Construction Stocks India

Construction Stocks India

Construction StocksMarket Price (Cr)Close Price (₹)‎
Larsen and Toubro Ltd486,227.133,537.15
GMR Airports Infrastructure Ltd46,657.8677.30
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd34,603.4757.30
Ircon International Ltd20,390.38216.80
NBCC (India) Ltd20,133.00111.85
KEC International Ltd17,111.80665.60
NCC Ltd14,644.52233.25
G R Infraprojects Ltd11,965.261,237.50
PNC Infratech Ltd10,620.72414.00
Engineers India Ltd10,611.36188.80

The table above showcases the Construction stocks India ranked by market capitalization, providing an extensive analysis of their fundamental metrics. Investing in Construction stocks can offer several benefits, including diversification, long-term growth potential, and potential profitability due to the increasing demand for infrastructure development and real estate.


Construction Stocks In India

The table below shows construction stocks in India based on 1 Year Return.

Construction StocksMarket Price (Cr)Close Price (₹)‎1 Year Return (%)
Giriraj Civil Developers Ltd1,049.63438.801,087.23
KKRRAFTON Developers Limited7.41132.45763.99
Gujarat Toolroom Ltd272.0548.97399.69
SPML Infra Ltd526.02107.40383.78
Ircon International Ltd20,390.38216.80309.44
Patel Engineering Ltd4,098.7555.65285.12
Om Infra Ltd1,223.06127.00272.98
Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd197.6275.40263.37
Tantia Constructions Ltd589.0037.25251.42
GPT Infraprojects Ltd948.49163.05249.14

Top Construction Stocks

The table below shows top construction stocks based on 1 Month Return.

Construction StocksMarket Price (Cr)Close Price (₹)‎1 Month Return (%)
Anlon Technology Solutions Ltd235.13419.5050.04
KKRRAFTON Developers Limited7.41132.4545.42
Gayatri Projects Ltd171.299.1526.21
Dhruv Consultancy Services Ltd162.45106.9015.21
Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd197.6275.4014.07
Tarmat Ltd195.4591.7012.14
Suvidha Infraestate Corporation Ltd11.1812.579.91
McNally Bharat Engg Co Ltd119.545.559.71
Larsen and Toubro Ltd486,227.133,537.159.01
Tantia Constructions Ltd589.0037.258.60

Construction Stocks 

The below table shows the Construction Stocks based on the PE Ratio.

Construction StocksMarket Price (Cr)Close Price (₹)‎PE Ratio
Indiabulls Enterprises Ltd210.3410.70-0.55
ITD Cementation India Ltd5,277.31307.2023.94
Om Infra Ltd1,223.06127.0024.1
Larsen and Toubro Ltd486,227.133,537.1532.06
Kcl Infra Projects Ltd45.821.7433.25
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd34,603.4757.3042.8
NBCC (India) Ltd20,133.00111.8550.92
Shashijit Infraprojects Ltd26.225.0761.97
KEC International Ltd17,111.80665.6063.7
Atal Realtech Ltd118.0515.95125.49

Top 10 Construction Stocks In India

The table below shows the top 10 construction stocks in India based on daily volume.

Construction StocksMarket Price (Cr)Close Price (₹)‎Highest Volume (Cr)
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd34,603.4757.3036,564,735.00
Ircon International Ltd20,390.38216.8031,159,107.00
GMR Airports Infrastructure Ltd46,657.8677.3019,455,715.00
NBCC (India) Ltd20,133.00111.8517,995,457.00
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd5,845.3434.8016,778,218.00
SEPC Ltd2,396.6817.0014,170,741.00
Engineers India Ltd10,611.36188.808,500,124.00
Patel Engineering Ltd4,098.7555.658,269,625.00
NCC Ltd14,644.52233.257,507,917.00
Larsen and Toubro Ltd486,227.133,537.154,054,210.00

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Introduction to Construction Stocks

Construction Stocks In India – 1 Year Return

Giriraj Civil Developers Ltd

Giriraj Civil Developers Ltd is a real estate development company focusing on residential and commercial projects. They contribute to urban development by creating properties that cater to housing and business needs.

KKRRAFTON Developers Limited

KKRRAFTON Developers Limited is authorized to purchase, develop, and construct residential and commercial complexes, either independently or in partnership, across India. They can deal in various types of immovable properties, including land, plots, buildings, and apartments, for resale or rental income. They also engage in infrastructure development projects like roads and markets.

Gujarat Toolroom Ltd

Gujarat Toolroom Ltd is a company engaged in providing tooling solutions and precision engineering services. They specialize in designing and manufacturing tools, dies, and precision components for various industries, contributing to manufacturing and engineering sectors.

Top Construction Stocks – 1 Month Return

Anlon Technology Solutions Ltd

Anlon Technology Solutions Limited offers engineering services for automotive chassis-based systems in airports, high-rise buildings, and refineries. It operates in Engineering Services and Designing, Fabrication, and Installation Services segments. The company also sells spare parts and provides comprehensive support from solution specification to post-warranty services, including logistics and training.

Gayatri Projects Ltd

Gayatri Projects Limited is an Indian infrastructure company engaged in construction and project activities across various sectors like roads, irrigation, rail, airports, power, mining, and industrial works. It has nationwide operations and has executed projects including roads, irrigation canals, and industrial projects, primarily in collaboration with government entities.

Dhruv Consultancy Services Ltd

Dhruv Consultancy Services Limited is an Indian infrastructure consultancy firm providing a range of services including design, engineering, procurement, construction, and project management. It operates across segments like highways, architecture, bridges, environment, tunnels, and ports, offering services such as planning, design, construction, inspection, and project supervision in various infrastructure projects.

Construction Stocks – Highest Volume

IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd

IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited is an Indian infrastructure company specializing in roadway construction. They operate through BOT/TOT and construction segments, managing and operating 12,000+ lane kilometers across 22 assets.

Ircon International Ltd

Ircon International Limited is an Indian engineering and construction firm specializing in infrastructure projects like railways, highways, bridges, and tunnels. It offers EPC services and executes projects in joint ventures with CPSEs. Operating domestically and internationally, it has completed numerous projects across various sectors in multiple countries.

GMR Airports Infrastructure Ltd

GMR Airports Infrastructure Limited is an Indian company managing various airports, including Delhi, Hyderabad, and Goa International Airports. They offer comprehensive services like baggage handling, e-boarding, cargo terminals, and passenger facilities. Additionally, they provide catering services for both domestic and international travel, as well as cargo operations.

Top Construction Stocks In India – PE Ratio

ITD Cementation India Ltd

ITD Cementation India Limited is an Indian engineering and construction firm specializing in heavy civil, infrastructure, and EPC projects. Their operations span various sectors including marine structures, airports, tunnels, highways, dams, and industrial buildings. Subsidiaries like ITD Cementation Projects India Limited and ITD Cemindia JV support their diverse project portfolio.

Om Infra Ltd

Om Infra Limited, an Indian company, engages in various business activities including hydro mechanical equipment, steel fabrication solutions, hydro power projects, real estate, entertainment, and hotels. Its segments cover engineering, real estate, and other ventures. The company’s product range includes gates, hoists, turnkey solutions, and infrastructure components. Manufacturing facilities are situated in Kota, Rajasthan.

Larsen and Toubro Ltd

Larsen & Toubro Limited is a diversified Indian conglomerate involved in engineering, procurement, and construction projects, hi-tech manufacturing, and various services. Its segments encompass infrastructure, energy projects, hi-tech manufacturing, IT services, financial services, development projects, and others. The company operates globally in over 50 countries, spanning multiple industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Best Construction Stocks in India?

Best Construction Stocks in India #1: Giriraj Civil Developers Ltd
Best Construction Stocks in India #2: KKRRAFTON Developers Limited
Best Construction Stocks in India #3: Gujarat Toolroom Ltd
Best Construction Stocks in India #4: SPML Infra Ltd
Best Construction Stocks in India #5: Ircon International Ltd

These stocks are listed based on a 1-year return.

2. Is it good to invest in Construction Stocks India?

The construction industry in India is experiencing significant growth due to increasing infrastructure development and urbanization. This growth potential can translate into higher returns for investors in construction stocks. 

3. Which Construction Stock is best for the long term?

Best Long term construction stocks #1: Likhitha Infrastructure Ltd

Best Long term construction stocks #2: Ashoka Buildcon Ltd

Best Long term construction stocks #3: PSP Projects Ltd

Best Long term construction stocks #4: Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd

Best Long term construction stocks #5: Suyog Telematics Ltd

These construction stocks are based on 5 Year ROI.

4. What are the best Construction Stocks India?

The best construction stock to buy #1:  Larsen and Toubro Ltd
The best construction stock to buy #2:  GMR Airports Infrastructure Ltd
The best construction stock to buy #3:  IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd
The best construction stock to buy #4:  Ircon International Ltd
The best construction stock to buy #5:  NBCC (India) Ltd

These stocks are based on the highest market capitalization. 

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time.

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