Madhusudan Kela Portfolio English

Madhusudan Kela Portfolio

The table below shows the Madhusudan Kela Portfolio based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

NameMarket Cap (Cr)Close Price
Transformers and Rectifiers (India) Ltd8819.73732.15
Choice International Ltd6867.61353.65
Samhi Hotels Ltd4306.43179.00
Bombay Dyeing and Mfg Co Ltd3726.92154.30
IndoStar Capital Finance Ltd3097.85215.75
Rashi Peripherals Ltd2200.39309.65
Sangam (India) Ltd1905.1359.30
Kopran Ltd1136.57234.00
Repro India Ltd1112.26669.75
CSL Finance Ltd925.38405.45


Who is Madhusudan Kela?

Madhusudan Kela is a renowned Indian investor and former Chief Investment Strategist at Reliance Capital. With extensive experience in the financial markets, he is known for his expertise in stock picking and portfolio management, having managed large investment portfolios for institutional and retail clients.

Top Stocks Held By Madhusudan Kela

The table below shows the Top Stocks Held By Madhusudan Kela based on 1 Year Return. 

NameClose Price1Y Return %
Transformers and Rectifiers (India) Ltd732.15809.5
IRIS Business Services Ltd223.45177.41
Choice International Ltd353.6588.24
Mkventures Capital Ltd2294.8082.9
Bombay Dyeing and Mfg Co Ltd154.3082.5
CSL Finance Ltd405.4569.47
Niyogin Fintech Ltd69.8168.03
Sangam (India) Ltd359.3049.49
IndoStar Capital Finance Ltd215.7540.87
Kopran Ltd234.0029.78

Best Stocks Held By Madhusudan Kela

The table below shows the Best Stocks Held By Madhusudan Kela based on the highest day Volume.

NameClose PriceDaily Volume (Shares)
Bombay Dyeing and Mfg Co Ltd154.302979382.0
Samhi Hotels Ltd179.001683805.0
Choice International Ltd353.65931167.0
Transformers and Rectifiers (India) Ltd732.15636518.0
Kopran Ltd234.00476519.0
Rashi Peripherals Ltd309.65149835.0
IndoStar Capital Finance Ltd215.75115256.0
Niyogin Fintech Ltd69.81102319.0
Sangam (India) Ltd359.3054737.0
Repro India Ltd669.7538623.0

Madhusudan Kela Net Worth

Madhusudan Kela is a prominent Indian investor and market strategist known for his extensive experience in the financial industry. He has held key positions in several leading financial institutions. Madhusudan Kela’s net worth is Rs. 2,401.42 crores.

Performance Metrics Of Madhusudan Kela Portfolio

Madhusudan Kela Portfolio’s performance metrics provide insights into the investment strategies and outcomes of renowned investor Madhusudan Kela.

1. Consistent Returns: Madhusudan Kela’s portfolio demonstrates consistent returns over time, reflecting the effectiveness of his investment approach and decision-making.

2. Sectoral Allocation: The portfolio’s sectoral allocation strategy indicates the sectors Kela is bullish on and provides clues about his market outlook and investment thesis.

3. Stock Selection Criteria: Analysis of individual stock selections highlights Kela’s criteria for identifying investment opportunities, shedding light on his investment philosophy and process.

4. Risk Management: The portfolio’s risk management practices reveal how Kela mitigates investment risks and preserves capital in volatile market conditions.

5. Benchmark Performance: Comparison of the portfolio’s performance against relevant benchmarks helps assess Kela’s skill in outperforming market indices and peers in the industry.

6. Portfolio Composition Changes: Monitoring changes in the portfolio’s composition offers insights into Kela’s adaptive strategy and adjustments to market dynamics and opportunities.

How to invest in Madhusudan Kela’s Portfolio Stocks?

Investing in Madhusudan Kela’s portfolio stocks involves researching and analyzing his past investment decisions and portfolio holdings through public disclosures or media interviews. Investors can then identify stocks aligned with Kela’s investment philosophy and outlook. They can purchase these stocks through a brokerage account, ensuring diversification and alignment with their own investment goals and risk tolerance.

Benefits of Investing in Madhusudan Kela Stock Portfolio

Madhusudan Kela’s stock portfolio offers investors the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and track record of a seasoned investment professional, potentially leading to superior returns and wealth creation.

1. Expertise: Madhusudan Kela is a renowned investment expert with extensive experience and knowledge in the Indian stock market, providing valuable insights and guidance to investors.

2. Diversification: Access to a diversified portfolio of stocks carefully selected by Madhusudan Kela, reducing investment risk and enhancing potential returns.

3. Growth Potential: Exposure to high-potential stocks identified by Madhusudan Kela’s rigorous research process, offering opportunities for capital appreciation over the long term.

4. Risk Management: Madhusudan Kela employs robust risk management strategies to mitigate downside risk and protect investors’ capital during market downturns.

5. Active Management: Madhusudan Kela actively monitors and adjusts the portfolio based on changing market conditions and emerging opportunities, optimizing returns for investors.

6. Transparency and Accountability: Madhusudan Kela maintains transparency and accountability in portfolio management, keeping investors informed about investment decisions and performance.

Challenges Of Investing in Madhusudan Kela’s Portfolio

Investing in Madhusudan Kela’s Portfolio poses several challenges, including exposure to the risks inherent in concentrated portfolios managed by individual fund managers.

1. Concentration Risk: Madhusudan Kela’s Portfolio may have concentrated holdings, increasing vulnerability to adverse movements in specific sectors or stocks.

2. Managerial Risk: Dependency on the investment decisions of Madhusudan Kela, which may not always align with investor objectives or market conditions.

3. Performance Variability: Madhusudan Kela’s active management style causes performance fluctuations, leading to inconsistent returns and potential underperformance.

4. Lack of Diversification: Limited diversification compared to broader market indices or diversified funds, potentially amplifying portfolio volatility and risk.

5. Market Timing Risks: The portfolio’s susceptibility to market timing decisions made by Madhusudan Kela, may not always result in favorable outcomes for investors.

6. Transparency and Accountability: Limited transparency and accountability compared to publicly traded funds, potentially leading to challenges in assessing portfolio performance and strategy effectiveness.

Introduction to Madhusudan Kela’s Portfolio

Transformers and Rectifiers (India) Ltd

The Market Cap of Transformers and Rectifiers (India) Ltd is Rs. 8819.73 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 7.59%. Its one-year return is 809.50%. The stock is 5.41% away from its 52-week high.

Transformers and Rectifiers (India) Limited is an Indian company that specializes in manufacturing power, furnace, and rectifier transformers. The company produces a variety of transformers for both domestic and international markets. Their power transformer selection ranges from medium to ultra-high voltage (up to 1200 kV AC) and can accommodate power ratings from small (5 MVA) to large (500 MVA). The power transformer line includes autotransformers, generator step-up unit transformers, small and medium power transformers, trackside traction transformers, and auxiliary transformers. 

Additionally, they offer rectifier transformers such as bushing current transformers and instrument transformers. The company provides units from 250 kVA to 4000 kVA for distribution transformers at voltages of 11 to 33 kV. Lastly, their furnace transformer options include electric arc furnace transformers, submerged arc furnace transformers, and ladle refining furnace transformers.

Samhi Hotels Ltd

The Market Cap of Samhi Hotels Ltd is Rs. 4306.43 crore. The stock’s monthly return is -13.88%. Its one-year return is 24.83%. The stock is 32.88% away from its 52-week high.

SAMHI Hotels Limited, an India-based company, offers a hotel ownership and asset management platform. It operates in the upper-upscale, Upper-mid-Scale, and Mid-scale segments. The company currently manages a portfolio of 31 operating hotels with 4,801 rooms spread across 14 cities in India, such as the National Capital Region (NCR), Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune. 

Additionally, it has two hotels under development in Kolkata and Navi Mumbai, comprising a total of 461 rooms. Some of its operating hotels include Courtyard by Marriott and Fairfield by Marriott in various cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, and Goa, as well as Four Points by Sheraton in Vishakhapatnam.

IRIS Business Services Ltd

The Market Cap of IRIS Business Services Ltd is Rs 423.14 crore. The stock’s monthly return is 42.37%. Its one-year return is 177.41%. The stock is 18.82% away from its 52-week high.

IRIS Business Services Limited, headquartered in India, is a company specializing in regulatory technology (regtech) software delivered as a service (SaaS). The company offers regtech solutions to both regulators and enterprises, with its operations organized into three segments: Collect, Create, and Consume. In the Collect segment, the company provides a software platform enabling regulators to collect pre-validated submissions from entities under their purview. The Create segment offers a suite of enterprise software, including cloud/SaaS options, for creating regulatory documents ready for submission. 

The Consume segment includes software tools for data analysis and access to a global repository of normalized financial data extracted from public filings. This comprehensive range of solutions caters to enterprises’ needs, encompassing services like eXtensible business reporting language (XBRL) reporting, goods and services tax (GST) filings, and tax compliance. The company’s software offerings include IRIS iFile, IRIS CARBON, IRIS iDeal, IRIS GST, E-Invoicing, IRIS Credixon, and IRIS Peridot.

CSL Finance Ltd

The Market Cap of CSL Finance Ltd is Rs. 925.38 crore. The stock’s monthly return is -7.08%. Its one-year return is 69.47%. The stock is 27.69% away from its 52-week high.

CSL Finance Limited, an NBFC based in India, specializes in providing secured and unsecured loans to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in sectors such as education, healthcare, agriculture, FMCG trading, and salaried professionals. The company operates through segments dedicated to SME business and wholesale business. 

The SME business offers secured loans to micro and small businesses against residential or commercial properties, while the wholesale business focuses on providing working capital loans to businesses. The company’s product range includes offerings such as Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme (ECLGS), Wholesale Loans, Retail Loans, and construction finance for builders and developers to meet short-term funding needs.

Sangam (India) Ltd

The Market Cap of Sangam (India) Ltd is Rs. 1905.10 crores. The stock’s monthly return is -14.02%. Its one-year return is 49.49%. The stock is 75.33% away from its 52-week high.

Sangam (India) Limited is an Indian textile company that specializes in producing a variety of yarns, fabrics, and garments. The company’s product range includes polyester viscose dyed yarn, cotton, and open-end yarn, as well as ready-to-stitch fabric. Sangam (India) Limited is primarily focused on manufacturing and selling synthetic blended, cotton, and texturized yarns, fabrics such as denim, and readymade seamless garments. 

The company is organized into divisions dedicated to yarn, fabric, garments, and denim. Its fabric offerings consist of polyester viscose and processed fabrics, while its garment line includes a wide range of clothing for various occasions and needs. Sangam’s denim fabrics span different styles such as basic, twills, satins, and fancy dobby in both stretch and non-stretch varieties. The company’s key brands are Sangam Suiting and Sangam Denim, and it operates manufacturing facilities in Rajasthan at Atun, Biliya Kalan, Sareri, and Soniyana.

Bombay Dyeing and Mfg Co Ltd

The Market Cap of Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Company Ltd is Rs. 3726.92 crore. The stock’s monthly return is -18.47%. Its one-year return is 82.50%. The stock is 27.61% away from its 52-week high.

The Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Company Limited, based in India, is involved in real estate development, polyester staple fiber production, and retail operations. The company operates in three segments: Real Estate, Polyester, and Retail/Textile. It manufactures 100% virgin polyester staple fiber (PSF) and textile-grade polyethylene terephthalate (PET) chips. The company’s main focus is on building construction through its real estate division. 

It has three divisions that run its operations: Retail Division, PSF Division, and Bombay Realty (BR) Division. The Retail Division distributes its products through a network, while the PSF Division serves both domestic and international customers in the business-to-business (B2B) market. The company’s PSF is commonly used in the spinning and non-woven industries. The BR Division targets high net-worth retail customers and oversees projects like Springs, AXIS Bank HQ, and ICC.

Kopran Ltd

The Market Cap of Kopran Ltd is Rs. 1136.57 crores. The stock’s monthly return is -17.58%. Its one-year return is 29.78%. The stock is 24.91% away from its 52-week high.

Kopran Limited is a pharmaceutical company based in India, known for its diverse range of products. Specializing in both formulation manufacturing and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), the company offers a variety of penicillin-based and non-penicillin-based oral dosage forms. Their formulations cover categories such as anti-infective, amoxycillin, ampicillin, cloxacillin, amoxy clav, as well as macrolides, anti-hypertensive, cardiovascular, anti-helminthic, antihistamine, anti-diabetic, pain management, and gastroenterology products. 

Kopran Limited supplies ingredients for various pharmaceutical forms like capsules, injectables, and tablets. In addition, the company produces APIs including anti-hypertensive, macrolides, neuromodulators, urological, anti-infective/anti-acne, sterile carbapenems, and sterile cephalosporins.

Repro India Ltd

The Market Cap of Repro India Ltd is Rs. 1112.26 crore. The stock’s monthly return is -17.71%. Its one-year return is 13.67%. – The stock is 46.32% away from its 52-week high.

Repro India Limited is a global company in the publishing industry services sector, operating under the Value Added Print Solutions segment. The company offers a range of print solutions to clients, which encompass value engineering, creative design, pre-press services, printing, post-press services, assembly, warehousing, dispatch, database management, sourcing and procurement, localization, and web-based services. 

Its clientele includes international markets, retail businesses, educators, e-book publishers, and print companies. Particularly for educators, the company provides innovative tools to enhance the learning experience for children. One of its flagship products, RAPPLES, is a comprehensive learning solution with a Learning Management System (LMS) catering to both students and teachers. Through collaborations with publishers, retailers, bookstores, libraries, and educational institutions worldwide, the company addresses intricate challenges of content publishing by offering tailored solutions. Repro India Limited has operational facilities in Surat, Navi Mumbai, Bhiwandi, and Chennai.

Madhusudan Kela Portfolio – FAQs

1. Which Stocks Are Held By Madhusudan Kela?

Stocks Are Held By Madhusudan Kela #1: Transformers and Rectifiers (India) Ltd
Stocks Are Held By Madhusudan Kela #2: Choice International Ltd
Stocks Are Held By Madhusudan Kela #3: Samhi Hotels Ltd
Stocks Are Held By Madhusudan Kela #4: Bombay Dyeing and Mfg Co Ltd
Stocks Are Held By Madhusudan Kela #5: IndoStar Capital Finance Ltd

Stocks Held By Madhusudan Kela are based on market capitalization.

2. What are the top stocks In Madhusudan Kela’s portfolio?

The top stocks In Madhusudan Kela’s portfolio based on one-year returns are Transformers and Rectifiers (India) Ltd, IRIS Business Services Ltd, Choice International Ltd, Mkventures Capital Ltd, and Bombay Dyeing and Mfg Co Ltd.

3. What is Madhusudan Kela’s net worth?

Madhusudan Kela is a renowned Indian investor and market strategist with extensive experience in the financial industry. He has occupied significant roles in several leading financial institutions. His net worth is 2,401.42 crore rupees.

4. What Is The Total Portfolio Value Of Madhusudan Kela?

As per the latest corporate shareholdings filed, Madhusudan Kela’s portfolio includes stocks with a total net worth exceeding Rs. 36,000 crore.

5. How to invest in Madhusudan Kela’s Portfolio Stocks?

To invest in Madhusudan Kela’s portfolio stocks, investors can research the stocks held in his portfolio through public disclosures or investment research platforms. Once identified, they can purchase these stocks through a brokerage account, considering factors such as their investment goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions.

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