 52-week high. 

Hindustan Construction Company Limited specializes in delivering engineering and construction services. Alongside its subsidiaries, the company offers engineering and construction services, with operations spanning real estate and infrastructure sectors. 

Its expertise covers a broad spectrum of projects, including transportation, power, water, buildings, and industrial constructions. In transportation, it undertakes the construction of roads, highways, expressways, bridges, elevated corridors, railways, metro rails, ports, and marine structures. Its power project portfolio comprises the construction of dams, barrages, tunnels, powerhouses, and auxiliary buildings, among others.

Mid-Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs NSE – PE Ratio.

Lloyds Engineering Works Ltd

The Market Cap of Lloyds Engineering Works Ltd is ₹5,174.81 Cr. It witnessed a monthly return of -19.47% and an annual return of 138.51%. The stock is 42.79% below its 52-week high. 

Lloyds Engineering Works Ltd, formerly known as Lloyds Steels Industries Limited, operates from India as a developer and producer of heavy equipment, machinery, and systems primarily for the hydrocarbon sector, including oil and gas, steel plants, power plants, nuclear plant boilers, and comprehensive turnkey projects. 

It falls within the Engineering Products and Services segment, focusing on the design, engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, supply, erection, and commissioning of a wide range of equipment. This includes mechanical, hydraulic, structural, and process plant equipment like marine loading/unloading arms, truck/wagon loading/unloading arms, columns, pressure vessels, dryers, boilers, and capital equipment for power and steel plants, alongside executing turnkey and engineering procurement construction (EPC) projects.

Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Ltd

The Market Cap of Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Ltd is ₹5,348.37 Cr. It has seen a monthly return of -12.89% and an annual return of -0.52%. The stock is 43.04% below its 52-week high. 

Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Limited operates in India, offering banking and financial services primarily to unbanked and underbanked regions. Its product line includes a variety of asset products for its customer base and liability products in the form of deposits. 

The bank is structured into Corporate/Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, Treasury, and Other Banking Operations segments, providing services ranging from loans, deposits, and other banking solutions to both corporate and retail customers through its extensive branch network. Its Treasury operations involve dealings in statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) and non-SLR investments, along with managing reserve requirements and securing resources from other banks and financial institutions.

TV18 Broadcast Ltd

The Market Cap of TV18 Broadcast Ltd is ₹8,426.08 Cr. It experienced a monthly return of -22.60% and an annual return of 54.71%. The stock is 44.18% below its 52-week high. 

TV18 Broadcast Limited, based in India, is a media conglomerate primarily engaged in broadcasting general and business news television channels. It extends its focus to digital content and related businesses, boasting a diverse portfolio that spans news, entertainment, distribution, motion pictures, digital, and publishing.

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The company manages various news channels like CNBC-TV18, CNBC Awaaz, CNBC Bajar, CNN-News18, News18 India, and regional News18 channels. Its entertainment broadcast spectrum includes channels like Colors, Colors Rishtey, and Colors Cineplex, and regional and niche entertainment channels across various languages and genres. Its offerings also cover kids and youth channels like Nick, Sonic, and MTV, as well as lifestyle channels like Comedy Central and VH1, catering to a broad audience across India.

Mid-Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs – FAQ

Which are the Best Mid-Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs?

The top Mid Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs are based on the highest market cap.

  • Trident Ltd
  • Alok Industries Ltd
  • Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd
  • Infibeam Avenues Ltd
  • IFCI Ltd

Is it good to invest in Mid Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs?

Investing in mid-cap stocks under 50 Rs can offer growth potential, as these companies may have room to expand and improve their market positions. However, they also carry higher volatility and risk compared to large-cap stocks. Thorough research and consideration of your risk tolerance and investment horizon are essential before making such investments.

How To Invest In Mid-Cap Stocks Under 50 Rs?

To invest in mid-cap stocks, open a brokerage account,  research to identify potential investments, decide on your investment strategy, purchase shares through your account, and monitor your investments regularly.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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