Best Renewable Energy Stocks in India

November 17, 2023

Best Renewable Energy Stocks in India 2023

The best renewable energy stocks in India 2023, based on market capitalization:

Renewable energy stocksMarket CapClose Price
Adani Green Energy Ltd1,49,112.90936.1
NHPC Ltd52,033.2852.7
SJVN Ltd29,552.0676.2
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd10,143.1214.5
BF Utilities Ltd2,352.53642.9
Orient Green Power Company Ltd2,064.4222.1
KP ENERGY Ltd1,307.57582.1
Indowind Energy Ltd177.117.1
Energy Development Company Ltd98.5620.4
Karma Energy Ltd70.7564.2


Renewable Energy Stocks

The table below shows renewable energy stocks based on 1 Year Return.

Renewable Energy StocksMarket PriceClose Price1 Year Return
KP ENERGY Ltd1,307.57582.1235.41
Orient Green Power Company Ltd2,064.4222.1184.04
Karma Energy Ltd70.7564.2114.36
SJVN Ltd29,552.0676.2113.15
Tarini International Ltd14.2310.95108.57
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd10,143.1214.597.28
BF Utilities Ltd2,352.53642.964.7
NHPC Ltd52,033.2852.725.63
SRM Energy Ltd8.439.4925.03
Indowind Energy Ltd177.117.124.87

Top Renewable Energy Companies

The table below shows top renewable energy companies based on 1 Month Return.

Renewable Energy StocksMarket PriceClose Price1 Month Return
Orient Green Power Company Ltd2,064.4222.159.57
SRM Energy Ltd8.439.4958.17
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd10,143.1214.551.83
Karma Energy Ltd70.7564.237.92
Indowind Energy Ltd177.117.18.92
Energy Development Company Ltd98.5620.43.55
SJVN Ltd29,552.0676.21.74
KP ENERGY Ltd1,307.57582.11.54
BF Utilities Ltd2,352.53642.9-0.1
NHPC Ltd52,033.2852.7-0.75

Best Renewable Energy Shares

The table below shows best renewable energy shares based on PE Ratio.

Renewable energy stocksMarket CapClose PricePE Ratio
Gita Renewable Energy Ltd46.82113.156.31
BF Utilities Ltd2,352.53642.98.79
NHPC Ltd52,033.2852.712.12
Karma Energy Ltd70.7564.212.39
KP ENERGY Ltd1,307.57582.126.42
SJVN Ltd29,552.0676.229.21
Energy Development Company Ltd98.5620.447.76

Renewable Energy Stocks

The table below shows renewable energy stocks based on the Highest Volume.

Renewable energy stocksMarket CapClose PriceDaily Volume
Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd10,143.1214.517,98,96,724.00
Orient Green Power Company Ltd2,064.4222.13,32,94,919.00
SJVN Ltd29,552.0676.22,65,32,739.00
NHPC Ltd52,033.2852.72,06,01,049.00
Adani Green Energy Ltd1,49,112.90936.13,41,144.00
BF Utilities Ltd2,352.53642.91,99,821.00
Energy Development Company Ltd98.5620.41,99,411.00
Indowind Energy Ltd177.117.11,69,751.00
Agni Green Power Ltd49.1324.7535,000.00
KP ENERGY Ltd1,307.57582.131,014.00
Karma Energy Ltd70.7564.217,239.00

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Short Introduction To Top 3 Companies From Each Table Above

Renewable Energy Stocks With 1 Year Return


KP ENERGY Ltd is a leading renewable energy company in India, primarily focusing on wind power generation. They are involved in the development, operation, and maintenance of wind farms.

Orient Green Power Company Ltd

Orient Green Power Co. Ltd., an Indian company, specializes in wind energy generation with a 402.3 MW portfolio across Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, and a 10.5 MW wind farm in Croatia. Its subsidiaries include entities focusing on renewable energy ventures globally.

Karma Energy Ltd

Karma Energy Limited is an Indian company specializing in renewable energy, particularly wind and small hydel projects. They currently operate 33 MW wind power projects and have significant expansion plans across multiple states in India, emphasizing the growth of renewable energy.

Top Renewable Energy Companies With 1 Month Return

SRM Energy Ltd

SRM Energy Ltd., formerly known as Hitkari Fibres Ltd., and part of the Spice Energy Group, is working on achieving 4,000 MW of power generation capacity in India. They streamlined their operations by merging SRM Energy Private Ltd. with Hitkari Fibres Ltd. to enhance fundraising and resource mobilization.

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd is a subsidiary of the Jaypee Group, focusing on power generation through thermal and hydroelectric power plants. They are involved in operating and maintaining power projects across India.

Indowind Energy Ltd

Indowind Energy Limited, based in India, specializes in wind farm development, wind asset management, and the sale of Green Power to utilities and corporations. Their services encompass Green Power Sale, Project Management, Asset Management, and Value Addition Services in the power sector.

Best Renewable Energy Shares With PE Ratio

Gita Renewable Energy Ltd

Gita Renewable Energy Ltd is an Indian company that operates in the renewable energy sector. The company is engaged in developing and operating renewable energy projects, particularly in the field of solar and wind energy.

BF Utilities Ltd

BF Utilities Ltd, an Indian holding company, focuses on electricity generation through windmills and infrastructure. Its windmill segment houses numerous wind energy generators, while its infrastructure arm manages projects like a bypass road and a tolled expressway connecting cities.


NHPC Ltd is a major government-owned company involved in hydroelectric power generation. They undertake the construction, operation, and maintenance of hydroelectric projects across India.

Green Energy Stocks With Highest Volume

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd

aiprakash Power Ventures Ltd is a subsidiary of the Jaypee Group, focusing on power generation through thermal and hydroelectric power plants. They are involved in operating and maintaining power projects across India.

Adani Green Energy Ltd

Adani Green Energy Ltd, an Indian holding company, specializes in renewable energy generation and operations. With numerous solar and wind projects across various states in India, it sells power through long-term agreements and merchant basis.

Energy Development Company Ltd

Energy Development Company Limited operates in the power sector, generating clean energy from water and wind. It has segments for electricity generation, project development, and trading. With hydro and wind projects in Karnataka, it offers consultancy and trades power equipment.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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