Chemical Stocks in India

March 22, 2023

Chemical Stocks – Best Chemical Stocks in India

SL No.StocksMarket Cap (₹ Cr)Closing Price (₹)
1Pidilite Industries Ltd1,19,006.532,341.20
2SRF Ltd68,463.762,309.65
3UPL Ltd52,272.32696.4
4PI Industries Ltd45,082.152,972.30
5Solar Industries India Ltd33,963.633,753.30
6Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd33,619.593,060.50
7Linde India Ltd31,706.973,717.80
8Coromandel International Ltd25,317.52861.1
9Deepak Nitrite Ltd24,691.131,810.20
10Tata Chemicals Ltd24,418.39958.5

The table above represents the top chemical stocks based on market cap. Read the complete blog to find out the best chemical stocks in India analyzed fundamentally on various parameters.


Chemical Stocks in India – High Net Profit Margin

SL No.StocksMarket Cap (₹ Cr)Closing Price (₹)Net Profit Margin (%)
1Uniphos Enterprises Ltd1,041.45149.7593.64
2MPL Plastics Ltd18.7815.0389.05
3Speedage Commercials Ltd0.939.5069.5
4PH Trading Ltd0.081.7066.67
5Innovassynth Investments Ltd42.2417.4065.59
6Dhunseri Ventures Ltd775.45221.4052.85
7Standard Shoe Sole and Mould (India) Ltd6.3212.2049.38
8Mysore Petro Chemicals Ltd73.11111.0548.71
9Venlon Enterprises Ltd17.243.3046.41
10Lime Chemicals Ltd13.0019.9838.71

Best Chemical Stocks in India 2023 – Highest Dividends

SL No.StocksMarket Cap (₹ Cr)Closing Price (₹)Dividends Per Share (₹)
1Styrenix Performance Materials Ltd1,472.53837.35297
2Bayer Cropscience Ltd18,117.514,031.30150
3Polyplex Corp Ltd4,018.241,280.00104
4Akzo Nobel India Ltd10,444.222,293.4075
5Tide Water Oil Co India Ltd1,536.00903.8055
6Atul Ltd20,498.636,945.4525
7Foseco India Ltd1,553.832,433.0025.
8Excel Industries Ltd1,075.05855.2022.5
9Transpek Industry Ltd912.511,633.7022.5
10Galaxy Surfactants Ltd8,241.992,324.6518

Best Penny Chemical Stocks in India

SL No.StocksMarket Cap (₹ Cr)Closing Price (₹)
1Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd508.368.50
2Vikas Ecotech Ltd257.472.70
3Basant Agro Tech Ltd146.6416.18
4Kkalpana Industries (India) Ltd115.5212.28
5Shreyas Intermediates Ltd48.466.84
6Vivimed Labs Ltd60.537.30
7Innovassynth Investments Ltd42.2417.40
8Mangalam Global Enterprise Ltd200.3815.40
9SVC Industries Ltd35.882.20
10Sanginita Chemicals Ltd32.8119

Top Chemical Stocks in India – High EPS

SL No.StocksMarket Cap (₹ Cr)Closing Price (₹)Earnings Per Share (₹)
1Polson Ltd120.009,999.80520.00
2Bharat Rasayan Ltd3,568.078,586.85418.80
3Atul Ltd20,498.636,945.45204.02
4Styrenix Performance Materials Ltd1,472.53837.35183.42
5Polyplex Corp Ltd4,018.241,280.00181.19
6Bayer Cropscience Ltd18,117.514,031.30143.58
7BASF India Ltd9,878.222,282.10137.42
8MPL Plastics Ltd18.7815.03130.72
9Excel Industries Ltd1,075.05855.20128.24
10Paushak Ltd2,155.656,994.05122.06

Chemical Stocks List – Highest Daily Volume

SL No.StocksMarket Cap (₹ Cr)Closing Price (₹)Daily Volume
1National Fertilizers Ltd3,541.9872.2058,57,375
2Vikas Ecotech Ltd257.472.7028,17,156
3Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd5,398.2797.8525,84,591
4Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd3,890.0489.9015,02,039
5Paradeep Phosphates Ltd4,182.4551.3514,59,949
6Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd4,871.39122.2512,78,126
7DCW Ltd1,372.4746.5011,58,443
8Rain Industries Ltd5,300.81157.6011,52,254
9Manali Petrochemicals Ltd1,062.1061.758,59,952
10Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals11,483.13275.958,04,345

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Introduction to Best Chemical Stocks in India

Chemical Stocks in India

Uniphos Enterprises Ltd

Since its establishment in 1969, Uniphos Enterprises Ltd. has been operating as a company that deals in the purchase and sale of various chemicals and other goods.

The company is in the business of buying and selling different types of chemicals. The Company’s commercial dealings are currently conducted on a very limited basis at this time. The company is continuing to investigate potential new markets for the selling of chemicals in India and other countries.

MPL Plastics Ltd

MPL Plastics Ltd. is a company that has been in business since 1992. The company performs the activities of job work and processing work for plastic and thermoware goods.

Speedage Commercials Ltd

Speedage Commercials Ltd is in the business of giving loans and advances, in addition to making investments in other types of assets.

Best Chemical Stocks in India 2023

Styrenix Performance Materials Ltd

Styrenix Performance Materials Ltd is in the business of making styrenics plastic and focuses on styrene monomer, polystyrene, ABS Standard, and styrenics specialties as its primary areas of concentration.

The company is a division of INEOS Styrolution, which is a subsidiary of INEOS, one of the most successful and influential chemical corporations in the world. More than 4000 clients are being served by the organization with more than 1500 goods and activities, which are spread across 10 countries and include 24 sales offices and 20 manufacturing facilities.

Bayer Cropscience Ltd

Bayer CropScience is largely involved in the Agri Care industry, which entails the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of numerous insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and other types of agrochemicals, as well as corn seeds.

Polyplex Corp Ltd

Polyplex Corporation is involved in the production of BOPP, Blown PP/PE, and CPP films, which are utilized in the flexible packaging sector as well as in industrial applications such as release liners, tapes, labels, and so on. They have 33 years of experience working with various types of plastic films. They have six manufacturing facilities spread across five countries, in addition to many warehouses and liaison offices located all over the world.

Best Penny Chemical Stocks in India

Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd

The primary activities in which Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. is involved include the production and selling of fertilizers, as well as the provision of micro-irrigation equipment and agricultural information services.

Vikas Ecotech Ltd

Vikas Ecotech Limited was founded in 1984 and is principally involved in the production of specialty chemicals with an emphasis on additives and specialty polymer compounds. This is the company’s primary line of business.

Basant Agro Tech (India) Ltd

In India, Basant Agro Tech (India) Limited is a manufacturer of a variety of agricultural inputs. These farm inputs include diverse hybrid seeds, NPK combination granulated fertilizers, and phosphatic fertilizers.

Top Chemical Stocks in India

Polson Ltd

Polson’s primary focus is on the production and distribution of synthetic organic tanning substances, both on the domestic market and the international stage.

Manufacturer of Vegetable Tannin Extracts that Takes the Lead in Asia Since its founding in 1906, Polson Limited has been Asia’s preeminent maker and supplier of environmentally friendly leather chemicals and vegetable tannin extracts.

Bharat Rasayan Ltd

The production of Technical Grade Pesticides and Intermediates, which are both utilized in the agrochemical business, is the primary focus of Bharat Rasayan Ltd. In 1989, it became a legally recognized entity.

The firm is responsible for the production of a comprehensive selection of pesticides, which includes insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, weedicides, intermediates, and plant growth regulators. It solves the insect issues that plague the most important crops cultivated in India, such as rice, cotton, soybeans, sugarcane, and other agricultural products.

Atul Ltd

Atul Ltd. is an Indian chemical conglomerate that is both diverse and integrated (a part of Lalbhai Group, Gujarat). The company’s goods are put to use in a wide variety of sectors, and they may be classified primarily into two categories: life science chemicals and performance and other chemicals, which fall under nine different businesses.

Since its founding, the firm has pioneered the production of several items in India, including but not limited to: crop care chemicals, Phosgene, Carbamite, 2,4-D Acid, para Cresol, tissue culture reared date palms, and Vat Dyes.

Chemical Stocks List

National Fertilizers Ltd

National Fertilizers Limited (NFL) is a company that is primarily involved in the production and sale of fertilizers and related products. Their product line includes neem coated urea, bio-fertilizers (such as phosphate solubilizing bacteria, rhizobium, and azotobacter), and industrial products like ammonia, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, sodium nitrite, and sodium nitrate.

Vikas Ecotech Ltd

Vikas Ecotech Limited was founded in 1984 and is principally involved in the production of specialty chemicals with an emphasis on additives and specialty polymer compounds. This is the company’s primary line of business.

Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd

Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited is an Indian company that makes fertilizers, industrial chemicals, and other products. They make different types of fertilizers for agriculture, and also make chemicals for industries like dyes, pharmaceuticals, and leather. The company has three main segments: Fertilizers, Industrial Chemicals, and Trading. In addition to making and selling their own products, they also import and sell fertilizers for agricultural use

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best chemical stock in India to buy?

  • Best Chemical Stocks #1: Styrenix Performance Materials Ltd
  • Best Chemical Stocks #2: Bayer Cropscience Ltd
  • Best Chemical Stocks #3: Polyplex Corp Ltd
  • Best Chemical Stocks #4: Akzo Nobel India Ltd
  • Best Chemical Stocks #5: Tide Water Oil Co India Ltd

2. What are the Top Chemical Stocks In India?

  • Top Chemical Stocks #1: Polson Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #2: Bharat Rasayan Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #3: Atul Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #4: Styrenix Performance Materials Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #5: Polyplex Corp Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #6: Bayer Cropscience Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #7: BASF India Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #8: MPL Plastics Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #9: Excel Industries Ltd
  • Top Chemical Stocks #10: Paushak Ltd

3. Is it good to invest in chemical stocks?

Chemical stocks‘ performance is impacted by factors like the economy, technology, regulations, and the environment. Research companies and the industry before investing to make informed decisions.

4. Why to invest in chemical stocks?

Chemical stocks offer potentially high returns due to the industry’s profitability and growth potential. However, regulatory compliance, market demand, and supply chain risks should be carefully considered before investing.

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