Vanguard Fund Portfolio English

Vanguard Fund Portfolio

The table below shows the Vanguard Fund Portfolio based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

NameMarket Cap (Cr)Close Price
HDFC Bank Ltd1153545.71561.30
Infosys Ltd606591.741499.75
Axis Bank Ltd362550.091200.00
Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd309045.912807.55
Zomato Ltd158893.58182.16
Shriram Finance Ltd90111.952519.10
Max Healthcare Institute Ltd76722.77811.75
Suzlon Energy Ltd62554.8147.40
PB Fintech Ltd57220.841293.75
Federal Bank Ltd39875.89164.85


What is a Vanguard Fund?

A Vanguard Fund is an investment fund managed by Vanguard, a leading asset management company. These funds include mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), known for their low fees, diversified portfolios, and long-term investment strategies, aiming to provide steady returns while minimizing investment costs for investors.

Best Vanguard Fund Portfolio Stocks

The table below shows the Best Vanguard Fund Portfolio Stocks based on 1 Year Return. 

NameClose Price1Y Return %
Suzlon Energy Ltd47.40209.8
NCC Ltd332.35170.42
Zomato Ltd182.16136.05
Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Ltd1400.25124.04
PB Fintech Ltd1293.75111.93
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd39.80109.39
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd134.07108.18
Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd2807.55103.24
PTC India Ltd203.7192.18
360 One Wam Ltd792.2088.04

Top Vanguard Fund Portfolio Stocks

The table below shows the Top Vanguard Fund Portfolio Stocks based on the highest day Volume.

NameClose PriceDaily Volume (Shares)
Suzlon Energy Ltd47.4090220734.0
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd39.8053534044.0
Reliance Power Ltd26.0837086161.0
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd164.4136227048.0
Zomato Ltd182.1633163473.0
Federal Bank Ltd164.8518888960.0
Reliance Infrastructure Ltd185.5415850843.0
NCC Ltd332.3513347610.0
HDFC Bank Ltd1561.3011227029.0
Brightcom Group Ltd9.9211144620.0

Vanguard Fund Net Worth

A Vanguard Fund is an investment vehicle managed by Vanguard, one of the largest asset management firms globally. These funds, which include mutual funds and ETFs, provide diversified portfolios across different asset classes. Vanguard Funds are renowned for their low fees and effective management. Their net worth is Rs. 48,600 crores.

How To Invest In Vanguard Fund Portfolio Stocks?

To invest in Vanguard Fund portfolio stocks, open a brokerage account that offers Vanguard funds. Research the available funds, choose those that align with your investment goals, and place your buy orders. Regularly review and manage your investments, keeping track of performance and adjusting as needed to stay aligned with your financial objectives.

Performance Metrics Of Vanguard Fund Portfolio Stocks

Performance metrics of Vanguard fund portfolio stocks indicate their effectiveness and efficiency in generating returns, managing risks, and contributing to the overall stability and growth of an investment portfolio.

  1. Diversification: Vanguard funds offer a diversified portfolio, reducing the risk of individual stock volatility.
  2. Low Expense Ratio: Vanguard is known for its low-cost investment options, which can enhance net returns for investors. 
  3. Consistent Returns: Vanguard funds have a track record of providing steady and reliable returns over time.
  4. Risk Management: Vanguard employs strategic risk management techniques to protect investments during market downturns.
  5. Strong Market Performance: Vanguard funds often include high-performing stocks that contribute positively to the overall market value of the portfolio.

Benefits Of Investing In Vanguard Fund Portfolio Stocks

The main benefit of investing in Vanguard Fund portfolio stocks is that it offers diversified exposure to a wide range of assets, minimizing risk and optimizing returns through careful selection and management of investments.

1. Cost-Effective: Vanguard funds are known for their low expense ratios, which help investors keep more of their returns.

2. Strong Performance: Vanguard funds often outperform benchmarks due to effective management and strategic asset allocation.

3. Reliability: Vanguard has a strong reputation for transparency and fiduciary responsibility, providing peace of mind to investors.

4. Accessibility: Vanguard offers a variety of funds catering to different investment goals, making it easy for investors to find suitable options.

5. Long-Term Growth: Vanguard’s focus on index funds and ETFs supports steady, long-term growth, appealing to investors with a long-term horizon.

Challenges Of Investing In Vanguard Fund Portfolio Stocks

The main challenges of investing in Vanguard Fund Portfolio stocks include the complexity of managing a diversified portfolio, requiring investors to stay informed about multiple sectors and market trends, which can be time-consuming and demanding.

1. Market Volatility: Vanguard funds are subject to market fluctuations, which can affect the value of investments.

2. Management Fees: Despite being relatively low, the management fees can still impact overall returns.

3. Limited Control: Investors have limited control over the specific assets within the portfolio.

4. Performance Variability: The performance of Vanguard funds can vary significantly based on market conditions and fund management.

5. Tax Implications: Investors may face tax liabilities due to capital gains distributions, impacting net returns.

Introduction To Vanguard Fund Portfolio Stocks

Vanguard Fund Portfolio – Highest Market Capitalization

HDFC Bank Ltd

The Market Cap of HDFC Bank Ltd is Rs 1153545.70 crore. The stock’s monthly return is 9.78%. Its one-year return is -2.47%. The stock is 12.57% away from its 52-week high.

HDFC Bank Limited, a financial services conglomerate, offers a wide range of financial services including banking, insurance, and mutual funds through its subsidiaries. The bank provides various services such as commercial and investment banking, branch banking, and digital banking. Its Treasury segment comprises revenue from interest on investments, money market activities, gains or losses from investment operations, and trading in foreign exchange and derivatives. 

The Retail Banking segment focuses on digital services and other retail banking activities, while the Wholesale Banking segment caters to large corporates, public sector units, and financial institutions by providing loans, non-fund facilities, and transaction services. HDFC Bank Limited has subsidiaries such as HDFC Securities Ltd., HDB Financial Services Ltd., HDFC Asset Management Co. Ltd, and HDFC ERGO General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Infosys Ltd

The Market Cap of Infosys Ltd is Rs. 606591.74 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 7.50%. Its one-year return is 16.08%. The stock is 15.55% away from its 52-week high.

Infosys Limited is a company based in India that offers consulting, technology, outsourcing, and digital services. Its business segments cover areas such as Financial Services, Retail, Communication, Energy, Utilities, Resources, Services, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, and Life Sciences. The remaining segments encompass various businesses in India, Japan, China, Infosys Public Services, and other public service enterprises.

The company’s core services consist of application management, proprietary application development, validation solutions, product engineering and management, infrastructure management, enterprise application integration and support. Infosys also offers various products and platforms including Finacle, Edge Suite, Panaya, Equinox, Helix, Applied AI, Cortex, Stater digital platform, and McCamish, among others. Furthermore, Infosys operates Danske Bank’s IT center in India.

Axis Bank Ltd

The Market Cap of Axis Bank Ltd is Rs. 362550.09 crore. The stock’s monthly return is 5.78%. Its one-year return is 23.18%. The stock is 3.52% away from its 52-week high.

Axis Bank Limited, an India-based company, provides a range of banking and financial services through its segments including Treasury, Retail Banking, Corporate/Wholesale Banking, and Other Banking Business. The Treasury segment involves investments in various assets, trading operations, and foreign exchange activities. Retail Banking offers a variety of services such as liability products, cards, online and mobile banking, ATM services, financial advisory, and services for non-resident Indians. 

Corporate/Wholesale Banking provides services to corporate clients including advisory services, project appraisals, and capital market support. The Other Banking Business segment includes activities like distributing third-party products and other banking transactions.

Best Vanguard Fund Portfolio Stocks – 1-Year Return

Suzlon Energy Ltd

The Market Cap of Suzlon Energy Ltd is Rs. 62554.81 crore. The stock’s monthly return is 25.22%. Its one-year return is 209.80%. The stock is 9.92% away from its 52-week high.

Suzlon Energy Limited, an India-based renewable energy solutions provider, specializes in manufacturing wind turbine generators (WTGs) and related components in various capacities. The company operates in around 17 countries spanning Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. Its product range includes the S144, S133, and S120 Wind Turbine Generators. The S144 can be adapted to suit different wind conditions at the site and offers hub heights of up to 160 meters. 

This model provides a 40-43% increase in energy generation compared to the S120 and a 10-12% increase over the S133. The S133 can be scaled up to 3.0 megawatts (MW) based on the wind conditions at the location. The S120 2.1 MW comes in three variants with towers reaching up to 140 meters hub height. Suzlon Energy Limited also provides a range of services including operations and maintenance, leadership, optimization, digitalization, value-added products, and multi-brand maintenance services.

Zomato Ltd

The current Market Cap of Zomato Ltd is Rs. 158,893.58 crore. The monthly return of the stock is -6.29%. Its one-year return is 136.05%. The stock is 13.75% away from its 52-week high.

Zomato Limited is an online portal that connects users, restaurant partners, and delivery partners. The company offers a platform for restaurant partners to promote themselves to their target audience in India and abroad and also supplies ingredients to these partners. The company operates in India for food ordering and delivery, Hyperpure supplies (B2B business), Quick commerce business, and other residual segments. The food ordering and delivery segment facilitates online food orders and deliveries by linking users, restaurants, and delivery personnel.

The Hyperpure supplies segment provides farm-to-fork supplies to restaurants in India. The Quick commerce business is an online platform that enables fast delivery of goods and essentials by connecting users with delivery and warehousing services.

PB Fintech Ltd

The Market Cap of PB Fintech Ltd is Rs. 57,220.84 crore. The stock’s monthly return is 4.53%. Its one-year return is 111.93%. The stock is 8.24% away from its 52-week high.

PB Fintech Limited, an India-based company, utilizes technology, data, and innovation to offer an online platform for insurance and lending products. The company provides online marketing, consulting, and technology services to insurers and lending partners, granting access to various financial products. Their Policybazaar platform facilitates the buying and selling of core insurance products for consumers and insurer partners. Meanwhile, their Paisabazaar platform is an independent digital lending platform that allows consumers to compare and apply for personal credit products. 

PB Fintech Limited focuses on enabling research-based online purchases of insurance and lending products by catering to consumers with different needs, credit profiles, demographics, employment types, and income levels.

Top Vanguard Fund Portfolio Stocks – Highest Day Volume

Hindustan Construction Company Ltd

The Market Cap of Hindustan Construction Company Ltd is Rs. 6811.16 crore. The stock’s monthly return is 13.29%. Its one-year return is 109.39%. The stock is 15.53% away from its 52-week high.

Hindustan Construction Company Limited primarily focuses on providing engineering and construction services. The company and its subsidiaries are involved in sectors such as real estate, infrastructure, transportation, power, water, and buildings and industrial projects. Their transportation projects encompass a variety of structures like roads, highways, bridges, railways, and ports. 

In the power sector, their projects include the construction of dams, powerhouses, and other related facilities. They also offer turnkey solutions for hydropower projects, including design, engineering, procurement, and construction of various components. Furthermore, they provide construction services for the full spectrum of components in thermal power plants.

Reliance Power Ltd

The Market Cap of Reliance Power Ltd is Rs. 10,685.14 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 1.42%. Its one-year return is 64.54%. The stock is 32.09% away from its 52-week high.

Reliance Power Limited engages in the development, construction, and operation of power projects in India and globally. The company, along with its subsidiaries, holds a diverse portfolio of power generation capacity that includes coal, gas, hydro, wind, and solar energy projects. 

Reliance Power Limited has a presence in multiple sectors, including telecommunications, financial services, media and entertainment, infrastructure, and energy.

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd

The market cap of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd is Rs. 14,566.28 crores. The stock’s monthly return is 17.39%. Its one-year return is -19.81%. The stock is 82.29% away from its 52-week high.

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited is an Indian media and entertainment company that primarily focuses on broadcasting general entertainment television channels, excluding news and current affairs content. The company operates in the content and broadcasting sectors, offering services such as broadcasting satellite TV channels and digital media, acting as a space-selling agent for other satellite TV channels, and distributing media content like programs, film rights, music rights, and movie production and distribution. 

With a domestic broadcast lineup of about 48 channels, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited also boasts an international broadcast portfolio of 41 channels that reach over 170 countries. The company’s over-the-top (OTT) platform is known as ZEE5. Among its regional entertainment channels are Zee Marathi, Zee TV, Zee Bangla, Zee Sarthak, Zee Punjabi, Zee Ganga, Zee Kannada, Zee Telugu, Zee Tamil, and Zee Keralam.

Best Vanguard Fund Portfolio Stocks – FAQs

1. Which Stocks Are Held By Vanguard Fund?

Stocks Held By Vanguard Fund #1: HDFC Bank Ltd
Stocks Held By Vanguard Fund #2: Infosys Ltd
Stocks Held By Vanguard Fund #3: Axis Bank Ltd
Stocks Held By Vanguard Fund #4: Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd
Stocks Held By Vanguard Fund #5: Zomato Ltd
Top 5 Stocks Held By Vanguard Fund based on market capitalization.

2. What are the top stocks In Vanguard Fund’s portfolio?

The top stocks In Vanguard Fund’s portfolio based on one-year returns are Suzlon Energy Ltd, NCC Ltd, Zomato Ltd, Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Ltd, and PB Fintech Ltd.

3. What is Vanguard Fund’s net worth?

A Vanguard Fund is an investment vehicle managed by Vanguard, one of the largest asset management firms globally. Known for their low fees and effective management, these funds include mutual funds and ETFs with a net worth of 48,600 crore rupees.

4. What Is The Total Portfolio Value Of Vanguard Fund?

Publicly, the total portfolio value of Vanguard Funds stocks is at more than Rs. 50,505 Crores, reflecting their extensive investments and significant influence in the global financial markets.

5. How to invest in Vanguard Fund Portfolio Stocks?

Investing in Vanguard Fund Portfolio stocks involves opening a brokerage account, selecting a suitable Vanguard fund based on your investment goals, purchasing shares through your account, and regularly monitoring your investments. Consider consulting with a financial advisor to ensure your choices align with your long-term financial strategy.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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