Top Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks English

Top Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks

The below table shows the Top Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

NameMarket Cap (Cr)Close Price (Rs)
Comfort Intech Ltd304.269.53
Veeram Securities Ltd73.229.55
Vivanta Industries Ltd54.754.36
Family Care Hospitals Ltd42.57.83
Taparia Tools Ltd6.484.27
M Lakhamsi Industries Ltd1.742.92


What Are Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are low-priced shares of small companies, typically traded below Rs. 50. These stocks are known for their high volatility and speculative nature, often traded on less regulated marketplaces, which attracts investors looking for substantial, rapid gains through stock market investments.

Despite their low price, penny stocks carry a high risk due to their volatility and lack of liquidity. Investors may face significant challenges in selling large quantities of shares without impacting the price, making it difficult to exit positions without substantial losses.

Moreover, penny stocks are frequently associated with less transparency and limited information availability. This can lead to higher chances of fraud or manipulation, requiring investors to perform thorough due diligence and maintain caution when considering these high-risk investments in their portfolios.

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High Dividend Penny Stocks

The table below shows the High Dividend Penny Stocks based on 1 Year Return.

NameClose Price (Rs)1Y Return (%)
M Lakhamsi Industries Ltd2.92220.25
Comfort Intech Ltd9.53173.06
Taparia Tools Ltd4.27103.33
Veeram Securities Ltd9.55-1.44
Vivanta Industries Ltd4.36-10.06
Family Care Hospitals Ltd7.83-26.34

Best Dividend Paying Penny Stocks In India

The below table shows the Best Dividend Paying Penny Stocks In India based on 1-Month Return.

NameClose Price (Rs)1M Return (%)
Taparia Tools Ltd4.2715.4
Veeram Securities Ltd9.559.75
Vivanta Industries Ltd4.366.82
Family Care Hospitals Ltd7.832.73
M Lakhamsi Industries Ltd2.920
Comfort Intech Ltd9.53-6.76

Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks In India

The table below shows the Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks In India based on the highest day Volume.

NameClose Price (Rs)Daily Volume (Shares)
Vivanta Industries Ltd4.36751307
Comfort Intech Ltd9.53473187
Family Care Hospitals Ltd7.83159672
Veeram Securities Ltd9.55120764
Taparia Tools Ltd4.270
M Lakhamsi Industries Ltd2.920

Dividend Paying Penny Stocks List

The table below shows the Dividend Paying Penny Stocks List based on the PE Ratio.

NameClose Price (Rs)PE Ratio (%)
Taparia Tools Ltd4.270.07
M Lakhamsi Industries Ltd2.923.7
Family Care Hospitals Ltd7.838.39
Veeram Securities Ltd9.5538.6
Comfort Intech Ltd9.5347.95
Vivanta Industries Ltd4.3655

Who Should Invest In Top Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks?

Investors with a high tolerance for risk and a desire to leverage potential high returns should consider investing in the highest dividend-paying penny stocks. These stocks are typically less expensive but carry higher volatility and uncertainty compared to more established company stocks.

Penny stocks that pay high dividends can be attractive as they offer regular income streams, which can enhance the overall return on investment. However, the dividends are not guaranteed, and the financial stability of these companies can be questionable, making thorough research essential before investing.

Despite their allure, these stocks are not suitable for everyone. The high-risk nature of penny stocks means they are best suited for speculative investors who can afford to lose their investment. It’s crucial to diversify and not rely solely on penny stocks for income or growth.

How To Invest in the High Dividend Penny Stocks?

Investing in high-dividend penny stocks through platforms like Alice Blue involves first setting up a brokerage account. Once registered, you can use their tools to research and identify penny stocks that offer high dividends, aligning with your investment strategy and risk tolerance.

When using Alice Blue, it’s important to utilize its analytical tools and resources to assess the financial health of the companies behind the penny stocks. Look for consistent dividend payments and solid fundamentals to mitigate risks associated with these high-yield investments.

Additionally, consider leveraging Alice Blue’s trading features to set stop-loss orders and monitor your investments closely. This will help manage the inherent risks of investing in penny stocks, allowing you to respond quickly to market changes and safeguard your capital.

Performance Metrics Of High Dividend Penny Stocks

Performance metrics of high-dividend penny stocks include yield, dividend consistency, and share price volatility. Investors should evaluate these alongside company fundamentals to assess potential returns and risks. These stocks often involve greater risk due to their lower market capitalizations and higher volatility.

High dividend yields can be appealing, but they may also indicate potential trouble. A very high yield might suggest that investors are skeptical about the company’s future and have pushed down its stock price, thus inflating the yield percentage. It’s crucial to understand why the yield is high.

Furthermore, consistent dividend payments are a positive sign, suggesting some level of financial stability. However, penny stocks often face challenges in maintaining dividend payouts during economic downturns. Investors should closely monitor any fluctuations in dividend issuance, which could indicate changing company health.

Benefits of Investing in the High Dividend Penny Stocks

The main benefits of investing in high-dividend penny stocks include the potential for high returns through dividends, affordability due to low stock prices, and the possibility of significant capital appreciation if the company’s financial situation improves or it becomes a target for acquisition.

  • Attractive Dividend Yields: High-dividend penny stocks offer attractive yields, presenting an opportunity for investors to earn a steady income stream. These yields are often higher than those of larger companies, compensating for the increased risk associated with investing in smaller, less established companies.
  • Low Entry Cost: Investing in penny stocks is generally more affordable than investing in larger, more established stocks. This low entry cost allows investors to purchase a larger number of shares with a smaller amount of capital, potentially maximizing gains if the stock price increases.
  • Growth Potential: Penny stocks often belong to up-and-coming companies or industries with significant growth potential. If these companies manage to stabilize and grow, their stock prices can surge, resulting in substantial capital gains for investors who entered early.
  • Acquisition Targets: Smaller companies with promising prospects can be prime targets for acquisitions by larger companies. Such acquisitions typically result in a sharp increase in stock prices, providing lucrative exit opportunities for investors holding these high-dividend penny stocks.

Challenges Of Investing in High Dividend Penny Stocks

The main challenges of investing in high-dividend penny stocks include high volatility, lack of liquidity, potential for fraud, and reduced transparency. These factors can make it difficult to accurately assess risk and achieve consistent returns, particularly for inexperienced investors.

  • Volatile Ventures: Penny stocks are notoriously volatile, with prices that can swing wildly on a daily basis. This extreme volatility can lead to significant potential losses, making these investments particularly risky for those not accustomed to rapid fluctuations in their investment value.
  • Liquidity Lapses: Many high-dividend penny stocks suffer from low liquidity, meaning there aren’t always enough buyers or sellers. This can make it difficult to execute trades at desired prices, potentially leaving investors stuck with shares they cannot sell without substantial losses.
  • Fraud Fears: The penny stock market is often a breeding ground for scams and fraudulent activity due to less regulatory oversight. Investors might encounter misleading information or outright scams aimed at inflating stock prices for the benefit of insiders.
  • Transparency Troubles: Companies behind penny stocks typically do not provide the same level of financial disclosure as larger, more established firms. This lack of transparency can obscure the true financial health and operational performance of the company, complicating investment decisions.

Introduction to Top Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks

Comfort Intech Ltd

The Market Cap of Comfort Intech Ltd is Rs. 304.26 crores. The stock’s monthly return is -6.76%. Its one-year return is 173.07%. The stock is 28.86% away from its 52-week high.

Comfort Intech Limited, based in India, primarily engages in trading various products such as fans, fabrics, water heaters, and monoblock pumps. These products are traded on e-commerce marketplace platforms and directly supplied to these platforms’ immediate suppliers. The company operates across several business segments, including the trading of goods and manufacturing of liquor.

In addition to its core trading activities, Comfort Intech Limited is also involved in trading shares and mutual funds, financing, and leasing immovable properties. Furthermore, the company undertakes business as distillers, manufacturers, and marketers of a wide range of spirits. This includes everything from rectified spirits to India-made foreign beverages and other similar products, covering roles such as importers, exporters, distributors, and wholesalers.

Veeram Securities Ltd

The Market Cap of Veeram Securities Ltd is Rs. 73.22 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 9.75%. Its one-year return is -1.44%. The stock is 21.99% away from its 52-week high.

jewelry and ornaments. Their offerings encompass a diverse range of traditional gold and silver jewelry, which include pieces adorned with Kundan and gemstones, as well as simpler designs in plain gold or silver.

The company’s product portfolio is extensive, featuring a variety of jewelry items such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, ear chains, earrings, and pendants. Additionally, they offer chains, mangalsutras, zudas, toe rings, anklets, and bangles, catering to a wide array of tastes and preferences in jewelry.

Vivanta Industries Ltd

The Market Cap of Vivanta Industries Ltd is Rs. 54.75 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 6.83%. Its one-year return is -10.07%. The stock is 44.72% away from its 52-week high.

Vivanta Industries Ltd specializes in commercializing and providing consultancy for a range of projects, including pharmaceuticals, agro projects, and prefabricated factories. They offer comprehensive services from conceptualization to installation, covering pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing, medical device production, agro-based projects, and prefabricated infrastructure for various sectors.

Their turnkey project solutions encompass sterile and non-sterile product manufacturing, advisory services, and specialized formulations. Additionally, they provide project conceptualization services, including location analysis, market assessment, and project approval strategy. Vivanta Industries also offers land acquisition consulting services, ensuring legal clearance and facilitating smooth project implementation.

Family Care Hospitals Ltd

The Market Cap of Family Care Hospitals Ltd is Rs. 42.51 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 2.74%. Its one-year return is -26.34%. The stock is 88.89% away from its 52-week high.

At Family Care Hospitals, our core commitments are to Quality, Compassionate Care, and Community Service. We believe in the principle that healthcare should be locally focused, tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of the communities we serve. Each hospital within our network is dedicated to providing exceptional care to every individual, recognizing the unique demands of their local area.

We operate as a healthcare services organization, prioritizing the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective healthcare through a Patient-centered approach. True to our name, Family Care Hospitals places a strong emphasis on a Family-first and Patient-first philosophy. Our longstanding dedication extends to our patients, employees, physicians, and partners, reinforcing our mission to serve effectively and compassionately.

Taparia Tools Ltd

The Market Cap of Taparia Tools Ltd is Rs. 6.48 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 15.41%. Its one-year return is 103.33%. The stock is 0% away from its 52-week high.

Taparia Tools initiated the production of hand tools in India back in 1969 through a technical collaboration with a renowned Swedish company. The collaboration began when senior management from Taparia Tools visited Sweden to undergo extensive practical training at their plant for over a year.

Following this, a senior technical manager from the Swedish partner came to India and spent around two years here. This was to ensure the technology was properly transferred and implemented in India, providing the necessary guidance and support. Since then, Taparia Tools has consistently manufactured all its hand tools in India, maintaining the precise technology standards set by their Swedish collaborators.

M Lakhamsi Industries Ltd

The Market Cap of M Lakhamsi Industries Ltd is Rs. 1.74 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 0%. Its one-year return is 220.26%. The stock is 0% away from its 52-week high.

M. Lakhamsi Industries Limited has established itself as the preferred Indian partner for a wide range of agricultural products, including oil seeds, oils, spices, and grains. With a track record spanning over 50 years, the company has been consistently delivering more than 25 different products to over 75 destinations worldwide.

The company sources its select raw materials through a robust network of local farmers across India, meeting the varied demands of its international clientele. This sourcing capability, combined with a flexible operational approach, enables M. Lakhamsi Industries to customize both the quality and quantity of its offerings according to specific customer needs.

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List of Top Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks – FAQs

Which are the best Dividend-paying Penny stocks in India?

Top Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks #1: Comfort Intech Ltd

Top Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks #2: Veeram Securities Ltd

Top Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks #3: Vivanta Industries Ltd

Top Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks #4: Family Care Hospitals Ltd

Top Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks #5: Taparia Tools Ltd

The Top Highest Dividend Paying Penny Stocks are ranked based on market capitalization.

What are the Top-highest dividend-paying penny stocks?

As of recent data, the top-highest dividend-paying penny stocks include Comfort Intech Ltd, Veeram Securities Ltd, Vivanta Industries Ltd, Family Care Hospitals Ltd, and Taparia Tools Ltd. These companies have consistently provided dividends to shareholders despite their low stock prices and speculative nature.

Can I Invest In High Dividend Penny Stocks?

Investing in high dividend penny stocks can be risky due to their volatile nature and potential lack of liquidity. While they may offer attractive dividend yields, investors should carefully assess the associated risks and consider diversifying their portfolios with more stable investments to mitigate potential losses.

Is It Good To Invest In High Dividend Penny Stocks?

Investing in high dividend penny stocks carries significant risks due to their volatility, lack of liquidity, and potential for fraud. While they may offer attractive yields, investors should exercise caution and thoroughly research these stocks, considering their overall risk tolerance and investment goals before making any decisions.

How To Invest In High Dividend Penny Stocks?

To invest in high dividend penny stocks, open an account with Alice Blue online brokerage platform. Complete the necessary KYC procedures and fund your account. Utilize the platform’s research tools to identify high dividend penny stocks. Place buy orders through the platform to invest in these stocks and potentially earn dividends.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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