Vallabh Bhanshali Portfolio

Vallabh Bhansali Portfolio 

The table below shows Vallabh Bhanshali’s Portfolio based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

NameMarket Cap (Cr)Close Price (rs)
Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd9540.93314.1
Greenlam Industries Ltd7534.51590.6
CSB Bank Ltd5770.1341.55
PDS limited5605.48425.05
Vascon Engineers Ltd1545.969.85
GFL Ltd828.8275.45
On Door Concepts Ltd158.36280.35


Who is Vallabh Bhanshali?

Vallabh Bhanshali is a prominent Indian investor and co-founder of Enam Group, a leading financial services firm. With extensive experience in the stock market, he is known for his strategic investment acumen and significant influence in the financial industry.

Bhanshali has played a crucial role in advising and managing high-profile investments, contributing to the growth and success of numerous companies. His expertise spans various sectors, showcasing his ability to identify lucrative opportunities and navigate market complexities.

Beyond his investment activities, Bhanshali is also known for his philanthropic efforts and contributions to financial education. His leadership and vision continue to inspire many in the investment community, making him a respected figure in the industry.

Top Stocks Held By Vallabh Bhanshali

The table below shows the Top Stocks Held By Vallabh Bhanshali based on 1 Year Return.

NameClose Price (rs)1Y Return (%)
Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd314.1257.74
Greenlam Industries Ltd590.687.85
Vascon Engineers Ltd69.8586.9
On Door Concepts Ltd280.3537.83
GFL Ltd75.4531.79
PDS limited425.0529
CSB Bank Ltd341.5517.96

Best Stocks Held By Vallabh Roopchand Bhanshali

The table below shows the Best Stocks Held By Vallabh Roopchand Bhanshali based on the highest day Volume.

NameClose Price (rs)Daily Volume (Shares)
Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd314.1935945
Vascon Engineers Ltd69.85691908
CSB Bank Ltd341.55427439
GFL Ltd75.45129264
PDS limited425.0595678
Greenlam Industries Ltd590.647111
On Door Concepts Ltd280.355400

Vallabh Bhanshali Net Worth

Vallabh Roopchand Bhanshali, a notable Indian investor, has a publicly disclosed net worth of over Rs. 285.8 Cr, derived from his holdings in six stocks. His investment portfolio reflects a keen eye for potential growth and value, underscoring his expertise in the financial market.

Bhanshali’s strategic investments span various sectors, showcasing his diversified approach to wealth creation. His portfolio includes shares in companies that demonstrate strong fundamentals and promising futures, contributing to his substantial net worth.

The meticulous selection of stocks by Bhanshali highlights his deep understanding of market dynamics. Investors often look up to his investment choices as a benchmark for successful stock selection and portfolio management in the Indian stock market.

Performance Metrics Of Vallabh Bhanshali Roopchand Portfolio 

The performance metrics of Vallabh Roopchand Bhanshali’s portfolio highlight his strategic investment approach, with a net worth exceeding ₹285.8 crore across six stocks. His portfolio reflects a balance of high-growth potential and value investments, showcasing his expertise in stock selection.

Bhanshali’s portfolio demonstrates strong annual returns, driven by his focus on companies with robust fundamentals and growth prospects. His investments span diverse sectors, ensuring a well-rounded risk profile and capitalizing on various market opportunities.

Additionally, his meticulous stock selection process emphasizes long-term value creation. By investing in companies with sustainable business models, Bhanshali ensures steady appreciation and resilience against market volatility, solidifying his reputation as a savvy investor.

How to Invest in Vallabh Bhanshali’s Portfolio Stocks?

To invest in Vallabh Bhanshali’s portfolio stocks, start by identifying the six publicly disclosed stocks he holds. Open a brokerage account, analyze these stocks’ performance and fundamentals, and align your investments with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Begin by researching the stocks in Bhanshali’s portfolio through financial news sources and corporate filings. Assess their market performance, industry position, and growth potential to make informed investment decisions that reflect their strategic choices.

Diversify your investments to mitigate risks. Regularly monitor your portfolio and stay updated on market trends and company developments. Adjust your holdings as needed to ensure alignment with your long-term financial objectives and to optimize returns.

Benefits of Investing in Vallabh Bhanshali Stock Portfolio

The main benefit of investing in Vallabh Bhanshali’s stock portfolio is gaining access to a selection of well-researched and high-potential stocks. His strategic diversification reduces risk, while his expertise in identifying growth opportunities aims for substantial long-term returns, enhancing overall portfolio performance.

  • Expertly Researched Stocks: Investing in Vallabh Bhanshali’s portfolio provides access to stocks that have been thoroughly researched and vetted by an experienced investor. His deep market knowledge and analytical skills help identify high-potential companies, giving you a solid foundation for your investment strategy.
  • Strategic Diversification: Bhanshali’s portfolio includes a diverse range of stocks across various sectors, reducing the overall risk. This strategic diversification ensures that the impact of any single market fluctuation is minimized, providing a more stable and resilient investment approach.
  • Long-Term Growth Focus: Bhanshali emphasizes long-term value creation, investing in companies with strong fundamentals and sustainable growth prospects. This focus on long-term performance can lead to substantial returns over time, making it ideal for investors seeking consistent and reliable growth in their portfolios.
  • Proven Track Record: With a net worth exceeding ₹285.8 crore, Bhanshali’s successful investment track record speaks for itself. Following his portfolio choices can provide you with a blueprint for success, leveraging his proven strategies and market insights to enhance your own investment outcomes.

Challenges Of Investing in Vallabh Bhanshali’s Portfolio

The main challenge of investing in Vallabh Bhanshali’s portfolio is replicating his investment expertise. Identifying and analyzing high-potential stocks requires significant market knowledge and experience. Additionally, market volatility and economic changes can impact portfolio performance, necessitating constant monitoring and adjustments to maintain optimal returns.

  • Replicating Expertise: Investing in Vallabh Bhanshali’s portfolio requires replicating his deep market knowledge and analytical skills. Identifying high-potential stocks demands significant research and understanding of market dynamics, which can be challenging for novice investors without his level of expertise and experience.
  • Market Volatility: Bhanshali’s portfolio is not immune to market volatility. Economic changes, geopolitical events, and sector-specific fluctuations can impact stock performance. Investors need to be prepared for sudden price swings and potential losses, requiring a robust risk management strategy to navigate these challenges effectively.
  • Constant Monitoring: Maintaining an optimal investment portfolio similar to Bhanshali’s demands constant monitoring and timely adjustments. Investors must stay updated on market trends, company performance, and economic indicators to make informed decisions. This ongoing vigilance can be time-consuming and requires a proactive approach to manage investments successfully.
  • Access to Information: Accessing the same level of detailed information as Bhanshali can be difficult. Professional investors often have privileged access to market insights and company data that individual investors may find hard to obtain, potentially putting them at a disadvantage in making similarly informed investment decisions.

Introduction to Vallabh Bhanshali’s Portfolio

Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd

The Market Cap of Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd is ₹9,540.93 crore. The stock has posted a monthly return of 7.18% and an annual return of 257.74%. It is currently 9.50% below its 52-week high.

Genus Power Infrastructures Limited, an India-based company, focuses on manufacturing metering solutions and providing turnkey engineering, construction, and contracts. It operates through two segments: Metering business and Strategic investment activity, offering a range of electricity meters including single-phase, three-phase, CT-operated, ABT, and grid meters.

The company’s engineering construction and contracts business undertakes turnkey power projects, such as substation erection up to 420 kV, laying transmission and distribution lines, rural electrification, switchyards, and network refurbishment. Their metering solutions also include prepayment meters, smart meters, net meters, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, and Meter Data Acquisition Systems, catering to diverse power infrastructure needs.

Greenlam Industries Ltd

The Market Cap of Greenlam Industries Ltd is ₹7,534.51 crore. The stock has recorded a monthly return of 6.90% and an annual return of 87.85%. It is currently 7.86% below its 52-week high.

Greenlam Industries Limited, based in India, manufactures laminates, decorative veneers, and allied products at its factories in Behror and Nalagarh. The company produces compact panels, cladding solutions, restroom cubicles, kitchen solutions, decorative veneers, engineered wooden flooring, staircase solutions, and engineered wooden door sets, alongside a range of decorative laminates.

The company operates through three segments: Laminates & Allied Products, Veneers & Allied Products, and Plywood. The Laminates & Allied Products segment focuses on manufacturing laminates and compact laminates. The Veneers & Allied Products segment produces decorative veneers, engineered wood flooring, and engineered door sets. Greenlam’s overseas subsidiaries primarily handle marketing and distribution.

CSB Bank Ltd

The Market Cap of CSB Bank Ltd is ₹5,770.10 crore. The stock has recorded a monthly return of -17.30% and an annual return of 17.96%. It is currently 23.63% below its 52-week high.

CSB Bank Ltd is an India-based private sector bank operating through four segments: SME banking, retail banking, wholesale banking, and treasury operations. It offers a range of products and services, including personal banking, NRI banking, agri/financial inclusion banking, SME banking, and corporate banking.

The Bank provides various accounts such as savings, current, fixed deposits, and safe deposit lockers. It offers multiple loan options, including retail, two-wheeler, gold, and home loans. NRI banking solutions include NRO accounts, NRE accounts, FCNR (B) accounts, and RFC accounts. Agri-banking services include financial literacy and credit counseling.

PDS limited

The Market Cap of PDS Limited is ₹5,605.48 crore. The stock has posted a monthly return of -5.98% and an annual return of 29.00%. It is currently 56.69% below its 52-week high.

PDS Limited, based in India, is a global fashion infrastructure company providing product development, sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution services to brands and retailers. The company trades garments, holds investments, and designs, develops, markets, sources, and distributes readymade garments and other consumer products worldwide. Additionally, it manages real estate holdings, leasing, and licensing.

The company operates through three segments: sourcing, and manufacturing. The sourcing segment handles in-house product development, design, sampling, and manufacturing via third-party factories, ensuring quality assurance, compliance, and supply chain management. PDS Limited has manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and invests in startups focused on innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry.

Vascon Engineers Ltd

The Market Cap of Vascon Engineers Ltd is ₹1,545.90 crore. The stock has recorded a monthly return of 2.19% and an annual return of 86.90%. It is currently 33.36% below its 52-week high.

Vascon Engineers Limited is an India-based construction engineering company operating in segments such as Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Real Estate Development, and Manufacturing and Building Management System (BMS). The EPC segment handles residential, commercial, industrial, and other construction projects.

The Real Estate Development segment focuses on developing residential, hotel premises, and industrial parks. The Manufacturing and BMS segment includes clean room partition manufacturing and BMS. Notable projects include residential developments in Santacruz, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and Kharadi, Pune. Subsidiaries include GMP Technical Solutions Private Limited, Almet Corporation Limited, Marvel Housing Private Limited, and Marathawada Realtors Private Limited.


The Market Cap of GFL Ltd is ₹828.82 crore. The stock has posted a monthly return of -0.26% and an annual return of 31.79%. It is currently 56.99% below its 52-week high.

GFL Limited, an India-based holding company, operates and manages multiplexes and cinema theatres through its subsidiary. It primarily holds investments in associates and is involved in distributing investment products. The company operates through the Investments and allied activities segment, covering various business areas.

The company’s businesses include industrial gases, refrigerant cylinders, cryogenic engineering, and entertainment. Its subsidiaries, INOX Leisure Limited and INOX Infrastructure Limited, focus on different sectors. INOX Leisure manages 163 properties with 692 screens in 73 Indian cities, while INOX Infrastructure engages in real estate and property development. Additionally, GFL is active in mutual fund distribution.

On Door Concepts Ltd

The Market Cap of On Door Concepts Ltd is ₹158.36 crore. The stock has recorded a monthly return of -0.26% and an annual return of 37.83%. It is currently 46.92% below its 52-week high.

On Door Concepts is a regional retailer that offers groceries and essential household items through various channels. Customers can shop in-store at colony stores or enjoy quick home delivery by placing online orders, with many stores fulfilling these orders directly from their shelves.

Their product offerings are divided into three categories. Foods include staples, groceries, fruits, vegetables, snacks, processed foods, dairy, frozen items, beverages, and confectionery, significantly contributing to sales. Non-foods (FMCG) comprise home care, personal care items, toiletries, and over-the-counter products, also adding substantial revenue. General Merchandise features crockery, utensils, plastic goods, pooja items, and more.

Vallabh Bhanshali Portfolio  – FAQs

1. Which Stocks Are Held By Vallabh Bhanshali?

Best Stocks Held By Vallabh Bhanshali #1: Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd
Best Stocks Held By Vallabh Bhanshali #2: Greenlam Industries Ltd
Best Stocks Held By Vallabh Bhanshali #3: CSB Bank Ltd
Best Stocks Held By Vallabh Bhanshali #4: PDS limited
Best Stocks Held By Vallabh Bhanshali #5: Vascon Engineers Ltd

The Top Best Stocks Held By Vallabh Bhanshali based on market capitalization.

2. What are the top stocks In Vallabh Bhanshali’s portfolio?

The top stocks in Vallabh Bhanshali’s portfolio, based on market capitalization, include Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd, Greenlam Industries Ltd, CSB Bank Ltd, PDS Limited, and Vascon Engineers Ltd. These companies span various sectors, reflecting his strategic investment approach and expertise in identifying high-potential opportunities.

3. What is Vallabh Bhanshali’s net worth?

Vallabh Bhanshali’s net worth is over ₹285.8 crore, according to the latest corporate shareholdings filings. He publicly holds six stocks, reflecting his strategic investment acumen. His portfolio showcases a diversified approach across various sectors, highlighting his expertise and success in the Indian financial market.

4. What Is The Total Portfolio Value Of Vallabh Bhanshali?

The total portfolio value of Vallabh Bhanshali is over ₹285.8 crore, based on the latest corporate shareholdings filings. He holds six publicly disclosed stocks, demonstrating his strategic investment approach. This substantial portfolio value underscores his expertise and success in identifying and investing in high-potential stocks.

5. How to Invest in Vallabh Bhanshali’s Portfolio Stocks?

To invest in Vallabh Bhanshali’s portfolio stocks, research the stocks he holds, which are publicly disclosed in corporate filings. Open a trading account with a reputable broker, and buy these stocks based on your analysis and risk tolerance. Diversify your investments to manage risk effectively.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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