Construction Stocks Below 200 English

Construction Stocks Below 200

The table below shows the Construction Stocks Below 200 based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

NameMarket Cap (Cr)Close Price
NBCC (India) Ltd24975.0138.7
Ashoka Buildcon Ltd4888.79173.65
Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Ltd1994.3159.9
Om Infra Ltd1355.48137.55
Simplex Infrastructures Ltd767.43134.25
Artson Engineering Ltd703.14190.45
SPML Infra Ltd581.61124.65
RPP Infra Projects Ltd477.3122.5
SRM Contractors Ltd456.93197.35
Chavda Infra Ltd362.81145.0


What are Construction Stocks?

Construction stocks are shares of companies involved in the construction industry, encompassing activities such as building residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects. These companies may engage in construction services, engineering, real estate development, or construction materials and equipment manufacturing. Examples include construction firms, homebuilders, and infrastructure development companies.

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Best Construction Stocks In India Below 200

The table below shows the Best Construction Stocks In India Below 200 based on 1 Year Return. 

NameClose Price1Y Return %
Simplex Infrastructures Ltd134.25300.15
SPML Infra Ltd124.65295.71
NBCC (India) Ltd138.7242.05
Om Infra Ltd137.55217.3
RPP Infra Projects Ltd122.5189.6
Artson Engineering Ltd190.45184.93
Innovators Facade Systems Ltd178.95116.18
Ashoka Buildcon Ltd173.65102.98
Chavda Infra Ltd145.067.73
Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Ltd159.912.08

Top Construction Stocks Below 200

The table below shows Top Construction Stocks Below 200 based on the highest day Volume.

NameClose PriceDaily Volume (Shares)
NBCC (India) Ltd138.710796822.0
Ashoka Buildcon Ltd173.65986693.0
Simplex Infrastructures Ltd134.25342421.0
Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Ltd159.9261403.0
Chavda Infra Ltd145.0157000.0
Om Infra Ltd137.55113043.0
SRM Contractors Ltd197.35109754.0
Artson Engineering Ltd190.4567781.0
SPML Infra Ltd124.6533218.0
RPP Infra Projects Ltd122.521090.0

List Of Best Construction Stocks In India Below 200

The table below shows a List Of the Best Construction Stocks In India Below 200 based on the PE Ratio. 

NameClose PricePE Ratio
RPP Infra Projects Ltd122.58.53
Ashoka Buildcon Ltd173.6514.22
Om Infra Ltd137.5526.22
SPML Infra Ltd124.6536.71
NBCC (India) Ltd138.764.61

Top 10 Construction Stocks in India Below 200

The table below shows Top 10 Construction Stocks in India Below 200 based on the 6 month return. 

NameClose Price6M Return %
SPML Infra Ltd124.65130.62
NBCC (India) Ltd138.7107.01
Simplex Infrastructures Ltd134.25101.58
RPP Infra Projects Ltd122.559.71
Chavda Infra Ltd145.053.85
Om Infra Ltd137.5538.24
Artson Engineering Ltd190.4529.96
Ashoka Buildcon Ltd173.6529.2
SRM Contractors Ltd197.35-12.68
Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Ltd159.9-17.06

Who Should Invest In Construction Stocks Below 200?

Investing in construction stocks below 200 Rs may appeal to investors seeking exposure to the construction sector with a moderate budget. It could be suitable for individuals who believe in the construction industry’s growth potential and are willing to accept the associated risks. Additionally, those looking to diversify their portfolio or capitalize on infrastructure development projects may find investing in these stocks beneficial.

How To Invest In The Construction Stocks Below 200?

To invest in construction stocks below 200, start by researching companies within the construction industry. Use stock market analysis tools or consult financial advisors to identify potential investment opportunities. Once you’ve selected suitable stocks, open a brokerage account with a reputable platform. Then, place buy orders for the desired stocks within your budget. Monitor your investments regularly and consider diversification to manage risk.

Performance Metrics Of Construction Stocks Below 200

Performance metrics of Construction Stocks Below 200 Rs may include:

1. Revenue Growth: Reflects the rate at which the group’s companies increase their sales over time.

2. Earnings Per Share (EPS): Indicates the profitability of each share and the potential for dividend payouts.

3. Return on Equity (ROE): Measures how effectively the group’s companies are using shareholders’ equity to generate profits.

4. Price-to-Earnings (P/E) Ratio: Compares the current market price of the stock to its earnings per share, providing insight into its valuation.

5. Dividend Yield: This represents the percentage of dividends paid relative to the stock’s price, indicating the income generated for shareholders.

6. Debt-to-Equity Ratio: Measures the level of debt financing compared to equity financing, assessing the group’s financial leverage.

7. Total Shareholder Return (TSR): Reflects the total return generated for shareholders, including dividends and capital appreciation.

Benefits Of Investing In Construction Stocks Below 200

Investing in construction stocks priced below Rs 200 can offer several benefits, particularly for those looking to diversify their investment portfolios. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Affordability and Accessibility: Stocks priced below Rs 200 are generally more affordable, allowing investors to buy more shares with less capital. This can be particularly appealing for retail investors or those new to the stock market.
  2. High Growth Potential: The construction sector reflects overall economic growth, especially in emerging markets like India. Investing in construction stocks is a way to benefit from infrastructural development and urbanization trends.
  3. Diversification: Adding construction stocks to a portfolio can provide diversification, reducing the risk associated with having all your investments in a single sector or asset class. Construction can be cyclical, but it has unique growth drivers, such as government spending, housing demand, and commercial development.
  4. Dividend Income: Some construction companies offer dividends, providing a regular income stream to investors. While dividends are never guaranteed, consistent dividend-paying stocks can signify a company’s financial health and stability.
  5. Leverage to Economic Cycles: Construction companies often benefit from economic recoveries. When economies start to improve after a downturn, construction projects resume and new projects begin, potentially leading to significant growth in these stocks.
  6. Potential for Undervaluation: Lower-priced stocks can sometimes be undervalued, particularly if they are smaller or less well-known companies that the market has not fully discovered. This can allow savvy investors to invest in a stock before it becomes more widely recognized and potentially increases in value.

Challenges Of Investing In Construction Stocks Below 200

Investing in construction stocks below Rs 200 can offer potential benefits, but it also comes with several challenges and risks that investors need to consider:

  • Volatility: Stocks priced below Rs 200, often considered penny stocks, can be highly volatile. Their low price means they are more susceptible to significant percentage changes in price due to market fluctuations or investor sentiment.
  • Liquidity Issues: Lower-priced stocks may suffer from liquidity issues, making them difficult to buy or sell quickly without affecting the stock price. This can be a significant risk for investors who need to exit their positions promptly.
  • Market Perception and Speculation: Stocks at lower price points are sometimes considered more speculative investments. They can attract more speculative traders, leading to price manipulation or increased volatility not based on the company’s fundamentals.
  • Limited Information and Transparency: Smaller or lesser-known construction companies whose stocks are priced under Rs 200 might not provide as much transparency or as detailed financial disclosures as larger, more established companies. This lack of information can make it difficult to assess the company’s true financial health and prospects.
  • Regulatory and Environmental Risks: The construction sector is heavily regulated, and companies face significant compliance costs. Changes in regulations or failure to comply with existing ones can adversely affect these companies. Additionally, environmental concerns and regulations can delay projects, impacting revenues and profits.

Introduction to Construction Stocks below 200

Construction Stocks Below 200 – Highest Market Capitalization

NBCC (India) Ltd

The Market Cap of NBCC (India) Ltd is Rs 24048 crores. The stock has a monthly return of 12.49% and a one-year return of 251.58%. It is currently 32.37% away from its 52-week high.

NBCC (India) Limited, headquartered in India, provides value-added services across three main segments: Project Management Consultancy (PMC), Real Estate Development, and Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC). Within the PMC segment, the company undertakes civil construction projects, infrastructure projects related to national security, projects for the civil sector, and implementation for initiatives like the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) and developmental activities in the Northeastern Region. 

The Real Estate Development segment focuses on residential projects like apartments and townships and commercial projects like corporate office buildings and shopping malls. The EPC segment provides various services such as project conceptualization, feasibility studies, detailed project reports, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and testing. The company delivers projects to clients in a ready-to-use and operational state.

Ashoka Buildcon Ltd

The Market Cap of Ashoka Buildcon Ltd is Rs 4804.58 crores. The stock has a monthly return of 5.27% and a one-year return of 112.21%. It is currently trading at a level 14.23% below its 52-week high.

Ashoka Buildcon Limited, a company based in India, specializes in infrastructure development. The company is involved in the construction and upkeep of roads, offering support services for toll roads and other projects. Additionally, Ashoka Buildcon Limited is active in the construction of various structures including buildings, power facilities, railways, and city gas distribution networks. 

The company’s primary focus is on engineering, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance of roads and highways. Its business segments include Construction and Contract Related Activities, BOT/Annuity Projects, and Sales (including Real Estate). The Construction & Contract segment encompasses the engineering and construction of various infrastructures, while the BOT segment involves developing infrastructure projects under the BOT & Annuity model. 

Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Ltd

The Market Cap of Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Ltd is Rs. 1994.30 crores. The stock’s monthly return is -3.90%. Its one-year return is 12.08%. The stock is 51.34% away from its 52-week high.

Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Limited is a company that specializes in integrated engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services. It is involved in designing and building various infrastructure projects for government agencies, autonomous organizations, and private entities across nine States and one Union territory in India. The company’s main operations are focused on Water Supply, Railway, Road, and Irrigation Network projects. 

Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Limited manages a fleet of around 484 construction equipment and vehicles. Its range of services includes detailed project engineering, material sourcing, on-site project execution, and comprehensive project management until project completion. The company also handles the operation and maintenance of projects as per contractual agreements, along with the construction of sewerage treatment plants, sewer tank drains, and tube settler installation and commissioning.

Best Construction Stocks In India Below 200 – 1 Year Return

SPML Infra Ltd

The Market Cap of SPML Infra Ltd is Rs. 581.61 crore. The stock’s monthly return is -9.97%. Its one-year return is 295.71%. The stock is 13.16% away from its 52-week high.

SPML Infra Limited is an Indian company specializing in infrastructure development, with a particular focus on providing comprehensive water and wastewater management solutions. The company primarily operates in the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) sector, working on projects such as water treatment, wastewater recycling, urban and rural water supply systems, sewerage networks, sanitation services, solid waste management, power transmission and distribution, advanced power substations, rural electrification, smart city developments, and civil infrastructure projects. 

SPML Infra Limited concentrates on executing projects in the states of Odisha, Manipur, and Uttar Pradesh, including a variety of projects under the Jal Jeevan Mission. The company’s subsidiaries include SPML Infrastructure Limited, Madurai Municipal Waste Processing Co. Pvt. Ltd., and SPML Utilities Limited.

Om Infra Ltd

The Market Cap of Om Infra Ltd is Rs 1355.48 crores. The stock’s monthly return is -0.71%. Its one-year return is 217.30%. The stock is 15.27% away from its 52-week high.

Om Infra Limited, based in India is involved in various business activities including hydro-mechanical equipment, steel fabrication solutions, hydropower projects, real estate development, entertainment centers, and hotels. The company has different segments such as Engineering, Real Estate, and Others. The Engineering segment focuses on products like hydro-mechanical equipment, gates, hoists, and turnkey solutions. 

The Real Estate segment deals with projects such as hotels, multiplexes, IT parks, and residential and commercial developments. The company’s product range includes a variety of equipment such as gates, hoists, cranes, penstocks, trash racks, steel liners, and control systems. Om Infra Limited operates its manufacturing facilities in Kota, Rajasthan.

RPP Infra Projects Ltd

The Market Cap of RPP Infra Projects Ltd is Rs. 477.30 crore. The stock’s monthly return is 9.61%. Its one-year return is 189.60%. The stock is 30.61% away from its 52-week high.

R.P.P Infra Projects Limited, an India-based company, specializes in construction projects within various infrastructure sectors such as roads, buildings, industrial structures, power, irrigation, and water management. The company undertakes projects in several states including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andaman and Nicobar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh. It operates through three segments: Roads, Urban Infrastructure, and Irrigation and River Linking. 

The Roads segment encompasses projects like Bharat Mala, Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, four-laning of national highways, and upgrading state highways to national highways. The Urban Infrastructure segment includes projects related to initiatives such as Swachh Bharat, Smart Cities, sustainable transportation modes, mass rapid transit, metro train services, and water supply and sanitation projects.  

Top Construction Stocks Below 200 – Highest Day Volume

SRM Contractors Ltd

The Market Cap of SRM Contractors Ltd is Rs. 456.93 crore. The stock’s monthly return is -7.48%. Its one-year return is -12.68%. The stock is 20.24% away from its 52-week high.

SRM Contractors Ltd is an engineering construction and development firm specializing in projects related to civil construction in the union territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. The focus areas include roads, bridges, tunnels, slope stabilization works, and other civil construction activities. We handle projects both as an EPC contractor and on an item-rate basis for infrastructure projects. 

Additionally, the company also takes up sub-contracting assignments for infrastructure projects. With a proven track record of successfully completing road, tunnel, and slope stabilization projects in challenging terrains of the union territories, we have acquired the necessary expertise to undertake infrastructure projects in such difficult conditions.

List Of Best Construction Stocks In India Below 200 – PE Ratio

Innovators Facade Systems Ltd

The Market Cap for Innovators Facade Systems Ltd is currently Rs. 354.71 crore. The stock’s monthly return stands at 6.21%, while its one-year return is at 116.18%. The stock is currently 61.22% away from its 52-week high.

Innovators Facade Systems Limited is an Indian company specializing in the design, engineering, fabrication, supply, and installation of facade systems. They offer a variety of metal doors, such as fire-rated, clean room, and industrial doors. 

The company also provides heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products including air handling units, ducting, HEPA boxes, and grilles/diffusers. Operating across sectors like facade, fenestration, and pharmaceutical cleanroom solutions, they are actively involved in commercial, residential, and infrastructure projects. Some of their notable projects include Lodha World View, Raheja Universal Imperia, Oberoi Woods, and many others in different regions.

Chavda Infra Ltd

The Market Cap of Chavda Infra Ltd is Rs. 362.81 crore. The stock’s monthly return is 39.93%. Its one-year return is 67.73%. The stock is 10.99% away from its 52-week high.

The team’s diverse skill sets and collective experience enable them to fulfill dreams and empower each step taken. The leaders at Chavda Infra, acting as strong pillars, not only drive profitable business operations but also propel their legacy forward. By combining the talents of a highly skilled team, strategic planning, and innovative technology usage, the company successfully navigates complex business challenges and creates iconic structures. 

With over 250 employees diligently working day and night at multiple ongoing sites in Gujarat, Chavda Infra is committed to delivering enduring infrastructures. Leveraging the potential of smart laborers and dedicated engineers, the company aims to meet the nation’s demands for safe and noteworthy infrastructures.  

Artson Engineering Ltd

The Market Cap of Artson Engineering Ltd is Rs 703.14 crore. The stock’s monthly return is 29.86%. Its one-year return is 184.93%. The stock is 14.52% away from its 52-week high.

Artson Engineering Limited is a company that specializes in engineering, manufacturing, and construction services. They provide equipment, steel structures, and on-site services for mechanical projects across various industries including oil and gas, petrochemicals, power, and metallurgy. 

The company offers a wide range of services such as process equipment manufacturing, bulk liquid storage construction, industrial piping, structure fabrication, marine platform construction, and plant repair. They are experts in executing large-scale projects including bulk liquid storage tanks, industrial plant piping, and equipment erection on a turnkey basis.  

Simplex Infrastructures Ltd

The Market Cap of Simplex Infrastructures Ltd is Rs. 767.43 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 11.25%. Its one-year return is 300.15%. The stock is 12.85% away from its 52-week high.

Simplex Infrastructures Limited is an infrastructure company based in India that operates in various sectors, such as piling, energy, power, building, housing, marine, roads, highways, railways, urban infrastructure, and more. 

The company’s business segments include Roads, Railways & Bridges, Buildings, Industry, Power & Transmission, Marine, Ground Engineering, and Urban Infrastructure. Simplex collaborates with the Indian Railways to construct railway infrastructure like tracks, station buildings, bridges, and culverts nationwide. It is also involved in metro and light rail projects in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore. 

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Top Construction Stocks below 200 – FAQs

1. Which Are The Best Construction Stocks Below 200?

Best Construction Stocks Below 200 Rs  #1: NBCC (India) Ltd
Best Construction Stocks Below 200 Rs  #2: Ashoka Buildcon Ltd
Best Construction Stocks Below 200 Rs  #3:  Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Ltd
Best Construction Stocks Below 200 Rs  #Construction 4: Om Infra Ltd
Best Construction Stocks Below 200 Rs  #5:  Simplex Infrastructures Ltd

Best Construction Stocks Below 200 Rs are based on market capitalization.

2. What Are The Top Construction Stocks Below 200?

Based on one year’s return, these are the top construction Stocks Below 200 rs, Simplex Infrastructures Ltd, SPML Infra Ltd, NBCC (India) Ltd, Om Infra Ltd, and RPP Infra Projects Ltd.

3. Can I Invest In Stocks Below 200?

Yes, you can invest in construction stocks below Rs 200, which are affordable and may offer growth opportunities linked to economic expansion. However, they come with risks like volatility and regulatory challenges, suitable for risk-tolerant investors.

4. Is It Good To Invest In Construction Stocks Below 200?

Investing in construction stocks below 200 Rs can be advantageous for investors seeking exposure to the construction sector at a lower cost. However, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and consider factors such as market conditions, company fundamentals, and risk tolerance before making investment decisions.

5. How To Invest In Construction Stocks Below 200?

To invest in construction stocks below 200 Rs, start by researching companies within the construction sector. Utilize stock market analysis tools or consult financial advisors to identify potential opportunities. Open a brokerage account, set a budget, and purchase shares of construction companies trading below 200 Rs on the stock market.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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