Chemical Stocks in India

Chemical Stocks – Best Chemical Stocks in India

StocksMarket CapClose Price
Pidilite Industries Ltd145,869.162,868.00
Solar Industries India Ltd80,133.478,855.50
SRF Ltd71,988.252,428.55
PI Industries Ltd55,351.043,649.15
Linde India Ltd54,932.426,441.10
Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd35,188.253,203.30
Tata Chemicals Ltd28,755.611,128.75
Deepak Nitrite Ltd28,624.132,098.65
Godrej Industries Ltd25,576.71759.65
Aarti Industries Ltd23,015.38634.90

The table above represents the Chemical Stocks – Best Chemical Stocks in India based on market cap. Read the complete blog to find out the best chemical sector stocks in India analyzed fundamentally on various parameters


Chemical Stocks in India

The table below shows chemical stocks in India based on 1 Year Return. 

Chemical StocksMarket PriceClose Price1 Year Return
Kuber Udyog Ltd2.557.42634.65
Waaree Technologies Ltd1,449.341,345.95551.95
Fischer Chemic Ltd2,856.90534.00445.45
Daikaffil Chemicals India Ltd52.8988.15300.68
Ecoplast Ltd88.16293.85258.70
Premier Explosives Ltd1,506.011,400.65250.64
Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd15,529.04315.25250.08
Royal India Corporation Ltd22.139.59225.08
Jubilant Industries Ltd1,744.621,157.90190.09
Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd3,822.661,645.40183.91

Best Chemical Stocks in India 2024

The table below shows best chemical stocks in India 2024 based on 1 Month Return.

Chemical StocksMarket PriceClose Price1 month Return
Chemfab Alkalis Ltd872.45613.2542.91
Fischer Chemic Ltd2,856.90534.0042.65
Royal India Corporation Ltd22.139.5941.29
Crestchem Ltd36.60122.0036.14
Jubilant Industries Ltd1,744.621,157.9026.60
Sreechem Resins Ltd28.3470.8624.11
Dai Ichi Karkaria Ltd364.07488.6017.24
Tata Chemicals Ltd28,755.611,128.7516.92
Solar Industries India Ltd80,133.478,855.5015.43
India Gelatine & Chemicals Ltd316.95446.9015.37

Top Chemical Stocks in India

The below table shows the Top Chemical Stocks in India based on the PE Ratio.

Chemical StocksMarket CapClose PricePE Ratio
Tata Chemicals Ltd28,755.611,128.7515.1
Archean Chemical Industries Ltd7,361.86596.6018.76
PCBL Ltd9,247.83245.0019.32
Castrol India Ltd19,500.55197.1522.5
Supreme Petrochem Ltd11,359.58604.1030.06
Sigachi Industries Ltd1,937.9959.0537.61
DCW Ltd1,497.9150.7541.03
Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd15,529.04315.2541.19
Aarti Industries Ltd23,015.38634.9053.03
Vikas Ecotech Ltd513.693.7079.97

Chemical Stocks List

The below table shows the Chemical Stocks List based on the Highest Daily Volume.

Chemical StocksMarket CapClose PriceHighest Volume
Vikas Ecotech Ltd513.693.7017,938,335.00
Castrol India Ltd19,500.55197.153,891,138.00
DCW Ltd1,497.9150.753,752,487.00
PCBL Ltd9,247.83245.003,481,021.00
Archean Chemical Industries Ltd7,361.86596.603,365,498.00
Rain Industries Ltd5,400.03160.553,327,564.00
Sigachi Industries Ltd1,937.9959.052,388,451.00
Supreme Petrochem Ltd11,359.58604.101,981,210.00
Tata Chemicals Ltd28,755.611,128.751,603,137.00
Meghmani Organics Ltd2,071.3981.451,469,077.00

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Introduction to Best Chemical Stocks in India

Chemical Stocks In India – 1 Year Return

Kuber Udyog Ltd

Kuber Udyog Ltd is an Indian company that manufactures and trades various products, including agricultural commodities, consumer goods, and industrial chemicals.

Waaree Technologies Ltd

Waaree Technologies Ltd, an Indian company, specializes in trading adhesive tapes, e-vehicles, and AI-based products/services. It operates as an intermediary, converting and supplying adhesive tapes and synthetic paper (teslin papers) under the brand AERO, offering various tapes including masking, filament, duct, and insulation tapes.

Ecoplast Ltd

Ecoplast Limited, based in India, specializes in producing and selling co-extruded plastic films for diverse packaging and industrial uses. Offering various film types, it caters to domestic and global markets, utilizing multilayer films for applications like surface protection and packaging.

Best Chemical Stocks In India 2024 – 1 Month Return

Chemfab Alkalis Ltd

Chemfab Alkalis Limited, based in India, manufactures basic inorganic chemicals and PVC-O pipes. Its segments include chemicals and PVC-O pipes. The company produces caustic soda lye, liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen gas, and bleach liquor. It offers two grades of caustic soda lye and PVC-O pipes in two pressure classes with various fittings.

Royal India Corporation Ltd

Royal India Corporation Limited, formerly known as Natraj Finance, was established in 1984 as Natraj Commercial Enterprises Ltd. It underwent name changes and ownership transitions over the years. Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, it trades gold bullions and jewelry, manufactures gold articles, and exports them, with shares listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Crestchem Ltd

Crestchem Limited, an India-based company, specializes in manufacturing, marketing, and exporting nutraceutical ingredients derived from the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical sectors. It primarily produces nutrition-chemical products, focusing on three groups: medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), lactose-free products like skimmed milk powder, and water-soluble oil and fat powders.

Chemical Stocks List – Highest Volume

Vikas Ecotech Ltd

Vikas Ecotech Ltd, based in India, specializes in manufacturing specialty chemicals, additives, and polymer compounds for diverse industries like agriculture, packaging, pharmaceuticals, automotive, etc. Its segments cover infrastructure, chemicals, polymers, and it offers various additives and recycled materials.

Castrol India Ltd

Castrol India Limited specializes in manufacturing and marketing automotive and industrial lubricants. It offers a wide range of products including car engine oils, motorcycle oils, and fluids like brake fluids and greases. With a manufacturing and distribution network in India, it serves various sectors through its renowned brands like Castrol CRB and Castrol Activ.


DCW Limited, an India-based chemical company, manufactures and sells various chemicals including soda ash, caustic soda, synthetic rutile, and PVC. Its segments encompass soda ash, caustic soda, synthetic iron oxide pigments, PVC, CPVC, and others. With over 12 products, it has a global distribution network across 12 countries, notably in the US, Europe, Japan, Malaysia, and Netherlands.

Top Chemical Stocks In India – PE Ratio

Tata Chemicals Ltd

Tata Chemicals Limited, an India-based sustainable chemistry solutions company, operates in two segments: Basic Chemistry Products and Specialty Products. The former includes inorganic chemicals like soda ash and salt, serving various industries globally. Specialty Products encompass specialty silica, prebiotics, and Agri inputs catering to food, rubber, tire, animal feed, and pharmaceutical sectors. Its subsidiary, Rallis India Limited, offers Agri inputs and seeds.

Archean Chemical Industries Ltd

Archean Chemical Industries Limited, an India-based specialty chemicals manufacturer, produces and supplies marine chemicals, bromine, industrial salt, and potassium sulfate (SOP). Its products cater to diverse industries such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, aluminum, glass, and textiles, positioning the company as a key player in the chemical industry.


PCBL Limited, an India-based carbon black manufacturer, operates in the materials and specialty chemicals segment with a production capacity of approximately 603,000 metric tons per annum and generates 98 megawatts per hour of green power. It offers specialty chemicals used in plastics, inks, coatings, fiber, batteries, and automotive coatings, with global presence.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best chemical stock in India to buy?

  • Top Chemical Stocks #1: Kuber Udyog Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #2: Waaree Technologies Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #3: Fischer Chemic Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #4: Daikaffil Chemicals India Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #5: Ecoplast Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #6: Premier Explosives Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #7: Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #8: Royal India Corporation Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #9: Jubilant Industries Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #10: Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd

3. Is it good to invest in chemical stocks?

Chemical stocks‘ performance is impacted by factors like the economy, technology, regulations, and the environment. Research companies and the industry before investing to make informed decisions.

4. Why to invest in chemical stocks?

Chemical stocks offer potentially high returns due to the industry’s profitability and growth potential. However, regulatory compliance, market demand, and supply chain risks should be carefully considered before investing.

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