Best Pharma Stocks Under 500

Best Pharma Stocks Under 500

The below table shows the Best Pharma Stocks Under 500 based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

NameMarket Cap (Cr)Close Price (rs)
Laurus Labs Ltd23884.27443.15
F D C Ltd7388.32453.8
Aarti Drugs Ltd4548.48494.75
Innova Captab Ltd2749.37480.45
Solara Active Pharma Sciences Ltd1523.18423.15
Zota Health Care Ltd1304.06491.6
Medicamen Biotech Ltd531.28417.85
Kwality Pharmaceuticals Ltd470.23452.35


What Are Pharma Stocks?

Pharma stocks represent companies involved in the research, development, production, and marketing of medications and medical products. These stocks are part of the pharmaceutical sector, which is considered defensive, often maintaining stability during economic downturns due to constant demand for healthcare services.

Investing in pharma stocks can offer steady returns, as the industry is less sensitive to economic cycles compared to others. These stocks might also provide dividends, appealing to income-focused investors.

However, pharma stocks are subject to regulatory risks and high costs associated with drug development. Changes in healthcare policies and patent expirations can also significantly impact their performance.

Best Pharma Stocks Below 500

The table below shows Best Pharma Stocks Below 500 based on 1 Year Return.

NameClose Price (rs)1Y Return (%)
Zota Health Care Ltd491.679.51
F D C Ltd453.872.06
Laurus Labs Ltd443.1545.49
Kwality Pharmaceuticals Ltd452.3541.47
Aarti Drugs Ltd494.7519.49
Solara Active Pharma Sciences Ltd423.1515.22
Innova Captab Ltd480.45-11.26
Medicamen Biotech Ltd417.85-42.07
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Pharma Stocks Under ₹500

The table below shows Pharma Stocks Under ₹500 based on 1 Month Return.

NameClose Price (rs)1M Return (%)
Aarti Drugs Ltd494.758.55
Laurus Labs Ltd443.157.23
Medicamen Biotech Ltd417.854.49
F D C Ltd453.84.41
Zota Health Care Ltd491.63.58
Solara Active Pharma Sciences Ltd423.153.25
Kwality Pharmaceuticals Ltd452.352
Innova Captab Ltd480.451.41

Top Pharma Stocks Below 500

The table below shows Top Pharma Stocks Below 500 based on the highest day Volume.

NameClose Price (rs)Daily Volume (Shares)
Laurus Labs Ltd443.152633516
Solara Active Pharma Sciences Ltd423.15536274
F D C Ltd453.8107031
Aarti Drugs Ltd494.7581950
Zota Health Care Ltd491.632759
Innova Captab Ltd480.4523155
Medicamen Biotech Ltd417.856141
Kwality Pharmaceuticals Ltd452.352941

Best Pharma Stocks Below 500

The table below shows the Best Pharma Stocks Below 500 based on the PE Ratio.

NameClose Price (rs)PE Ratio (%)
Laurus Labs Ltd443.15138.74
Medicamen Biotech Ltd417.8556.03
Kwality Pharmaceuticals Ltd452.3543.2
Innova Captab Ltd480.4540.46
Aarti Drugs Ltd494.7525.28
F D C Ltd453.824.59
Solara Active Pharma Sciences Ltd423.15-6.47
Zota Health Care Ltd491.6-225.62

Features of Pharma Stocks Below 500

The main features of pharma stocks below ₹500 include affordability for retail investors and the potential for high returns. These stocks often belong to smaller companies, which might present faster growth opportunities but also carry higher risks due to volatility and regulatory challenges.

  • Affordable Entry: Pharma stocks priced below ₹500 are accessible to a wider range of investors, allowing for portfolio diversification without significant capital. This lower entry point makes it easier for individual investors to buy more shares and potentially leverage market movements.
  • High Growth Potential: These stocks often belong to smaller, more dynamic pharmaceutical companies poised for rapid growth. While they offer the chance for significant returns, this comes with the risk of higher volatility due to their smaller market capitalizations and less established products.
  • Regulatory Roulette: Investing in these stocks requires careful consideration of regulatory impacts. Approval or rejection of new drugs by bodies like the FDA can drastically affect a company’s stock price, making these investments particularly susceptible to regulatory news.
  • Market Volatility: Due to their lower price and smaller size, these stocks can be more volatile than those of larger pharmaceutical companies. This can lead to significant price swings, offering both substantial gains and losses, depending on market conditions and investor sentiment.

How To Invest In Pharma Stocks Below 500?

To invest in pharma stocks below ₹500 using Alice Blue, identify potential companies, open an account, and allocate funds. Leverage their research tools to scrutinize financials, drug pipelines, and market trends, ensuring the stocks align with your investment goals.

Focus on companies with strong product pipelines and regulatory approval prospects. Analyze their financial health and potential for future growth, considering their smaller size and market dynamics.

Diversify your investments to manage risk. Monitor your portfolio regularly, responding to market changes and regulatory updates that could impact stock performance.

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Introduction to List Of Pharma Stocks Below 500

Laurus Labs Ltd

The Market Cap of Laurus Labs Ltd is ₹23,884.27 crore. The stock has achieved a 1-month return of 45.49% and a 1-year return of 7.23%. It is currently 6.28% below its 52-week high.

Laurus Labs Limited is an Indian pharmaceutical and biotechnology company offering an integrated portfolio of Active Pharma Ingredients (API), intermediates, generic finished dosage forms (FDF), and contract research services to meet global pharmaceutical industry needs. The company operates through three segments: Laurus Generics, Laurus Synthesis, and Laurus Bio.

The Laurus Generics segment focuses on the development, manufacture, and sale of APIs, advanced intermediates, and oral solid formulations. The Laurus Synthesis segment deals with key starting materials, intermediates, and APIs for new chemical entities. Laurus Bio specializes in recombinant and animal-origin-free products for safer, viral-free biomanufacturing. Laurus Labs generates revenue from both domestic and international customers, selling APIs in 56 countries.

F D C Ltd

The Market Cap of F D C Ltd is ₹7,388.32 crore. The stock has delivered a 1-month return of 72.06% and a 1-year return of 4.41%. It is currently 7.47% below its 52-week high.

FDC Limited is an India-based pharmaceutical company engaged in manufacturing and distributing generics, formulations, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The company produces oral rehydration salts (ORS) and specialized formulations at its manufacturing plants. It also offers a range of functional foods and beverages.

FDC’s APIs include Albuterol Sulfate, Bromhexine Hydrochloride, Cinnarizine, and others. The company operates in various therapeutic segments such as anti-infectives, gastrointestinal, ophthalmology, vitamins/minerals/dietary supplements, cardiology, anti-diabetes, respiratory, gynecology, dermatology, and analgesics. Its notable brands include Zifi, Electral, Enerzal, Vitcofol, Pyrimon, and Mycoderm.

Aarti Drugs Ltd

The Market Cap of Aarti Drugs Ltd is ₹4,548.48 crore. The stock has recorded a 1-month return of 19.49% and a 1-year return of 8.55%. It is currently 30.52% below its 52-week high.

Aarti Drugs Limited, based in India, manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), pharma intermediates, specialty chemicals, and formulations. The company’s API products include ciprofloxacin hydrochloride, metronidazole, metformin HCL, ketoconazole, and ofloxacin. They also produce specialty chemicals like benzene sulphonyl chloride and methyl nicotinate.

Aarti Drugs’ pharma intermediates include tinidazole, celecoxib, ciprofloxacin, clopidogrel, diclofenac, ketoconazole, raloxifene, and zolpidem. Their development pipeline features itraconazole, fluconazole, dabigatran, ticagrelor, sitagliptin, and alpha lipoic acid. Subsidiaries include Pinnacle Life Science Private Limited, Aarti Speciality Chemicals Limited, and Pinnacle Chile SPA.

Innova Captab Ltd

The Market Cap of Innova Captab Ltd is ₹2,749.37 crore. The stock has experienced a 1-month return of -11.26% and a 1-year return of 1.41%. It is currently 22.39% below its 52-week high.

Innova Captab Ltd operates as an integrated pharmaceutical company in India, spanning the pharmaceuticals value chain from research and development to manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and exports. Since our establishment in 2006, we have expanded significantly, serving top Indian pharmaceutical firms, including 10 of the top 10 and 14 of the top 15.

With licenses to manufacture products through two cutting-edge facilities, we adhere to stringent standards like WHO-GMP and EU-GMP. Supported by our world-class manufacturing and reliable supply chain, we strive for operational excellence. Our in-house research and development (R&D) drive the development of a diverse product portfolio, attracting and retaining customers. Our workforce, boasting over 1,000 employees, is a testament to our strength.

Solara Active Pharma Sciences Ltd

The Market Cap of Solara Active Pharma Sciences Ltd is ₹1,523.18 crore. The stock has achieved a 1-month return of 15.22% and a 1-year return of 3.25%. It is currently 19.70% below its 52-week high.

Solara Active Pharma Sciences Limited, an India-based company, offers a wide range of commercial active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and contract manufacturing services in over 70 countries. The company operates through the API segment, focusing on both commercial products and research and development initiatives.

Solara’s product portfolio includes Albendazole, Aprepitant (Antiemetic), Artesunate, Brivaracetam (Antiepileptic), Bumetanide (Loop Diuretic), Buspirone HCL (Anxiolytic), and many more. The company collaborates with pharmaceutical companies from North America, Europe, and Japan, catering to diverse therapeutic needs globally.

Zota Health Care Ltd

The Market Cap of Zota Health Care Ltd is ₹1,304.06 crore. The stock has delivered a 1-month return of 79.51% and a 1-year return of 3.58%. It is currently 12.90% below its 52-week high.

Zota Health Care Limited is an India-based company specializing in drug development, manufacturing, and marketing. The company produces, markets, and exports pharmaceutical, ayurvedic, nutraceutical, and over-the-counter (OTC) products. Its business model has three verticals: Domestic, Exports, and the Retail Pharmacy Chain (Davaindia).

Zota Health Care’s marketing vertical involves direct distribution of generic drugs, OTC products, and other pharmaceutical items through its extensive network across India. With a portfolio of over 3,000 products, including generics, OTC, allopathic, and ayurvedic products, the company also operates Davaindia, a chain of retail pharmacy stores. Their domestic product line includes AMLOTOZ AT Tab, APIXACEED 2.5 Tab, ATRONA 10 Tab, and more.

Medicamen Biotech Ltd

The Market Cap of Medicamen Biotech Ltd is ₹531.28 crore. The stock has recorded a 1-month return of -42.07% and a 1-year return of 4.49%. It is currently 102.23% below its 52-week high.

Medicamen Biotech Limited is an India-based integrated pharmaceutical and life sciences solution provider. The company manufactures a diverse range of pharmaceutical products, including oral solids, oral liquids, and ointments for non-oncology products, as well as tablets, capsules, lyophilized, and dry powder injections for oncology products.

Medicamen Biotech focuses primarily on oncology therapeutics but also produces generics for cardiology, central nervous system (CNS), diabetology, and pain management. Their oncology product line includes drugs such as Abiraterone acetate, Anastrozole, Bicalutamide, and many others, supporting a comprehensive approach to cancer treatment.

Kwality Pharmaceuticals Ltd

The Market Cap of Kwality Pharmaceuticals Ltd is ₹470.23 crore. The stock has achieved a 1-month return of 41.47% and a 1-year return of 2.00%. It is currently 20.48% below its 52-week high.

Kwality Pharmaceuticals Limited is a manufacturer of finished pharmaceutical formulations in various dosage forms. The company engages in the manufacturing, buying, and selling of drug intermediates, chemicals, extracts, and other pharmaceutical goods. It also deals in medical preparations, toilet requisites, medicines, beverages, and other pharmaceutical products.

Kwality Pharmaceuticals manufactures and exports pharmaceutical formulations such as liquid orals, powder for oral suspension, tablets, capsules, sterile powder for injections, small-volume injectables, ointments, external preparations, oral rehydration solutions (ORS), and more. They handle both beta-lactam and non-beta-lactam categories, hormones, cytotoxic (oncology), and effervescent products, specializing in customized business requirements. The company has about 48 sections in its production centers and has registered products in Europe, Africa, Asia, and other regions.

Best Pharma Stocks Under 500 – FAQs

What Are The Best Pharma Stocks Below 500?

Best Pharma Stocks Below 500 #1: Laurus Labs Ltd
Best Pharma Stocks Below 500 #2: F D C Ltd
Best Pharma Stocks Below 500 #3: Aarti Drugs Ltd
Best Pharma Stocks Below 500 #4: Innova Captab Ltd
Best Pharma Stocks Below 500 #5: Solara Active Pharma Sciences Ltd
The Top Best Pharma Stocks Below 500 based on market capitalization.

What Are The Top Pharma Stocks Below 500?

The top pharma stocks below ₹500 include Laurus Labs Ltd, F D C Ltd, Aarti Drugs Ltd, Innova Captab Ltd, and Solara Active Pharma Sciences Ltd. These companies offer affordable entry points for investors seeking exposure to the pharmaceutical sector’s growth potential while diversifying their portfolios.

Is it good to invest in Pharma Stocks Below 500?

Investing in pharma stocks below ₹500 can be promising due to their potential for high returns and growth, especially in emerging companies with innovative products. However, they carry higher risks, including market volatility and regulatory challenges, making thorough research and risk assessment crucial before making investment decisions.

How To Invest In Pharma Stocks Below 500?

To invest in pharma stocks below ₹500, start by researching companies with strong potential in drug development and market presence. Open a brokerage account, like Alice Blue, and use their analytical tools to evaluate these stocks. Diversify your investments to mitigate risk and regularly review your portfolio.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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