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Construction Stocks India

Construction Stocks India

Construction StocksMarket Price (Cr)Close Price (₹)‎
Larsen & Toubro Ltd4,72,892.733,521.90
GMR Infrastructure Ltd49,374.0383.9
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd25,092.0542.45
Ircon International Ltd17,597.05184.15
NBCC (India) Ltd15,840.0086.6
KEC International Ltd15,349.46604.3
Engineers India Ltd11,457.23199.45
NCC Ltd10,714.20174.5
G R Infraprojects Ltd10,605.331,105.10
Praj Industries Ltd10,132.70548.2

The table above showcases the Construction stocks India ranked by market capitalization, providing an extensive analysis of their fundamental metrics. Investing in Construction stocks can offer several benefits, including diversification, long-term growth potential, and potential profitability due to the increasing demand for infrastructure development and real estate.


Construction Stocks In India

The table below shows construction stocks in India based on 1 Year Return.

Construction StocksMarket Price (Cr)Close Price (₹)‎1 Year Return (%)
Giriraj Civil Developers Ltd1,211.45558.31,092.44
K&R Rail Engineering Ltd1,499.57706.15833.95
Gujarat Toolroom Ltd301.2156.5340.37
KKRRAFTON Developers Limited3.2460.21292.76
Patel Engineering Ltd4,621.6864.3270.86
Om Infra Ltd1,408.92143.35254.39
Innovators Facade Systems Ltd416.41239.85242.64
SPML Infra Ltd442.5290.3242.05
Ircon International Ltd17,597.05184.15206.66
GPT Infraprojects Ltd951.98157205.45

Top Construction Stocks

The table below shows top construction stocks based on 1 Month Return.

Construction StocksMarket Price (Cr)Close Price (₹)‎1 Month Return (%)
Teamo Productions HQ Ltd107.651.2913.22
Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd124.1253.71102.96
Madhav Infra Projects Ltd329.4312.8471.77
KKRRAFTON Developers Limited3.2460.2160.23
Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd141.0858.1549.49
Akash Infra-Projects Ltd76.8143.2545.37
Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd159.824.244.48
McNally Bharat Engg Co Ltd137.527.141.67
Kcl Infra Projects Ltd86.13.2639.43
A2z Infra Engineering Ltd236.8814.2538.92

Construction Stocks 

The below table shows the Construction Stocks based on the PE Ratio.

Construction StocksMarket Price (Cr)Close Price (₹)‎PE Ratio
Kaushalya Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd30.479.25-14.29
Starlog Enterprises Ltd40.6433.53-9.33
ARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd51.6324.75-4.93
Anand Projects Ltd2.1823.320.1
Ramky Infrastructure Ltd5,544.13798.54.14
Welspun Enterprises Ltd4,494.15333.66.4
Madhav Infra Projects Ltd329.4312.848.8
Artefact Projects Ltd63.8784.329.48
HG Infra Engineering Ltd (Part IX)5,571.80851.910.25
Ashoka Buildcon Ltd4,005.92144.3511.29

Top 10 Construction Stocks In India

The table below shows the top 10 construction stocks in India based on daily volume.

Construction StocksMarket Price (Cr)Close Price (₹)‎Highest Volume (Cr)
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd4,448.3031.25,15,42,200.00
GMR Infrastructure Ltd49,374.0383.94,07,06,295.00
NBCC (India) Ltd15,840.0086.62,16,57,363.00
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd25,092.0542.452,08,10,476.00
Ircon International Ltd17,597.05184.151,18,78,159.00
Engineers India Ltd11,457.23199.451,07,96,664.00
Ge Power India Ltd1,596.65267.6567,51,178.00
SEPC Ltd3,108.6421.9561,45,209.00
Patel Engineering Ltd4,621.6864.354,67,164.00
NCC Ltd10,714.20174.550,95,188.00

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Introduction to Construction Stocks

Construction Stocks In India – 1 Year Return

Giriraj Civil Developers Ltd

Giriraj Civil Developers Ltd is a real estate development company focusing on residential and commercial projects. They contribute to urban development by creating properties that cater to housing and business needs.

K&R Rail Engineering Ltd

K&R Rail Engineering is an Indian railway construction firm specializing in turnkey private railway siding projects. They offer a range of services, including engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning for various clients and projects.

Gujarat Toolroom Ltd

Gujarat Toolroom Ltd is a company engaged in providing tooling solutions and precision engineering services. They specialize in designing and manufacturing tools, dies, and precision components for various industries, contributing to manufacturing and engineering sectors.

Top Construction Stocks – 1 Month Return

Teamo Productions HQ Ltd

Teamo Productions HQ Limited, formerly GI Engineering Solutions, is an Indian company specializing in civil engineering, IT-based services, and software development. Their offerings encompass civil design, project management, environmental studies, and residential/commercial design for various developments like housing, industrial sites, and marinas.

Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd

Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation, based in India, focuses on construction and infrastructure projects including townships, residential developments, hotels, hospitals, malls, logistics hubs, and industrial parks. Their notable projects encompass integrated townships like The Arena and commercial complexes such as Aitorma Agartala Sentrum in Tripura.

Madhav Infra Projects Ltd

Madhav Infra Projects Ltd, an Indian firm, specializes in infrastructure development, construction, and power generation (solar, hydro). They operate directly/indirectly through Special Purpose Vehicles, engaging in highway/bridge construction, alongside subsidiaries involved in nationwide infrastructure and renewable energy projects like solar generation and trading.

Construction Stocks – Highest Volume

Hindustan Construction Company Ltd

Hindustan Construction Company Limited specializes in engineering and construction services across various sectors, including transportation, power, water, real estate, and infrastructure. Their expertise encompasses roadways, dams, power plants, and more.

IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd

IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited is an Indian infrastructure company specializing in roadway construction. They operate through BOT/TOT and construction segments, managing and operating 12,000+ lane kilometers across 22 assets.

NBCC (India) Ltd

NBCC (India) Limited provides diversified services through Project Management Consultancy (PMC), Real Estate Development, and Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) segments. Engaged in civil construction, infrastructure development, residential and commercial projects, and offering end-to-end services from project conceptualization to commissioning for clients.

Top Construction Stocks In India – PE Ratio

Anand Projects Ltd

Anand Projects Limited, an India-based firm, specializes in engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services, primarily focusing on power plant erection and infrastructure. Notably, it executed a 1980 MW Super Critical Thermal Power Project in Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Starlog Enterprises Ltd

Starlog Enterprises Limited, an India-based holding company, operates in port and infrastructure facilities, charter hire of heavy-duty cranes, and engineering activities. Primarily focused on crane rentals, it owns and manages cranes up to 600 MT capacity and engages in port development through subsidiaries and associates.

Ramky Infrastructure Ltd

Ramky Infrastructure Limited, an Indian company, operates in construction and real estate development segments. Engaged in diverse projects spanning water, transportation, industrial construction, power, and residential/commercial properties, it primarily executes civil contracts on a turnkey basis. Subsidiaries include entities like Visakha Pharmacity Limited and Ramky Enclave Limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Best Construction Stocks in India?

Best Construction Stocks in India #1: Giriraj Civil Developers Ltd

Best Construction Stocks in India #2: K&R Rail Engineering Ltd

Best Construction Stocks in India #3: Gujarat Toolroom Ltd

Best Construction Stocks in India #4: KKRRAFTON Developers Limited

Best Construction Stocks in India #5: Patel Engineering Ltd

These stocks are listed based on a 1-year return.

2. Is it good to invest in Construction Stocks India?

The construction industry in India is experiencing significant growth due to increasing infrastructure development and urbanization. This growth potential can translate into higher returns for investors in construction stocks. 

3. Which Construction Stock is best for the long term?

Best Long term construction stocks #1: Likhitha Infrastructure Ltd

Best Long term construction stocks #2: Ashoka Buildcon Ltd

Best Long term construction stocks #3: PSP Projects Ltd

Best Long term construction stocks #4: Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd

Best Long term construction stocks #5: Suyog Telematics Ltd

These construction stocks are based on 5 Year ROI.

4. What are the best Construction Stocks India?

The best construction stock to buy #1:  Larsen & Toubro Ltd

The best construction stock to buy #2: GMR Infrastructure Ltd

The best construction stock to buy #3: IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd  

The best construction stock to buy #4: Ircon International Ltd

The best construction stock to buy #5: NBCC (India) Ltd

These stocks are based on the highest market capitalization. 

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time.

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