Best Auto Sector Stocks in India

Best Auto Sector Stocks in India 2024

The below table shows the best auto sector stocks in India based on the highest market capitalization.

Auto StocksMarket CapClose Price
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd387,900.4612,337.70
Tata Motors Ltd358,621.66979.80
Bajaj Auto Ltd253,311.378,945.25
Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd224,960.421,878.80
Tata Motors Ltd151,860.11649.15
Eicher Motors Ltd109,204.643,988.40
TVS Motor Company Ltd97,430.872,050.80
Hero MotoCorp Ltd93,643.344,684.00
Bosch Ltd89,007.9730,178.70
Samvardhana Motherson International Ltd78,809.78116.30

Humans have long sought a mode of transportation since their inception on this planet. If you go back in time, the evolution of vehicles has come a long way, and it continues to evolve every day. But one thing has stayed constant: the need for something to travel on.

Doesn’t this fact make the Automobile sector an excellent place to invest?? That’s obviously a topic of discussion, and we will come to do it some other time. Until then, let’s show you some of the top-performing auto sector stocks in India.

The topic is covered in different sections, and the automobile stocks in India are listed based on various fundamental analysis factors. Keep reading to know it all!!!


Automobile Stocks in India with 1Y Return

The list below shows the top auto stocks in India based on 1Y Return.

Auto StocksMarket CapClose Price1 Year Return
Force Motors Ltd9,310.357,165.55511.32
Remsons Industries Ltd602.84864.20333.07
Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd8,548.751,940.70260.88
Tata Motors Ltd151,860.11649.15204.34
G. G. Automotive Gears Ltd75.9991.21194.32
JBM Auto Ltd22,110.441,869.85190.76
SML Isuzu Ltd2,837.751,960.90187.06
Talbros Automotive Components Ltd1,475.30239.00186.57
NDR Auto Components Ltd922.69775.85184.30
Automobile Corp Of Goa Ltd1,282.782,106.85182.04

List of Auto Sector Stocks with 1M Return

Find out the best auto sector companies with 1M Return.

Auto StocksMarket CapClose Price1 Month Return
Fiem Industries Ltd2,896.871,100.6568.22
Rico Auto Industries Ltd1,946.75143.9055.99
Hira Automobiles Ltd10.1036.6940.57
EMA India Ltd3.3132.8925.63
Metalyst Forgings Ltd18.944.3522.97
Hi-Tech Gears Ltd1,247.53664.3521.88
Automobile Corp Of Goa Ltd1,282.782,106.8519.92
Force Motors Ltd9,310.357,165.5519.77
Jamna Auto Industries Ltd5,124.40128.4511.72
Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd40,549.93691.4510.39

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Auto Sector Companies – PE Ratio

Earnings per share is an important thing to note while investing in any stock; hence, this table solves the purpose for and brings you the list of auto sector stocks based on PE Ratio.

Auto StocksMarket CapClose PricePE Ratio
Jamna Auto Industries Ltd5,124.40128.4521.64
Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd224,960.421,878.8022.85
Hero MotoCorp Ltd93,643.344,684.0024.58
Hi-Tech Gears Ltd1,247.53664.3527.23
Eicher Motors Ltd109,204.643,988.4031.03
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd387,900.4612,337.7032.44
Bajaj Auto Ltd253,311.378,945.2536.27
G G Engineering Ltd270.101.9338.56
TVS Motor Company Ltd97,430.872,050.8048.52
Rico Auto Industries Ltd1,946.75143.9052.42

Top Auto Stocks in India with Largest Volume

For intraday traders, it’s crucial to consider the volume of shares; the below table shows the best auto sector stocks based on daily volume.

Auto StocksMarket CapClose PriceHighest Volume
Samvardhana Motherson International Ltd78,809.78116.3015,070,589.00
Tata Motors Ltd358,621.66979.8013,638,296.00
Ashok Leyland Ltd48,933.89166.6511,280,627.00
G G Engineering Ltd270.101.936,959,305.00
Jamna Auto Industries Ltd5,124.40128.456,912,825.00
Rico Auto Industries Ltd1,946.75143.903,803,309.00
Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd224,960.421,878.803,786,990.00
Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd40,549.93691.452,338,126.00
Hi-Tech Gears Ltd1,247.53664.351,674,787.00
Tata Motors Ltd151,860.11649.151,402,180.00

Know What is Volume in the Stock Market. 

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Short Introduction To Top 3 Companies From Each Table Above

Automobile Stocks In India With 1Y Return

Force Motors Ltd

Force Motors Limited, an Indian automobile company, manufactures a variety of vehicles including Light Commercial Vehicles, Multi-Utility Vehicles, Small Commercial Vehicles, Special Utility Vehicles, and Agricultural Tractors. It offers transport solutions for both goods and passengers and exports its products to various countries worldwide. The company’s subsidiary is Tempo Finance (West) Private Limited.

Remsons Industries Ltd

Remsons Industries Limited, an Indian company, manufactures automotive components for various vehicles, supplying OEMs nationally and globally. Its product range includes cables, combi-brake systems, gear shift systems, winches, and more. With eight manufacturing plants in India, it exports to several countries including the USA, Brazil, and the UK. Wholly-owned subsidiaries include Remsons Holdings Ltd.

Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd

Shriram Pistons & Rings Limited, an Indian company, manufactures pistons, piston pins, piston rings, and engine valves for domestic and international markets. Primarily focused on automotive components, it serves OEMs, aftermarket, and export markets across various vehicle segments. Its diverse product portfolio includes advanced piston technologies like DLC coating and cooling gallery pistons, along with cylinder liners, crankshafts, and gaskets.

List Of Auto Sector Stocks With 1M Return

Fiem Industries Ltd

Fiem Industries Limited, an Indian company, specializes in manufacturing and supplying auto components. Its diverse product range includes automotive lighting, signaling equipment, rear-view mirrors, plastic molded parts, and LED luminaires for indoor and outdoor use. With nine manufacturing facilities, it produces a wide array of components for motorized vehicles, including pistons, engine valves, steering gears, and brake assemblies.

Rico Auto Industries Ltd

Rico Auto Industries Limited, an Indian engineering company, specializes in manufacturing and supplying high-precision machined aluminum and ferrous components to automotive OEMs worldwide. It offers a wide range of products for two-wheelers and four-wheelers, including oil pump assemblies, exhaust manifolds, steering knuckles, and engine brackets, along with integrated design and development services.

Hira Automobiles Ltd

Hira Automobiles Ltd, established in 1989 and authorized dealer of Maruti Suzuki, is prominent in South Punjab. With 12 locations across 9 towns, it offers comprehensive Maruti solutions. Recognized for excellence, it has won awards for skilled mechanics, rural marketing, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence. Led by Mr. Rahulinder Singh Sidhu, the company aims for regional corporate leadership, emphasizing customer and societal welfare.

Auto Sector Companies – PE Ratio

Jamna Auto Industries Ltd

Jamna Auto Industries Limited, based in India, manufactures a range of automotive suspension components including leaf springs, stabilizer bars, and bushes. With manufacturing facilities in multiple locations across India, its products cater to both OEMs and the aftermarket. The company’s offerings also include lift axles, air suspensions, and various allied components for trailers and vehicles.

Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, based in India, operates across various sectors including automotive, farm equipment, financial services, and industrial businesses. Its offerings range from automobiles, utility vehicles, and tractors to information technology solutions. The company serves diverse industries including aerospace, agribusiness, defense, and real estate, among others, offering a wide array of products and services.

Hero MotoCorp Ltd

Hero MotoCorp Limited is an Indian company specializing in the development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of motorcycles, scooters, and related accessories. With a diverse product lineup, including various models of motorcycles and scooters, the company operates eight manufacturing facilities across India, Colombia, and Bangladesh, serving both domestic and international markets.

Top Auto Stocks In India With Largest Volume

Samvardhana Motherson International Ltd

Samvardhana Motherson International Limited is a diversified manufacturer providing full system solutions in automotive and other industries. With a wide product portfolio including electrical systems, vehicle modules, rear vision systems, plastics, rubber components, lighting, electronics, and industrial IT solutions, the company operates across segments like wiring harness, modules, polymer products, and emerging businesses.

Tata Motors Ltd

Tata Motors Limited is a global automobile manufacturer with a diverse portfolio encompassing cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, and defense vehicles. Its segments include automotive operations and other operations, covering commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover, and vehicle financing. Other operations include IT services, machine tools, and factory automation solutions.

Ashok Leyland Ltd

Ashok Leyland Limited, an Indian automobile manufacturer, is involved in vehicle manufacturing, sales, finance, and IT services. They produce a wide range of commercial vehicles, engines for various applications, and defense vehicles, serving both domestic and international markets. Their segments encompass commercial vehicles and financial services.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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